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10 Chicken Recipes That Reheat Well


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This time of year it is a challenge to find recipes that won’t be dry and tasteless by the time everyone comes back from Shul on Friday night.   Chicken being the most budget friendly can easily dry out, but there are some recipes that hold up better than others.  In general saucy chickens with or without the bones can stay pretty moist as long as they don’t lose their liquid, so add a little extra and don’t let it heat at too a high a temperature.  Breaded, fried or baked, chicken usually does pretty well too, the coating helps lock in the moisture and it is still very good if you have to serve it room temperature.   Here are ten  chicken recipes that would be perfect for a late Friday night or any weekday dinner.

Apricot Chicken Tajine

Chicken Meatball Stew

Kishka Stuffed Chicken

Chicken in a Pot (excuse the pictures, this dish is truly delicious)

Magluba (1 pot meat)


Spicy Chicken and Grape Lettuce Wraps

Chicken with Green Olives and Prunes

Pecan Crusted Chicken

Jamie’s Speedy Coq Au Vin (a juicy chicken perfect for a late friday night)

Herb and Pumpkin Seed Drumsticks

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