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Joy of Aliyah – The Finale – Living The Dream


Thank you to everyone for sharing this journey with us.  There was no way for us to know how many of you would be touched by this series and surprisingly how meaningful and helpful your comments have been.  To all of you who have taken the time to express your feelings, in writing through comments, tweets and blog posts  – you must know, and I can’t say it enough times – what strength it has given us as a family.  This one experience has drawn us all (and I mean you, my Joy of Kosher/Aliyah Family) closer and for that I will be forever grateful.  I will do my utmost to continue to share our experiences here on JoyofKosher.com through blog posts, recipes and videos so that we may all live the dream together.  While this is the finale episode, I promise you this is not the end… it is only the beginning.

With love and best wishes for a Great Shabbos and a Gmar Chasima Tova
Jamie and Family

filmed and directed by brian k. spector | vision palette creative

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The Announcement Teaser

Premiere Date: Tuesday June 26 7:00pm EST

The Announcement Episode

Premiere Date: Wednesday July 11 7:00pm EST

The US Lift Teaser

Premiere Date: Wednesday July 18 7:00pm EST

The US Lift Episode

Premiere Date: Wednesday July 25 7:00pm EST

Goodbye BBQ Teaser

Premiere Date: Wednesday August 8 7:00pm EST

Airport Teaser

Premiere Date: Wednesday August 15 7:00pm EST

Last 24/The Flight Episode

Premiere Date: Wednesday August 22 7:00pm EST

Welcome to Israel Episode

Premiere Date: Wednesday September 5 7:00pm EST

The Israel Lift Teaser

Premiere Date:Wednesday September 12 7:00pm EST

Happy New Year from Israel Episode

Premiere Date: Wednesday September 19 7:00pm EST

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10 Responses to Joy of Aliyah – The Finale – Living The Dream

  1. so happy to see you all so happy here in israel.
    can we see some pics of the new house now that it is all set up? i felt so bad for u when u left that nice home. love 2 c how u r doing now…:)

  2. Hi Sarah Rivka don’t feel bad for me — it’s just a house — I actually don’t miss it. I miss my friends and family but not my things – I am so happy here — will try to take picts when I find/unpack my camera :-) Shana Tova to you! thanks for all the comments and emotional support!

  3. avatar says: Nechama

    It is so nice to hear how happy you are here!! It must also be really hard to be far away from family and friends. Can you write about some of the reasons that convinced you to come here and what makes you feel so happy with your decision. Hoping to be inspired!

    • hi Nechama — Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. It has been so hard for me to both find the time and head space to write something inspiring and coherent. I always write in my head and then find the words inadequate when I go to blog. Many have asked why… I am working on a piece that I will post soon that I hope will start to answer the question and begin a conversation amongst us all. Please keep commenting, it makes all this soul baring worth it. Warm Regards, J

  4. avatar says: mislyn

    I loved watching the series Jam! I can’t wait for more! You haven’t changed a bit – but yet you have – wishing you all of the best in pursuing your dreams. Your family is beautiful. Miss you tons! Missy

    • hi Missy!!! what an incredibly long journey we have both taken since we met that summer at orientation. Of course when I look at you I feel like time has stood still. You MUST video your gorgeous new baby so I can hear your voice and see you and Adam in action!

  5. Hi Jamie, I am a Food Journalist in Baltimore, Maryland and a fan of yours.You are truly living the dream that so many of us have had. I visited Israel for the first time last year and loved shopping and “people watching” the shuk. Next time you are there, please look for shredded halvah. I brought some back with me with little success of what to do with it (other than simply eating it right out of the container.) It has a long refrigerator shelf life, but when I put it atop a cake, the moisture from the cake made it disappear. Perhaps you could experiment sometime and see what you can come up with? It is such an unusual texture and the taste is so light and delicious!No one can guess what it is! Not available in USA but friends can bring some back easily.I will continue to view your site and look forward to many fantastic recipes to come. Shana Tova to you and all your loved ones in 5773.

    • thank you thank you thank you for this comment, your kind words, your warm wishes and support. OK so I will have to check out shredded halvah I haven’t seen it yet but then again I haven’t looked. I happen to love! halvah – my grandmother a”h used to snack on it and share it with me. I am not doing too much experimenting just yet — just trying to get by with the basics. I’m pretty sure if I find the shredded halvah I will just eat it out of the pkg — lol when I bought a HUGE!!!! chunk of the halvah from the shuk on Thursday to enjoy on Shabbos the poor thing didn’t stand a chance and didn’t last to Friday night :-) As an fyi we would love if you would post some of your favorite recipes here on our site. Thanks so much for being part of this with me. Hugs, J

  6. avatar says: mindickd

    Hi Jamie! I couldn’t help but cry when I watched this last video (and all the others!)! Your strength is amazing!!! When I watched you pick up the girls from school (other video) and they said they didn’t understand, that brought tears to my eyes as well. How is my adorable Bracha Miriam? I hope she is doing well and the adjustment has gotten easier. Please send her my best regards and tell her we all miss her!

    • Ahhhh!!! Mrs Mindick!!! I read Bracha Miriam your comment and she was so smiley an happy you inquired about her and are still thinking about her. The kids have settled in nicely and are understanding lots more for sure now B”H!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to write us. Hope you had a great Chanukah. Lots of love! J

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