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Sous Vide Cooking – Have You Tried It?


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Have you used or tried Sous Vide Cooking? Let us know in the comments below.

The technology of sous vide cooking could be the summer’s answer to the slow cooker. When cooking sous vide, food is enclosed in a vacuum-sealed bag (sous vide is French for “under vacuum”) and submerged in liquid, where it cooks at a very low, consistent temperature, often for a long period of time (though fish can cook quickly in this method). The method is intended to allow the food to cook evenly and precisely.

The sous vide allows the foods to develop unique flavors and a tender texture—it cooks in its own juices with just a little seasoning. It’s super simple and very forgiving—there’s very little chance food can get overcooked. There’s very little hands-on time when cooking sous vide.

Could this technique, previously only available to gourmet chefs, becomes the home cook’s latest secret culinary weapon?.


Available at KitchenClique.com

Have you tried Sous Vide cooking or enjoyed the result in a restaurant?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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5 Responses to Sous Vide Cooking – Have You Tried It?

  1. avatar says: cooker613

    Just thinking out loud. Could you use a slow cooker instead of another machine in the kitchen. I was thinking, set on low, it might be almost as slow as a sous vide. Has anyone tried this?

  2. Sous vide cooking requires precise temperature control. The SousVide Supreme holds the set temperature to within on degree F (plus or minus) throughout the cooking process. This is accomplished with a PID controller. Slow cookers are controlled by thermostats, there are only three temp selections available, and wide variations in those temps. Here’s a video that explains the differences: http://www.sousvidesupreme.com/en-us/what_is_sous_vide.htm?AdID=186

  3. avatar says: Dorkfood

    We invented the Dorkfood DSV exactly to leverage existing equipment. For $99 on Amazon, it works with your existing crock pot or rice cooker as a plug ‘n play option to Sous Vide. Using your slow cooker won’t get the exact temperature, but the DSV helps to control it to the right degree fahrenheit necessary for the recipe.

  4. avatar says: Sola

    I love my sous vide, but am wondering what is permissible in terms of using it for Shabbos. It seems similar yet different than a crock pot. I’m hoping someone can elucidate.

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