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Joy of Aliyah – The Israel Lift Teaser


Mazel Tov! Our lift has arrived. Hubby and I had a bet going… how much of our furniture would end up on the curb in Israel due to lack of space. Well I will have you know we both lost! So far we have found a home, albeit a cozy home, for just about everything save for one dresser. It’s still moving around looking for a permanent spot.

There were something like 400+ items that were unloaded from our 40ft lift, in the span of about 4 1/2 hours. You gotta check out the video to see how one of the movers balances a box on his neck – he apparently has been doing this a looong time my friends.

I think we all did a little dance when we saw our beds. For the first time I stopped crying and started celebrating as one by one familiar things were carted into our place. The things that would turn this new house of ours into our new home.

Anyone wanna come help unpack?


filmed and directed by brian k. spector | vision palette creative

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18 Responses to Joy of Aliyah – The Israel Lift Teaser

  1. avatar says: BeReal

    Jamie, I am really enjoying joining your adventure. I hope you settle in easily and well. And fast. If you really want help, I would love to come. Even tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Good luck with everything.

    • you are so awesome thank you SO much. I think we have only 4 boxes left!!! I ordered aronos so they are supposed to come today and then I can put my clothes in a closet instead of a box.

  2. avatar says: Chaviva

    Do you have a dog? I heard a dog bark at the end of the video? If so please show the dog in the next video.

    • lol – there are tons of dogs in the neighborhood and the kids want one but I have my hands full. But actually the dog you heard is part of the song we used.

  3. avatar says: susy613

    i love you’re episodes, I too want to make Aliyah so badly but hubby still scared!!!! Any advise to change his mind? My kids and I have watched the episodes from the beginning and with the last two episodes i was also crying with you guys so don’t worry we have a lot of criers. Mazel tov and hope you have lots of blessing in you’re new journey that is so much worth it. My sister in law also lives in you’re city and we went last pesach and its truly a beautiful amazing place.

    • wow – what an intense comment thank you for taking the time to write — I don’t know where to start. Ok let’s go easy first – I am also a crier — every time I watched a Nefesh B’Nefesh video or something to do with Israel or even listened to a particular song about coming home to Israel, I cried… I just couldn’t help myself. What street does your sister in law live on? As for ur Hubby in our house it was the opposite. My Hubby wanted to go and I was scared – really scared for a long time — it took him 7 1/2 years to convince me – but he never let up. He really worked on me and I never had an ahah moment it was more like water on a rock, slowly, slowly. So if you believe this is the best thing for you and your family you have to keep at it. Explain in a non emotional state all the reasons why – if it makes sense to him and it clicks intellectually then the intellect will take over the emotions — if the mind knows it’s right the fear will subside (just a little :-) but you have to keep discussing it and make it real and bring home books or read articles or send him to blogs where the discussions can help further your cause – don’t give up. We are waiting for you.

  4. Will you be keeping your friends of Joy of Kosher updating from time to time your experiences? My husband, children and I made aliyah in 1971 stayed until 1974. Family problems made us return to the US. I went with three children and came back to US with four. Yes, I have a sabra, Aaron.
    Much happiness to you and your lucky family. Yes, I do miss living in Israel. But now I couldn’t return as we have married children and grandchildren that we love and don’t want to miss out on their nachas.

    • Hi Grandmasage — what a story. I too miss my family and miss my parents seeing me kids regularly but it looks like my mother is interested in making aliyah G-d Willing so I am continuing to pray for that. I hope to blog about my experiences and keep you guys updated on all. I wish I could do more videos over the course of the first year but we need a sponsor to help pay for production costs — so if you know of anyone please do make an introduction. Thanks for your support –Wishing you a Shana Tova!

  5. avatar says: rrapp


    My husband and I have been thinking about aliyah a lot but we finally decided to take the plunge and go IY”H this coming summer (we are actually looking at the beit shemesh / ramat beit shemesh area so we may be neighbors one day). Your joy of aliyah videos have really helped keep me strong. Thank you for sharing your experience. When are you posting the last episode? My 3 year old daughter asks me everyday if we can watch “the Israel movie” she loves seeing your kids in the videos!

    • WOW – thank you so much for sharing your story – Mazel Tov on your upcoming aliyah. I am so sorry we had some technical difficulties last night and we will be posting the finale episode in a few hours. Many times over the course of the year leading up to aliyah I had to read and re read the books that gave me strength and I had to continuously reaffirm to myself why indeed I was making this big life change. Please say hi to your daughter for me. Can’t wait to see you here. In the meantime I am a total newbie and still figuring things out here but if I can be of any help regarding this area – any questions at all please let me know. Shana Tova

  6. hi!!
    were is episode 10???
    they are all so nice and what will we do with out them every week??

    • I am so sorry we had some technical difficulties we were just working on the final edit now and it will be up in a few hours. I would love to continue and do a few more but we need to find a sponsor to help us cover the costs of the production crew. If you know anyone please make an introduction for us. In the meantime I am so happy you enjoyed them – it means so much to me that you took the time to write.

  7. that is a shame…as for now, no! i do not know of a sponsor.
    btw, will you be doing cooking demos in israel? what about tzefat? how much do you take for one?
    keep up your gr8 work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. avatar says: rrapp

    Thanks for the response Jamie. Do you mind recommending the books that you are referring to that gave you strength? With a year to go I need as much help as I can get. Thank you and Shana tova!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Your strength and faith are inspiring. May your new move to this special land bring much bracha to you and your family. My family made Aliya in 1993 and I really connected to your videos. Have a Gmar Chasima Tova and say hello to your delicious kids knain ahora, from a Geller fan!

    • rrapp: sure with pleasure. I read: Moving Up an Aliyah Journal by Laura Ben David, To Dwell in the Palace (a collection of essays) and Rabbi Nachman Kahana’s Parsha of the week Divrei Torah. Let me know if any of this helps.

      Fulya Hadassah: AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! Thank you so much. I am a fan of yours — it’s you and others like you who have come before us who have inspired our decision, strengthened our convictions and paved the way for all of us to follow — thank you for your bravery! (and comment :-)

  9. avatar says: Patty

    Hi Jamie!
    I wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of yours and I am so happy that we will be able to watch your cooking shows here in the US, even though you are living in Israel. I wanted to wish you and your beautiful family the very best on your journey to live in Israel. You inspire me!
    May God bless you and your family.
    Patty :)

    • AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Patty thank you so much. I have tears in my eyes now. It is 11:54pm in Israel and I am up alone in the house, working and thinking about how to continue to create more meaningful content for everyone — I saw this comment just at the right time to give me a boost… thank you for taking the time to write. Have a great Shabbos. J

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