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What is your favorite kosher food travel memory?


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17 Responses to Tell Us

  1. avatar says: dz13dz

    what do u mean by that question? a restaurant or food i brought along when traveling?

  2. avatar says: Ava

    This didn’t happen in a restaurant, but its close. We were on a family trip to Maryland, and we went to Krispy Kremes. (they make Really good doughnuts). We asked the cashier what her recommendations were, and she ended up giving us each a hot glazed doughnut right off the conveyer belt. They were Delish!!

  3. avatar says: teacher23

    A kosher food travel memory was actually the miracle of getting my kosher dinner, breakfast and snack on an 18 hour non-stop flight to South Africa without having to ask the air hostess even once!

  4. My husband accompanied me on a business trip to St. Petersburg, FL and we had sort of a second-honeymoon. It wasn’t planned to be that but we had such a wonderful time we felt like it was. One afternoon we ate in a place called “Jo-El’s” and the pastrami sandwiches were unbelievable. I bought a big brisket while we were there for our upcoming Rosh Hashanah feast that year.

  5. avatar says: Amy

    Stopping at a kosher Krispy Kreme during USY on Wheels! It was my first time having a Krispy Kreme donut and wow, was it rich (and delicious)!

  6. avatar says: dalesusan

    We went to the Dag Al HaDan fish restaurant with our new daughter in law and now married son (he made aliya) way up in the north of Israel. It was so fun, fulfilling, and tasty. Great company, too!

  7. avatar says: sjs

    I came from a small town to New York the first time ages ago. I had never had pizza before. My family went to a kosher pizza shop and I did not know how to eat it. First, I tried a fork then my sisters who had been in New York and had pizza before told me that I was supposed to hold it in my hand. At first,it felt strange holding it and at first I held it the wrong way but finally got it right.

  8. avatar says: Shirley S

    On vacation in Israel last year, my husband and I had “free time” over the lunch hour in Jerusalem. Several years earlier, on our first trip, we ate the best falafel at a restaurant in the Old City. After a few wrong turns, we found the restaurant again, and we still think their falafel is the best! It’s not the actual falafel that makes it great, its the “goes with”s.

  9. avatar says: leahk

    I’m used to not gettig the best servive at kosher restaurants. I was in Rockville, Md and went to Pita Hut. The owner was super-nice. When I commented on how delicious his pita was he gave me 6 free ones to take.home.

  10. avatar says: Leez

    Whenever my family goes to Israel to visit, one of our first stops is Cafe Rimon in Mamila. Sitting on their couches outside which looks over the beautiful mountains….ah…memories!

  11. My favorite food memory? Hands down the amazing cheese store in Machane Yehuda in Yerushalayim. My husband and I innocently stumbled across this unassuming store as were strolling through the Shuk. I noticed some cheeses and went in for a closer look. Cheese is my passion and this store has an amazing selection of cheeses that you would NEVER find kosher in the U.S… Herb infused, flavored, wine infused, blue cheeses… That store is always on my list of eateries when we are in Israel

  12. I recently went to Rome for my honeymoon and there was so much amazing Kosher food available! My favourite place was a milcheg place with the most amazing and fresh homemade pasta with a cream sauce. That whole meal was to die for.

  13. avatar says: waldman3

    in hawaii, we went to the chabad and they were just so friendly and welcoming to us and we met other people from our area there! It’s such a small world

  14. avatar says: shayndya

    Milk Street Cafe in Boston – hands down!

  15. avatar says: Lynne

    There are so many small and large delis we have visited in a multitude of cities in our travels. Visiting family & friends in different cities and states adds to our recipe repertoire. Israel’s more mediterranean delicacies has to be my favorite. I love trying them all.

  16. Enjoying Birchermuesli in Switzerland for breakfast.I doubt I’ve spelled the word properly!

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