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Preparing To Move with 6 Israeli Recipes *Giveaway*


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I am moving.  Have you heard?  I know it’s hard to ignore something I am shouting from every roof top but as usual I can’t help myself.  Well let me tell you as I have told anyone who will listen I have but a pot, a cutting board and a rusted bread knife plus a bunch of fancy once-a-year serving platters to my name in my NY kitchen.  So cooking has been a more difficult than usual challenge.  But surprisingly while not pretty to watch I can get a respectable slice and dice out of my overgrown serrated bread knife.  So in honor of my aliyah to the Holy Land I share my favorite Israeli Salatim (translate: salads) that I really should practice in anticipation of my arrival.  When I get there I bet my Israeli-Iraqi sis-in-law will surely tell me I am doing these all wrong, but until then they are authentic in my book.

israeli chopped salad

Israeli Salad

Yup I needed a recipe for this when I first got married.  Look I wasn’t Israeli and wasn’t a cook.  Now I feel confident to use any veggies I have in the house and tear and toss in fresh parsley or cilantro or mint (for the sake of clarity either or, not altogether).  If going dairy I love to add crumbled feta.

Here you will see a video of me in the early stages of my career making this Trukish Salad.  Yup, it’s been a while.

Israeli Cabbage Salad

Israeli Cabbage Salad

I never met a red cabbage before I met hubby.  Now that’s of course because I always knew it to be a purple cabbage.  But the recipe editors for my first book made sure to set me straight (uh I still think it looks purple).  This is a Chanie Geller classic (yes my sis and law and I do have the same Hebrew name, difference is she actually goes by hers).  She laughed when I wanted the recipe – mayo, squeeze of lemon, salt, sometimes pepper – not brain surgery she is right but lighter and much preferred to coleslaw.

Roasted Garlic Hummus with Oven Baked Pita

Roasted Garlic Hummus with Oven Baked Pita

One of my favorite chummus recipes.  Loads of garlic for my Transylvanian ancestors (shout out mom and dad!).

Spicy Eggplant Salsa

Spicy Eggplant Salsa

Not Israeli per say but can certainly blend in at an Israeli salad course if you don’t feel like patchke-ing with babaganoush.



The salsa of middle eastern cuisine.  I personally like hot stuff and the fat burning benefits of spicy foods and my dad always called me paprikash which essentially means spicy in Hungarian but really refers to my hot tempered personality – could ya tell?

Which brings to my question:  What food or food adjective best describes your personality?


Answer the question in the comments below and then enter our contest with Rafflecopter to win an Emile Henry Red Kabob Tray for the Grill.

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About Jamie Geller


Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




43 Responses to Preparing To Move with 6 Israeli Recipes *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: hindyg

    That eggplant salsa looks fantastic! Was just eyeing the eggplant at the farmers market and thinking about what should be done with it. Yum!

  2. Thanks for all the recipes. This is my favorite course. I’m looking forward to trying these recipes!

  3. avatar says: goldie

    something with chocolate and pb! yum!

  4. love the Roasted Garlic Hummus with Oven Baked Pita

  5. avatar says: shayndya

    Cooking personality: efficient

  6. avatar says: RenaB

    Pepper! It seems like such a standard spice but there are so many varieties and colors and it adds that perfect zip to almost any dish. That’s me!

  7. Salsa best describes my personality…because I can be mild or spicy and pretty much everyone likes me :)

  8. avatar says: liora

    All the recipes are amazing I made all :-)

  9. Loving! Because I love to cook and am seen as a loving friend.

  10. avatar says: jodivb

    Babaganoosh… because it’s as fun to say as it is yummy :-) Your site is awesome, by the way… and congrats on the big move!!!!

  11. Presentation…..I like my food to look good as well as taste good.

  12. avatar says: vl4095

    Single serving snack. Like to do things on my own.

  13. avatar says: mushi

    B”H… As always. love your recipes. These will go perfectly with the kabobs I’m making tonight!
    My food personality must be “eclectic” because I’m willing to try just about anything : )

  14. fun and healthy is my food style

  15. avatar says: Schmidty

    Brussels sprouts …misunderstood by some, fiercely loved by others, and overall a very agreeable and versatile veggie.

  16. It would have to be something with layers. Maybe a cake or deli-roll type thing. Not what meets the eye.

  17. spicy eggplant salsa looks wonderful!

  18. the adjective best describing my food personality is adventurous

  19. avatar says: Aisling

    I really wish the food adjective that best describes my personality was “spicy”, but it’s more likely “sweet”. rustysrambles(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. avatar says: meredlp

    Kabobs on the BBQ are my favorite way to cook lamb and all those great meditteranean summer veggies!

  21. avatar says: tamarw

    The adjective describing my food personality: SPICY!

  22. avatar says: kellyr78

    I think mild would describe me since I am pretty calm.

  23. I’m wry, like rye bread!

  24. Spicy (even though I hate spicy food :) )

  25. I love Middle Eastern food. I make variations of all these recipes on a regular basis.

  26. avatar says: ferriz

    good question. I have to go with spicy because I pack a kick.

    dani marie


  27. I think the food adjective that best describes my personality would be sweet.

  28. avatar says: abdoggett

    I would have to say spicy!

  29. My personality is spicy, thanks for the chance!


  30. avatar says: drala625

    My personality is sweet and salty!

  31. avatar says: fangirl

    My food personality is “Eclectic”.

  32. My cooking/food personality “Pure”. I use food in it purest form and don’t add much to it.
    thank you

  33. My food personality is spicy

  34. avatar says: xoeskie

    i’m definitely spicey

  35. avatar says: pandora79

    I think it would be sweet. :)

  36. avatar says: winhammyk

    I like mild food or anything with cheese.

  37. avatar says: gkran

    Aged like some parmesan ;)

  38. Homemade. I like to do things myself from the bottom up.

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