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Batter Babies Giveaway


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These Batter Babies enable you to make cute two-toned cupcakes.“Pour two different batters on either side of the batter babies,” says Kitchen Clique’s Faige. “Then, just remove the batter babies and bake.”

Want some to try out for yourself? For a chance to win, subscribe to our YouTube JoyofKosher channel AND subscribe to our Joy of Kosher Newsletter, and let us know you have done so in the comments below. One winner will be picked by online randomizer from qualified entries. Contest open to US Residents aged 18 and over. Contest ends March 16th 2012 at 9 am.

Batter Babies retail for $4.99 at KitchenClique. Cake Babies also available.


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About Hadassah Sabo Milner


HaDassah Sabo Milner is a Welsh Jew who lives in Monsey NY. She is a writer and a blogger and a lifelong foodie. She's married with four sons who provide her with much fodder for her writing projects. HaDassah is also a social media rockstar who can update multiple platforms simultaneously whilst cooking Shabbat dinner for 70. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter Twittr , and read her blog In The Pink .




29 Responses to Batter Babies Giveaway

  1. subscribe via email as crb370981954@yahoo.com and i subscribe via youtube as carolynishis

  2. OK – I’ve done it. I’ve subscribed to the Joy of Kosher YouTube and I’m already subscribed to the newsletter.

  3. avatar says: shanny

    I’m good to go,I’ve subcsribed to the Joy of Kosher youTube and I’m already a subscriber to the newsletter

  4. subscribed to your Youtube channel and I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter!

  5. avatar says: dkny

    I am signed up for both.

  6. avatar says: sheri g

    I am signed up for both and love, love, love the idea of the batter baby! How cool is that?

  7. avatar says: Ava

    I was already signed up for the newsletter. And I just subscribed to the youtube channel, and I’m happy I did !

  8. avatar says: Jo

    I am signed up for the newsletter.
    These are super cute!

  9. avatar says: skossman

    I’ve signed up for both. Thanks!

  10. Ok Subscribed to both! Interesting video!! Thank you for this. I need vids to learn

  11. avatar says: PuttieMom

    I have subscribed to both!

  12. avatar says: quickgal

    I have also subscribed to both! Can’t wait!

  13. avatar says: bookie727

    done! these look so cool. the kids willl love this!

  14. avatar says: bedz

    I just subscribed to youtube and was already a subscriber to newsletter. Enjoyed the cholent video!

  15. avatar says: bedz

    subscribed to both!

  16. avatar says: Dinitchka

    I have just subscribed to your Youtube channel and I am already signed up for the emails. Thank you and Gut Shabbos.

  17. You tube – Subscribed, YES.
    Newsletter – Subscribed – YES.
    I hope I win!

  18. I subscribed to your YouTube channel (AsTheNight); I’m already subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks for another fun contest!

  19. avatar says: SH

    I am subscribed to your newsletter and channel.

  20. avatar says: tsk11230

    I already subscribed to both.

  21. Four boys! Hadassah, that is called a “Grand Slam!”

  22. avatar says: Lynne

    I’m subscribed to both and would love to try this product.

  23. Done! Thanks for the recipes. These are so neat!

  24. avatar says: sa

    I already subscribe to the newsletter and have now subscribed to Youtube. Thanks

  25. avatar says: ffidler

    Subscribed to both. Great YouTube background!

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