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Room for Dessert – 4 Rosh Hashanah Cakes


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Babka Bundt Cake

Chocolate Babka Bundt Cake

Everyone loves chocolate babka. Here is a way to make it look more like an elegant cake, but still have the soft and gooey experience of traditional babka.

Red Velvet Marble Cake

Red Velvet Marble Cake

Red Velvet Cake is a recent addition to kosher tables and probably has increased in popularity due to the prevalence of red velvet cupcakes in cupcake shops. It tastes like chocolate cake but not a very chocolaty one.

Coffee Crêpe Cake

Coffee Crêpe Cake

The French call this a “mille crêpe,” implying that it has a thousand layers, like a “mille feuille,” the French name for the Napoleon dessert. Don’t worry: you will only have to make about 25 crêpes, but that will take some time. This cake has a velvety-smooth texture, and is definitely worth the time and effort. I like to make the crêpes and pastry cream one day, and then assemble the cake the next. If you do not like coffee flavor, you can omit it and have vanilla cream instead.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake with Peanut Praline and Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake with Peanut Praline and Caramel Sauce

This GIANT cake will remind you of your favorite candy bar. It has chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter, and caramel all rolled into one. You could make two 2-layer cakes— eat one and freeze the other.

Tip: Slicing Cake Layers

Use a knife to mark cake where you plan to slice. Hold the knife in one hand, and place the other hand on top of the cake. Cut about two inches into the cake while turning the cake with the other hand. Keep turning until you have cut in two inches all around the cake. Place the knife into one slit and slice straight across by joining the cuts.

Don’t miss two other Rosh Hashanah cakes from Paula Shoyer, the Orange Honey Cake with Orange Mousse and Fondant-Covered Almond Apricot Cake.

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5 Responses to Room for Dessert – 4 Rosh Hashanah Cakes

  1. avatar says: mushi

    These all look amazing,
    and I’m sure taste so too.

  2. These all look incredible! Looks like 4 desserts have been taken care of for my Rosh Hashana menu planning! Thanks!

  3. avatar says: Judyfr

    Please be aware that the custom for many is not to eat nuts on Rosh Hashana, and even though peanuts are not tree nuts, most people refrain from eating them.

  4. These desserts look fantastic. They are good for anytime of the year! Thank you, Annette

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