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Win the Pesach Tablescape!


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How would you like to win the following selection of items from the stunning Pesach Tablescape?

Libbey® Selene 4 1/4″ Trifle Bowls (Set of 4)
Lattic Gold Table Runner
Green Acrylic Stacking Wine set of 4
Champagne Appetizer Spoons

To be in with a chance to win please use the comments below to tell us what three JoyofKosher recipes (please give us the JoyofKosher Recipe link) you would serve at your seder.

Good Luck.

Contest is open to US Residents 18 years of age and up. Contest ends Monday April 16th 2012 at 9 am. One winner will be chosen at random by an online randomizer.

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About Hadassah Sabo Milner


HaDassah Sabo Milner is a Welsh Jew who lives in Monsey NY. She is a writer and a blogger and a lifelong foodie. She's married with four sons who provide her with much fodder for her writing projects. HaDassah is also a social media rockstar who can update multiple platforms simultaneously whilst cooking Shabbat dinner for 70. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter Twittr , and read her blog In The Pink .




23 Responses to Win the Pesach Tablescape!

  1. avatar says: Leens

    Im always called upon to make the desserts in my family so here are my top three JoyofKosher for this years seder:
    Orange chocolate meringue kiss sandwhiches: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/orange-chocolate-meringue-kiss-sandwiches/
    Almond Butter and Jelly sandwhiches: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/almond-butter-and-jelly-sandwich-cookies/
    Chocolate Raspberry baked Alaska looks just beautiful! http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/chocolate-raspberry-baked-alaska/

    Also, i made Jamie’s potato kugel cups last year and they were a HUGE hit!

  2. avatar says: dz13dz

    these recipes are truly Joy of Kosher!
    Passover Egg Drop MatzoTon Soup
    Passover Fattoush Salad
    Passover 2 Layer Gefilte Fish
    Pesach Pecan Crusted Chicken
    (i wanted to get the links of these recipes but i don’t know how so they are in the search category of ‘passover’ and ‘pesach’)

  3. avatar says: teacher23

    Definitely the mashed potatoes, because it’s just about all my kids eat:
    The lemon bars sound fresh, and we’re slightly over the usual chocolate cookies from each year: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/passover-lemon-bars/
    and the asparagus with peppers sounds different, healthy, and new: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/asparagus-with-peppers-and-pine-nuts/

  4. I’m putting these recipes on our menu:

    Exotic Mexican Avocado and Tangerine Salad at http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/exotic-mexican-avocado-and-tangerine-salad/.

    Potato Kugel Cups at http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/potato-kugel-cups/.

    And a big ol’ stack of Chocolate-Covered Matzohs http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/chocolate-covered-matzohs/.

  5. I prepared my menu a week or two ago and these are the recipes from JoyOfKosher that I am using.

    Potato Kugel Cups – http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/potato-kugel-cups/

    Cajun Carrot Fries – http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/cajun-carrot-fries/

    Pine-Apple Fruit Salad – http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/pine-apple-fruit-salad/

  6. avatar says: Amy

    Only “Quick” stuff! My husband loves the cabbage soup (and even made it himself last time!) year round already:
    Try to make brisket for the first time?

  7. avatar says: Leez

    We always have soup as an appetizer by the seder……..usually chicken soup….these matzah balls sound absolutely scrumtch! http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/carrot-dill-matzah-balls/
    In addition, corned beef with a sweet sauce is always a tradition.
    I love garlicky potatoes!

  8. I would definitely make Tamar’s marshmallow frogs! what a great fun way to involve the kids- they will love making AND eating these little critters http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/marshmallow-frogs/

    2 of my favorite flavors are chutney and cilantro. what can be better than a recipe featuring both? the flavors meld beautifully here for a punched up chicken dish. http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/roasted-chicken-breast-with-peach-chutney-and-cilantro/

    this recipe is a real crowd pleaser- i usually make it for Purim and find that it appeals to men, women and children. I am happy to see that it translates perfectly for Pesach. definitely on my menu! http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/sausage-and-peppers/

  9. I would serve lamb because it’s my husband’s favourite: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/slow-cooked-lamb-stew/

    Quinoa, because it feels like cheating and I love to be a rebel: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/vegetable-fried-quinoa/

    These for dessert because even though we don’t have kids, we’re kids at heart: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/marshmallow-frogs/

  10. I would really love this set so I don’t have to do it all on my own inbetween cleaning! lOL Here is what I hope to serve at our seders: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipes/citrus-glazed-roasted-carrots/ I Love this idea, and the plate it is being served on. I think my guests and my kids will really like it!! The next one is: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipes/sweet-cabbage-brisket-with-thyme-roasted-potatoes/ it just sounds mouth watering! The last is: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipes/zucchini-and-red-bell-pepper-saute/ it’s beautiful, tasty and my kids like to turn them into tongues!

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