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Hydration and The HINT Water Challenge


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Liquid calories are hiding in your coffee drinks, your cocktails, your sodas, your fruit smoothies, and even your “hydrating” sports drinks. Yup, it’s true. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, are advertised as fluid replacements for athletes. They provide carbohydrates (for energy to fight fatigue) and electrolytes (for hydration and muscle function) that are not found in water.

But here’s the catch. While electrolyte and energy deficits can occur during rigorous events (say a 50 mile run, a 100 mile bike ride, or a four hour triathlon), average workouts (an hour lifting weights, a 45 minute spinning class, or a 30 minute run) will not do the same. In fact, you need to engage in strenuous exercise for at least an hour or longer in order for expensive sports beverages to provide a performance edge that water can’t supply. Also keep in mind that if your goal is weight management
or weight loss, drinking extra carbohydrates (aka extra calories) is counter productive.

For most, water remains an effective and inexpensive way to cover losses sustained by a common workout. And the absolute best option for everyday hydration!

Need some help cleaning out your drinking diet? HINT Water’s 21-day Healthy Hydration Challenge—a kick-it-for-good sayonara to sugar-sweetened beverages that promises to show you how to retrain your brain to love drinking water, not sugar. The challenge will sweep you into 21 fun, motivating, and pain-free days of healthy change, with registered dietitian Heather K. Jones to guide the way, daily action-oriented tips, plus a regularly updated blog.

Join the Challenge and you’ll also have a chance to win the HINT Healthy Hydration Makeover. One winner will receive:
· Four 1-on-1 video sessions with HINT registered dietitian, Heather K. Jones (valued at $1000.00)
· 10 cases of HINT Water
· 10 cases of HINT Fizz
· A $250.00 gift card to Athleta
· and cool HINT gear including HINT water bottles and more!

To sign up: Visit HINT’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/drinkhint

HINT water is certified by the OU.

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Heather K. Jones (AKA The Diet P.I.) is a registered dietitian, author, and health journalist. Heather has authored several nutrition books and has numerous articles published in healthy-living national magazines, including SELF, Redbook, Fitness and more. She is also a nutrition consultant for The Best Life Diet Plan by Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer. Heather recently released the books What's Your Diet Type?, The Grocery Cart Makeover, Drop 5 Pounds with the editors of Good Housekeeping, and The Salt Solution with the editors of Prevention Magazine. She is currently working on a book with the editors of SELF. Learn more about Heather and read her blog at heatherkjones.com

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