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DYI Distressed Simanim Plate Stand *Giveaway*


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Before we know it the summer will be over and our children will be back at school. Instead of being consumed with new shoes, backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies, we will readily turn our attention to our Rosh Hashanah menus.  As a crafter of sorts my brain works a bit different.  I see the Yom Tovim in texture and color, and I think to myself what can I make (AKA CRAFT) that will add vibrancy to my table and get my children excited about the upcoming holiday.

What I love about the craft that I am about to show you, is that you can not only do it by yourself, but you can also have your children join you too. It’s easy, simple, and a super inexpensive serving piece that can be used all year long!

distressed cake plate diySupplies

  • Martini Glass & Plate (You can get these at the dollar store) – Does not matter if it has grooves, it will only add texture. You can also use thin china plates.
  • Folk Art ENAMEL Paints – These have an E at the top. DO NOT buy the regular acrylic ones.
    You want to get (1) White and (1) color in 2 different tones. So if you want to make a pink cake plate.
    Buy (1) dark pink and (1) light pink and (1) white.
    To make an antique cake plate buy gold or silver and white. You can purchase these paints at any Michaels store near you.
  • E6000 Glue or any other strong glass glue.
  • (1) Large Flat Brush
  • Paint Palette – you can also use a paper plate


Step 1 – Clean your pieces with water and dry them with a towel. The paint will not adhere to a dirty surface.

Step 2 – On a paper plate or paint palette squeeze out the 2 tones of the color that you chose. In my case, I chose to make a blue stand, so as you can see in my photo I squeezed out light blue and dark blue paint. 

Step 3 – Using your brush, paint the top side of your plate, mixing the colors so you have a nice even tone of your two opposing shades. Let it sit and dry. Repeat the same procedure with the martini glass. Make sure to paint the top, stem, and bottom of your martini glass. 

Step 4 – Once dry, squeeze out some white paint onto your paint palette or paper plate. Using a TINY bit of paint spread the brush very LIGHTLY over the painted plate and martini glass. Since you don’t have a lot of paint on your brush you will see the color paint underneath and it will start to appear crackled and weathered. . You can also add some gold to give it an antique look.

Step 5 – Once you are finished painting your pieces. Let them sit and dry for 24 hours. There are (2) ways to cure the paint on the glass so they can be washable. The first way is to BAKE them (NO I am NOT crazy) in your oven on the rack at 350 for ½ an hour. The other way is to leave it aside for 21 days and it will cure on its own. If you are baking your pieces, the best thing to do is to turn your martini glass upside down, so the heavier part is sitting on the rack. Your glass should not break in the oven. Trust me, I’m a glass painter :)

Step 6 – Now that your pieces are set you can glue them together. Add a liberal amount of the E6000 to the top of your martini glass and to the back of your plate. Stick the pieces together and turn the plate stand upside down. Put a very heavy book on top of it and let it sit overnight.

Step 7 – Once it’s dry, USE IT, LOVE IT, and BRAG ABOUT IT!!!! 

Psssstttt…… By the way, you don’t only have to use these simanim platters for Rosh Hashanah, they also make FABULOUS cake plates for during the year!! 

Don’t want to go to all the trouble of making your own? Come on over to Not2Shabbey.com and I can ship one out to you.


Abbey is graciously giving you all the chance to win one of these distressed Salad Bowls.  All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter options below for your chance to win.  Make sure to follow through, we do check to verify the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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About not2shabbey


For the past 12 years, Abbey Wolin has been bringing creativity back into the classroom. She has held positions as a regular and special education teacher in various school and Yeshivos around the United States. She is currently the owner and lead designer of Not 2 Shabbey. A company specializing in hand painted glassware and giftware. You can reach Abbey Wolin at shabbey2@gmail.com or by visiting not2shabbey.com




52 Responses to DYI Distressed Simanim Plate Stand *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Leens

    Unfortunately, I am not very crafty but I am the ideas person, I just have to force my husband to execute those ideas because of my innate lack of artistic ability. These are really beautiful!

  2. avatar says: kctigrl

    I love craft projects! I love Abbey’s items and I think this is so awesome!

  3. avatar says: chanina

    I am crafty and creative in the kitchen and i love when i can mesh the two together!

  4. avatar says: JudiOz

    Love this project! Might actually have to try it one of these days. But it would be great to have a beautiful piece that someone else – with far more experience than I have – took the time to create!

  5. avatar says: shayndya

    I love crafting, but have little time for it.

    • TOTALLY can relate! I am a total perfectionist. I cannot back my product or send it to a customer unless it’s PERFECT. But just realize, as all us art teachers say, “there’s no mistake in art!” :)

  6. avatar says: eb

    i was always the crafty type-scrapbooking,painting,chalk pastels….it is such a rewarding outlet-but its a bit hard for me cuz im too much of a perfectionist, so until i get it juuuuuuuuust right….

  7. avatar says: Chani

    Wish I was so crafty though I think I will try it…. I think I will buy the supplies and leave it up to a rainy day and see how it comes out. :)

  8. avatar says: RochelS

    I love crafting but I dont have too much patience for it so it doesnt end up happening! I like to dream about it though – Love walking around Michaels looking at all the cool crafts stuff!

    • LOL! I know what you mean! I love walking down the rows of Michael’s dreaming of new crafting projects I could do, IF ONLY I HAD THE TIME! Thank God for Pinterest, I can live vicariously through photographs and other people.

  9. avatar says: Tz1ona

    Between school, work, and kids, I don’t really have time. But I love to cake decorate and scrapbook.

  10. simple yet elegant and fun.

  11. avatar says: rachmaz

    Love crafting- just made a clip holder for my daughter and a kippah holder for my son!

  12. avatar says: Aisling

    I used to get crafty, but it’s been awhile and I don’t seem to have much patience for it anymore. Would much rather support those who are way more talented than I.

  13. avatar says: sherdini

    Stunning!! Wish i had time to do it!!

  14. So cool! I wish I was that crafty… and had the time to even try it.

  15. avatar says: Love3570

    Yes, I love to get crafty! It relaxes me & its alot of fun.


  16. avatar says: Ava

    Seems like a good idea to make it yourself instead of buying it. I like being crafty so it would be fun to experiment with different colors and designs. Thanx for the idea!

  17. avatar says: SF

    I love art and enjoy craft but do not engage in it. I love this idea especially as I do events for our outreach center (Charlotte Torah Center) this is a great idea to do with families. Thanks.

  18. avatar says: tamarw

    Pretty awesome. I’m not very crafty at all.

  19. avatar says: Leez

    Wow! those are absolutely gorgeous works of art! and yet, it looks so simple….:)

  20. avatar says: goldie

    looks great! Maybe ill show it to my sister-lately she has been doing quite a few diy dishes. thanks!

  21. Me and my kids have been enjoying glass painting the whole summer, we painted plates, cups and even a Cke plate with a cover. They look great! So thank you for the sharing this great “recipe”! Also as a fellow educator, I think Abbey should start doing birthday parties, because many teenage girls would enjoy decorating glass as part of their birthday activity. Did it with my daughter this year, and everyone loved it!!!

  22. avatar says: susqhb

    What a great idea!

  23. i would be crafty if i had the time. so for now i appreciate craftiness!

  24. I love to be crafty. I just wish I was better at it. LOL!!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  25. avatar says: ruchie

    I am far from crafty, but I really appreciate those who are!

  26. I’m not crafty at all. I’ve tried a few different crafts but got bored too easily and quit.

  27. avatar says: sdg729

    I like to get crafty by cooking and presenting beautiful dishes, and creating rituals that are revisited year after year.

  28. avatar says: julis55

    I am not too crafty

  29. avatar says: 08701

    I love the look of these pretty cake stands! I just wish it would be a good activity to do with my daughter but she is too young to play around with glass. Will save this for later years :)

  30. avatar says: amelia613

    I have a friend who does art classes for adult women – I’m going to ask her to do this with us, because it looks great, but I’m sure I’ll need help!

  31. This looks great – hope we have all the supplies here in Israel!

  32. What beautiful glassware. In general, I am not crafty but I collected loads of wine corks to make a trivet- easy but I have yet to start. This has inspired me.

  33. avatar says: skossman

    They look beautiful

  34. avatar says: Dianeba53

    I love crafts , card making, scrape book making, painting , hoping to take a ceramics class.

  35. avatar says: miriama59

    I’m not so crafty but I come up with great ideas for my children and grandchild.

  36. avatar says: ardy22

    I love getting crafty and get the kids involved.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  37. avatar says: jyonkosk

    I do crafts from time to time, but I’m not really good. jenniferpeaslee at gmail dot com

  38. i get out some craft stuff and get crafty!

  39. avatar says: jessica

    I love crafty stuff!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  40. I love doing arts and crafts! I like to get hands on with anything I can around the house :)
    fb: rab pom

  41. I love doing arts and crafts! I like to get hands on with anything I can around the house
    fb: rab pom

  42. avatar says: choochoo

    Ever since Pinterest came to town, I’ve been more crafty than usual.

  43. I love to get crafty around the house and at holidays. garrettsambo@aol.com

  44. avatar says: Breanne

    I’m not very creative so not really :(

  45. avatar says: nichole

    Is it safe on skin? I want to do my toddlers hand print on a glass for mothers day.

    • Hi Nichole.
      yes! The paint is ok to use on skin and your toddler can use the paint no problem. The folk art paint is non toxic. What a great craft idea to do with your child for mother’s day!

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