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Amalek Kugel for Parshat Zachor


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Yes, I was a bit confused to learn that there is a recipe called Amalek Kugel. Amalek? Isn’t his evil tribe our greatest historical enemy? Wasn’t the wicked Haman his grandson? Aren’t Hitler, the Hamas terrorists, the Hizbollah, Ahamdinjead said to be his descendents?

Naming a kugel after him sounded about as strange as naming an ice cream flavor after Hitler, except that it isn’t.

Amalek’s Kugel is an acronym for four kugels which together form the word Amalek:

A for apple or epel (the ayin)

M for flour, or mehl (the mem)

L for lukshen or noodles (the lamed)

K for kartofel or potatoes (the kuf).

In Europe and in other places Hassidim serve these four kugels on the Shabbat when Parshat Zachor is read and then they eat them thereby symbolically annihilating Amalek by eating him all up.

I am giving you all four recipes right on time for Parshat Zachor which is read in shul tomorrow.

And if the idea of eating all that kugel sounds like a way of inviting a nuclear reaction inside of you here’s a liquid version, in the Purim spirit.

A– amaretto or if you’re sober apple juice

M– Michellob, Mead or Merlot or a malted milk

L– Liqueur of any kind or Latte

K– Kola with or without rum.


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