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What just-for-Passover delicacy do you most look forward to?

Just by answering this question you could win these gorgeous Chef’n Sleekstor Pinch Prep Bowls. Winner must be a US Resident over the age of 18. One winner will be chosen by the JoK editorial team from qualifying comments. Contest ends March 9 2012 at 9 am.

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42 Responses to Tell Us

  1. avatar says: Leens

    I mostly look forward to chocolate covered matzah, it so yummy (I make my own with rich dark chocolate and sometimes I throw some nuts over the top).

    • avatar says: Rena L

      Nothing beats the classic taste of matzo brei! It’s the favorite pick in my family for breakfast, lunch, or any meal on Pesach

  2. avatar says: FAL

    I particularly enjoy having what is called European Fruit Kugel. It was a recipe that i obtained quite a few years ago from a Manischewitz pamphlet of recipes. The company used to send out these folders just before Pesach and they had the most wonderful things to prepare in them. This is relatively easy to make using a variety of dried fruits, so it adjustable to your preferences. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. avatar says: Amy

    I look forward to my mother’s apple cake. About half the time, my birthday falls on Passover, so that is my birthday cake of choice. This year, she may have to come to my house to make it :-) (My birthday is during Passover.)

  4. Zucchini-Stuffed Chicken

  5. charoses – yum!

  6. avatar says: mink

    I love my charoses (and don’t just make it for Pesach).

  7. This is going to sound weird but I love the part of the seder when we eat the horseradish with the Haroset. I love the combination of the hot horseradish with the sweetness and crunch of the Haroset.

    Aside from this weird delight of mine, I love my daughter-in-laws matzoh ball soup. Her matzoh balls are always fluffy and light and the broth is flavorful without being too spicy or salty.

  8. avatar says: Leez

    matzania- its pesachdig lasagna!

  9. avatar says: schmom

    haroset! it’s one of those foods (and an important rital food) that my kids always want the same old, same old –with plenty of sweet wine!

  10. I love the matzah pizza- somehow it only tastes delicious on pesach!

  11. My grandmother and mother always made us Charoses cupcakes. I make them for my children now….but, I eat several too :)

  12. I’m looking forward to Passover squash kugel.

  13. For Passover, I use ground almonds to coat my chicken cutlets. They are really crunchy and delicious and I can barely keep up with the demand for more!

  14. This is embarrassing: I’ve been craving macaroons!
    I think they’re the most bashed food ever…

    Normal food: Matzah pizza and the yummy pesach muffins we make every year for Chol Hamo’ed breakfast. They’re amazing with jam.

  15. Just recently my family and I have been trying to avoid a lot of Matzah products, so I really look forward to experimenting with fresh ingredients that are healthy and EASY on the digestive system. However, I still look forward to chocolate lollipops and jelly rings!

  16. avatar says: rifky

    I really look forward to the candies and cookies that I had as a kid, like chocolate leaves, rainbow cookies, chocolate covered marshmellows, and jelly rings. Since I got married and started eating by my in laws , I started to really look forward to my mother in law’s 2 -layer freezer cake, it is something I really look forward to when I think of pesach lately.

  17. avatar says: skossman

    My son-in-law makes blintzes using fried eggs as the base for the wrappers and potatos or meat for the inside.

  18. I LOVE a three mushroom pilaf! It’s always hard for me not to pick at the dish on erev pesach!

  19. avatar says: elk99

    I love baking (and eating) our 13 egg shehakol cake. It sounds awful… with all those eggs and I guess it is awful for the cholesterol but it is oh so good.

  20. avatar says: dkny

    Matza and cream cheese. Yummy.
    Also the home made egg noodles. A tradition handed down for generations.

  21. avatar says: sheri g

    I look forward to my mother’s recipe for vegetable kishka, so yummy!

  22. avatar says: shikairi

    About 20 years ago, my mother-in-law of blessed memory gave me a copy of Etta Servi Machlin’s “The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews” and I’ve been using it to cook for Pesach ever since. This year, I’m looking forward to artichokes, chicken soup with matzah balls stuffed with chicken and charoset made with dates, bananas and orange peel. Strangrly enough, just thinking about this is putting me in the mood to clean my kitchen!

  23. avatar says: Ava

    Every Pesach, we make homemade rolls- they are Delicous !, especially when served warm, with cream cheese, or butter in the middle. We also make thumbprint jelly cookies, chocolate cookies, and rolled nut cookies- they all melt in your mouth. These things have become tradition in our house !

  24. avatar says: Jo

    I’ve been really enjoying adapting our regular dishes to Pesach ones. I love the charoset, but I admittedly can’t get enough latkes through the year, so that’s pretty high on my Pesach list as well.

  25. avatar says: kathy

    I love everything about pesach, but my favorite has to be the matzah shmura and lettuce snadwich during the seder…I feel like I’m in another world with all my family and friends around the table, when after 1 month of preparations the day is finally here!!

  26. avatar says: stew21art

    My mother’s spinach pastel. Layers of matzah with a spinach/feta cheese filling. It’s also travels well to the office.

  27. avatar says: twins2mom

    Pesach rolls made out of matzo meal eggs and oil.Yum!

  28. We have a delicious apple kugel recipe that is so delicious…we don’t just use it for Pesach!

  29. Recipe is from Gilda Angel and is called Sodra. It is a matzoh farfel delight.

  30. avatar says: BabsToo

    Passover, as crazy as it is, is one of my favorite holidays. We love the Caramel Chocolate Matzah and our version of Mandelbread is quite yummy. However, my mom’s Charoset is probably my most favorite. We make several times through the week to eat as a snack or with a meal. Yum!

  31. avatar says: Hana

    Matzo farfel granola with lots of dried fruit and coconut. I make a big batch as soon as my kitchen is KOP and eat it for breakfast almost everyday of Passover.

  32. avatar says: merdsr

    Matza Apple Kugel. I make 6 before pesach and hope they last. Then of course there are my chocolat. chip cookies. Yum – and the list goes on.

  33. either matza farfel or macaroons….

  34. avatar says: Iblechner

    I look forward to matza meal omelettes. My mother had a Swiss recipe and then one eats it with jam or sugar!

  35. avatar says: tsk11230

    I like Pesach rolls with jelly. They are a big hit with my whole family and they disappear quite quickly.

  36. avatar says: sa

    I always look forward to matza brei with Breakstones whipped butter. Two things that
    are only in the house this one week.

  37. avatar says: Lynne

    I can’t wait for some Farfel Kugel with sliced apple on top.

  38. avatar says: goldie

    really fudgey brownies with added instamt pudding mix for added flavor and amazing texture(which are not weighed down with flour) and almost taste better than the year round, recipe that can’t-be-beat brownie mix!YUM!(btw, when is the passover edition of the magazine being released?)

  39. avatar says: sweetbean

    nut cookies — ground nuts, eggs, sugar, cinnamon. delicious!

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