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A Summer Celebration Party *Giveaway*


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“There were no days as glorious for the people of Israel as the 15th of Av and Yom Kippur, when the daughters of Jerusalem would come outside with borrowed white garments and dance in the vineyards” (Gemara Ta’anit 26b).

Tu B’Av, the 15th of the month of Av, which happens to be this Friday August 3rd, is a minor celebrated holiday on the Jewish calendar. In the days of the Second Temple, the day marked the beginning of the grape harvest and a matchmaking day for unmarried woman.  Immediately following the mourning period of the three weeks, today Tu B’Av has become one of the most popular days on the Jewish calendar for weddings—and celebrations of sheva brachos (literally, “seven blessings”), parties in honor of the bride and groom, are held for seven consecutive days after the wedding.
Whether you are hosting a sheva brachos or celebrating any number of happy occasions this summer, Shavy’s entertaining hints will inspire you for your own glorious day.

“Attach these whirly hanging candleholders from CB2.com to the ceiling with ribbon or invisible string.  Group them together and vary the heights.  If you use invisible string, it will look like these balls are suspended in the air. Fill them with tea lights or flowers,” says Shavy.  Shavy
used whimsical grass balls from Noir inside her candleholders.

“Love this look but don’t have white vases? You can spray paint the insides of glass vases and let dry,” Shavy advises.

“The placemats and table runners are also going in the vertical direction. These placemats by Mydrap serve as napkins—they are disposable and come in every color. You can wash and reuse them five times! With white stitching at the edging, they’re fabulous!” These napkin/placemats are also available in cocktail sizes and lots of funky colors. These beautiful chargers are by Godinger, but Shavy says you can also use pieces of mirror for a similar look, “Ikea sells mirrors that measure 1 square foot for less than a dollar.”

“In August, evenings begin to get chillier.  Especially if you are entertaining in your backyard—it’s a great idea to drape your chairs with pashminas in a color to match your theme.  It gives the chairs a custom look and a souvenir for guests to take home,” Shavy says.  Pashminas are available for only a few dollars from a number of sources, from Canal Street in New York, discount stores, or a number of online sources.

“These napkins come with a neat little cutlery holder attached, but you can create the same napkin ring substitute,” says Shavy. Sew a button
on a piece of ribbon and wrap around your napkin. Cute little limes serve as place cards for the guests.

“Matching macarons add a nice little touch.  They’re available in every color!”

“The outside of these cards is a menu—the inside is the blessing of Birkas Hamazon.”

“Do you see those vintage looking jars? If you can’t find jars in your theme color, use clear jars and fill them up with a drink in that color—or
use them just for décor filled with water and food coloring,” Shavy says. In this party, drinks by Pellegrino carry over Shavy’s theme.

Vendor Information
Party by Shavy Weiss of Shevy Dezign 732.966.9607
Custom Birkas Hamazon Cards and Menus by
Designer Announcements 732.822.3238
Mydrap Napkins and Grass Balls by Noir Gifts 732.363.3263
Tablecloth runners and napkins with cutlery holder
by Toby Engel 845.825.2223

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21 Responses to A Summer Celebration Party *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Sizzling

    Gosh! This is so beautiful love the way everything is presented ,from A to Z!!! I really love this shade of green so welcoming and relaxing takes you in a different planet!

  2. Awesome post! Stunning!

  3. Wow! Its so beautiful! I’ve made lots of Sheva Brachot and none have been that amazing! Now I need to step it up!

  4. avatar says: Leez

    wow love the color scheme as green is my favorite color! Gorgeous!

  5. I love everything about this party. It’s simply beautiful!

  6. avatar says: Leens

    This is just gorgeous! Any other fun traditions for already married folks on Tu B’Av??

  7. avatar says: davises88

    Where can you find kosher macarons? I’d love to source some for a party.

  8. avatar says: imergoot

    so elegant, love the green shades. I’ll have to look for Noir gifts on line to see what interesting items they have.

  9. avatar says: RachelBL

    Beautiful. May many a shidduch be made this Friday!

  10. avatar says: alapi

    This is such a joyful look,, so full of hope and growth. I only hope I can duplicate it if my daughter gets married.

  11. avatar says: carolpie

    I love this! It looks so fresh and bright. Very uplifting!

  12. Love, love, love the hanging spheres!

  13. I am in love with the idea of using a lime as a place card and the macaron is so fun!

  14. avatar says: ebudd101

    How did you know green is my favorite color?!

  15. avatar says: chana s

    love the shades!!! definately a fresh approach, and not something you see every day

  16. avatar says: tsk11230

    It looks so put-together. Wish I had that talent!

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