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A Mexican Seudah



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What could be more fun than your guests walking into your home and being greeted by a riot of color: red, green, gold, white, terra cotta pottery, a festive tablecloth, sombreros, piñatas filled with kosher candy, and some music to round out the festivities?

The colors and interesting foods will delight children and adults alike.

The best part of having a Mexican seudah is that it’s easy and fun. And we mean E-A-S-Y. All the dishes can be made in advance. They are also fresh and healthy. You can get out of the kitchen and actually sit down and eat with your guests and family.

Mexican Bread 

Our Mexican Bread is not to be missed and brings the challah course up to a new level of extraordinary and the Cumin and Garlic Dip sets it off nicely with a unique taste sensation more familiarly associated with the Sephardi table.

Mexican Tortilla Soup

Still think you need a soup to round out your menu? Try our Tortilla Soup topped with Fried Tortilla Strips. The soup will make everyone think they’re eating traditional Jewish chicken soup, all right not so traditional with the tomatoes and with a kick if you include the jalapeños. But it is warm and wonderful!

To round out the seudah, we’ve added a Mexican Tossed Salad full of surprises and more color; black beans, corn, black and green olives, green onions and red onions, avocado, and tortillas chips. Add to that a choice of dressings; a vinaigrette with a hint of cumin and a mayonnaise-based dressing made simply with mayonnaise and salsa.

Drunken Fish


Drunken Chicken

Drunken Fish and Drunken Chicken work especially well for Purim. The wine in these dishes makes them delicious and adds to the festive mood. The Arroz Blanco or Mexican White RiceMexican White Rice absorbs the sauce of the Drunken Chicken and is a nice backdrop filled with some crunch if you include the almonds and currants. The jalapeño gives it a little kick to wake up you revelers.


Orange Sangria

Not had enough of the bubbly? Remember to prepare a pitcher of Orange Sangria, substituting white wine for the white grape juice for the adults and an alcohol-free one for the kids. This combination of wine or grape juice with fresh orange juice lightens up the meal and provides an effervescent and delicious addition.

Mexican Brownies

Why are these brownies, Mexican? Every Jewish meal has to end in brownies so we invented these Mexican Brownies with a hint of cinnamon and almonds to put the perfect end to this amazingly refreshing meal. Let the fiesta begin! Purim Sameach and Olé!!

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About Shifrah Devorah and Zipporah Malka


We are a mother-daughter team who LOVE food. So when we started keeping kosher about seventeen years ago, we had to learn how to convert our love of food and eating to our new kosher lifestyle. Now we share what we learned with you. Read more about our first book The Complete Asian Kosher Cookbook and our newest book, Mexican Kosher Cooking




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  1. avatar says: judyc

    Wonderful recipes! Love the cookbook! You women have outdone yourself! Thanks for the Purim ideas!

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