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Purim Cake Pops


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I’ve totally jumped on the bandwagon. I am a huge fan of putting treats on sticks. I’m pretty sure that any treat, no matter how delicious, fun, cute or enticing can be made infinitely more exciting (at least in a child’s eyes!) when placed on a stick.

It’s not just me. Everywhere you go, everyone is making and serving cake pops. This trend is great all year long, but there is no better time on the Jewish calendar for fun treats like a cake pop than Purim, a day when treats are plentiful and fun is the order of the day. Want to be the coolest mom on the block? Make some purim themed cake pops with your kids, and then give them the amazing satisfaction of distributing them to friends in Mishloach Manot.

Many people who have never made cake pops before are very hesitant to try them. They look hard, but if you follow the directions, you can achieve amazing results.

I’m sharing two types of cake pops today. Both are Purim themed, but they utilize very different decorating methods. My Hamantashen Cake Pops are mostly decorated by shaping the cake pop “dough” into a specific shape. (In this case, a triangle.) The other decorating method is to attach various candies and other edible trimmings to your cake pops to create a specific look. I use this method in my Clown Cake Pops, which start with basic circles and use all kinds of candy shapes to turn them into clowns.

I’ve also included two filling recipes. My Clown Cake Pops use a traditional cake pop filling, and my Hamantashen Cake Pops use an Oreo truffle filling. Feel free to mix and match the filling, or to make one filling and turn half into clowns and half into Hamantashen.

Some general cake pop pointers: (For specific directions for either cake pop, clink the link above.)

-The contrast between the cold of the chilled cake pop and the heat of the melted candy coating may cause your cake pops to crack. If your cake pops are cracking, leave your uncoated pops at room temperature for a while to decrease the contrast.

-The best remedy for cracked cake pops is to re-dip completely before decorating. -I found that cake pops looked much better when dipped twice. It may be an issue with the brand of candy melts I used, but if you find that the filling shows through, dip the pops again for a smoother look.

-You may have an oily substance leak out of your coated cake pops. Don’t panic! Wipe it off and ignore it; it won’t show on the finished product.

-Make sure to dip the pop fully into the candy coating. If there is a gap between the candy coating and the stick, the stick will become unstable when the cake pop is at room temperature.

-If you make these cake pops, I’d love to see! Please upload pictures to my Facebook page here. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Think of this as arts and crafts you can eat!

For more desserts on a stick check out these Vegan Pie Pops.

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9 Responses to Purim Cake Pops

  1. I love these little clowns.

  2. avatar says: LisaN

    I made these last Friday, in honor of chodesh Adar. They were a smash. I would past a pic here but I tried and only text can be pasted, but you can see a pic on my profile

  3. These are absolutely adorable.. I post about chocolate and holidays, and these would be great. Consider a guest post on http://www.dyingforchocolate.com ?

  4. where can i get kosher pareb candy melts?
    (dose gefen have)

  5. avatar says: Judi

    I LOVE to be creative on Purim!! I’ve made some unique Mishaloch Manot, for example, I found birds nests & decided to make that my theme. I lined the nest with crumpled shredded brown paper. I used gummy words, blue Jordan almonds, trail mix & HAMANTASHEN , (I forgot what else I added, it was so long ago!). Then I used a burlap type material & tied it with straw. It made a BIG hit & was so cheap & easy to do!
    I’m always looking for creative ideas for Purim. I’d like to hear some of your ideas!

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