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Win The Purim Tablescape


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Would you like a chance to win the following items from this stunning tablescape featured in our Purim magazine?

Serving Paper Table Wrap.
Wine Cork Place Holders.
Whiskey Stones.
Chocolate Cigar Wafers.
Libby Parfait Glasses and Spoons.
Chilewich Faux Bois Vinyl Placemats.

For a chance to win, please leave us a comment below listing THREE JoK recipes (with the links) that you would serve at your Purim Seudah AND leave a meaningful comment on each of those recipes. Prize can only be awarded to a US Resident over the age of 18. One winner will be picked by online randomizer from qualified entries. Giveaway Ends Feb  24 2012 at 9 am EST.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




13 Responses to Win The Purim Tablescape

  1. avatar says: Amy

    I would make these three things:
    Notice a theme? They are all desserts! I guess to make a good seudah I’d also have to serve some meat and salads (meat for SURE – we are Sephardic!) but to me, a serious feast requires some serious dessert. The peanut butter chocolate chip muffins would be great for people to take home (shalach manot, perhaps?) if they can’t finish them. The Molten Chocolate Lava Cake would be the first dessert I’d bring out, with fruit, because it would REALLY impress. The macaroons would be for me, because I’m trying to be low carb lately (and it’s working – I’ve lost a few pounds, thank G-D). But all three sound amazing – if I really want to keep myself from eating all those carbs, I may not be able to serve the other two desserts at all!

  2. For Purim I am considering for my menu: Potato and Goat Cheese Pierogies this year. I found a wonderful goat cheese at our local supermarket that is so delicious and is loaded with tasty herbs. I think it will be delicious in these pierogies. I also wanted asparagus since it is in season during March so will try the Lemon Lovers asparagus. I have a favorite hamentashen I make every year from a different source but want to add JoK’s Lemon Rugelach as I think it will go nicely with this menu.

  3. avatar says: Leez

    As of now, I would like to opt to the japanese theme:

    Appetizer: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/tempura-sushi-rolls/-tempura sushi with home-made spicy mayo and sweet sauce.

    Main: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/sweet-and-tangy-veal-chops/- The main I am not so sure about,I got to play around with it….

    Sides: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/spinach-salad-with-japanese-ginger-dressing/- this looks absolutley delish!

    Dessert: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/thai-fried-banana-dessert/

  4. This is my favorite tablescape so far.
    So clever!
    Can’t wait till I get the magazine so I can look at it closer…is that a mustache napkin ring?!?!

    Oookay…we’re doing pirates this year so:
    Drunken Fish: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/drunken-fish/
    Fits perfectly! Fish for Adar and Pirates, Drunk for Purim and Pirates!

    Cedar Planked Chicken: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/cedar-planked-chicken-indoor-or-outdoor/
    Walk the plank chicken!

    I was thinking rum cake but um…this kinda wins:
    Apple Rum Croustade: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/apple-rum-croustade/
    The rum mango tirimisu also sounded amazing but I don’t know where I’d find good mangos in march in michigan (oooh an alliteration!)
    I’d close the tart too so it’d make a nice “hidden” touch for purim.

    I’m so excited now! Can it be purim already?

  5. avatar says: sdg729

    I’d start with Fast And Easy Eggrolls, because Purim is all about hidden miracles and Egg Rolls have all sorts of yummy things hidden within.

    I’d have onion and thyme challah rolls on the table, because everybody loves flavorful breads available.

    I’d finish off the meal with wine poached pears, because hey, it IS purim after all ;)

    Thanks for entering me into your contest!
    I love to set pretty tablescapes :)

  6. avatar says: rifky

    I would incorporate the bean salad with the main dish of salmon and serve the fruit salad for dessert. What unifies these recipes is that they are all healthy and satisfying for my loved ones.



    I would pick the above recipes because they are all healthy for my family to enjoy. I try to stay with recipes that don’t involve frying or unhealthy ingredients. And my number one favorite main dish for holiday meals is of course salmon, so healthy and everyone loves it prepared different ways.

  7. avatar says: skossman

    My family loves Chinese, no matter what the holiday so:
    This recipe is really, really easy.
    almost as easy as the won ton
    A little harder and more time, but worth it
    The contest only calls for 3 recipes, but you need something to make it feel like Purim (not Chinese New Year). This recipe is only for the dough so don’t forget to add the filling. Cherry is my favorite.

  8. avatar says: miriamga

    i would do the japanese/chinese them
    wonton soup
    sweet and tangy veal chops
    spinach salad
    wine poached pears

  9. avatar says: miriamga

    i would do the japanese/chinese theme
    wonton soup
    sweet and tangy veal chops
    spinach salad
    wine poached pears

  10. http://www.joyofkosher.com/a brown buttergalette. 2-mole polano with chicken,3-date glazed roast chicken. all from htp;//www.joy of kosher.com

  11. avatar says: Ava

    We’re going with a Mexican theme this year.
    For the main : http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/grilled-chicken-and-cranberry-salsa/ . sounds light and refreshing after a whole day of noshing.
    A side : http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/quinoa-black-bean-mango-salad/ sounds hearty and healthy after all the candy .
    http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/pareve-cornbread-muffins/ I would make these ahead of time and freeze.
    Dessert ; http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/pie-pops/ with http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/maple-pecan-filling-for-pie-pops/. sounds like a fun dessert for purim!

  12. avatar says: Chaviva


    For a purim party I would make …
    They are neat and delicious and bite size nutritious…children as well as adults love these.
    I would also make tortilla soup …also delicious and nutritious all in one bowl meal.

    A nice drink for all is Jamies mimosas…delish!

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