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Cake In A Jar


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Cakes in jars are the perfect dessert to bring outdoors for Sukkot or to bring over other people’s homes.  They are very sturdy, they can be sealed and they are easy to transport. Make your favorite cake recipes and assemble it in a jar.  Pint sized jars should serve 2 people and half pints would be better for individual servings.

To Assemble Jars:

  • Using a circle cutter, or the mouth of a glass: cut out 16 circles of cake from the chocolate cake. Press a circle of cake into the bottom of a mason jar. Drop in a heaping teaspoonful of Frosting. Flatten with a spoon. Pipe a swirl of another frosting in a circle on top. Add another circle of chocolate cake. Place another spoonful of Frosting on top of that. Finish with a swirl of Frosting.

Notes for making pareve evaporated milk
Many special desserts call for evaporated milk—which isn’t available pareve and is hard to find chalav yisrael. To create your own, pour 2 cups soy milk or rice milk into a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, and immediately lower heat to low. Keep heat on low for approximately 2 hours, or until the liquid is reduced to 1 cup. The milk should boil, and it should be lightly steaming.

Try this German Chocolate Cake in a Jar and then experiment with your favorite varieties.

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5 Responses to Cake In A Jar

  1. This is such a fun dessert! Another way to make parve evaporated milk is to use powdered soy or rice milk powder. Reconstitute them using half the recommended water and you are set to go!

  2. says: Jacqueline

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT, GREAT IDEA! My daughter-in-law is 1 week overdue with her 4th baby so we have been schlepping Sukkot meals to their Sukkah so she doesn’t have to leave home. I’ve been searching for a dessert idea for the last day and this is totally perfect. Can’t wait to see everyone’s expression when I serve these.

  3. avatar says: Suri

    Those must be really good & Easy … Can anyone help with a good frosting recipe?

  4. avatar says: sara

    that’s such a cute idea! as for making evaporated milk, would this work with coconut or nut milk?

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