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Paula Deen Announces She’s Diabetic


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The rumors have been flying for a long time that Paula Deen, 64, is diabetic. These rumors were finally addressed this week with Paula’s admission on the Today show that she does indeed have diabetes. She was diagnosed three years ago, has been taking diabetes medication, but has kept this diagnosis from her fans – something that has upset many of them as she continued to cook her high calorie and fat laden dishes, and write her cookbooks with similar recipes.

In fact, not only is Deen now a Type 2 diabetic, she has teamed up with a drug company (the one that manufactures the drug that she takes) and is part of an ad campaign promoting them and their ways in which to help people manage their diabetes. Some wonder why she waited to announce her condition until she was representing a drug company – would she have kept it quiet if the drug company had not come calling with their large paycheck? Is her publicity machine working overtime so she can bring some attention to her son’s new cooking show “Not My Mama’s Meals”? Or is it all purely coincidental?

Paula is well known for using a lot of butter in her cooking, and for deep frying almost everything. In her show on The Food Network you watch her taste every single dish she makes, and not small bites either! Now that she has announced her illness, will her show be more health conscious or will she continue to cook as she is used to?

So will Paula be giving up butter and replacing it with margarine, a much healthier alternative? ”I will never use a substitute for butter. Margarine is one molecule away from eating plastic.” She will take steps, she says, to reduce the amount of butter that she uses, but cut it out completely? It’s not on the cards. One thing she has been able to cut out was her favorite beverage – sweet tea. She exercises now and talks about enjoying food “in moderation”.

We want to know what YOU think. Does a TV Chef have a responsibility to safeguard the health of his/her viewers? Should they be demonstrating good eating habits for their audience? Please leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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Five Diabetic Friendly Recipes:

  1. Broiled Fish with Orange Almond and Cilantro Salsa
  2. Spring Chicken Barley Soup
  3. Spiced Lentils with Black Rice and Chicken
  4. Tuscan White Bean Salad
  5. Strawberry Banana Muffins 


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HaDassah Sabo Milner is a Welsh Jew who lives in Monsey NY. She is a writer and a blogger and a lifelong foodie. She's married with four sons who provide her with much fodder for her writing projects. HaDassah is also a social media rockstar who can update multiple platforms simultaneously whilst cooking Shabbat dinner for 70. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter Twittr , and read her blog In The Pink .




6 Responses to Paula Deen Announces She’s Diabetic

  1. People know that she’s making food that’ll make them sick. People can make it as a special treat or alter her recipes. Nobody is responsible for anyone else in this world. People make their own decisions.

  2. avatar says: AlanB


    If a lactose intolerant chef, teaches you how to make ice cream, is that hypocritical?

    The fact that Adele Davis died of cancer, does that make all her books on healthy eating invalid?

    Why does a chef’s physical condition, mean they can’t teach you how to make DELICIOUS FOODS? Afterall, how many overweight chefs are there? And does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy their recipes?

    People have a choice what they cook, what they eat, what they serve to others. WHY are we standing in judgement of them? Make your own choices and live with it. Don’t impose your views on others.

  3. avatar says: AlanB

    Please read my words as directed to the issue, not C’V towards dear Hadassah.

  4. avatar says: AlanB

    Jamie….sometimes things NEED clarifying….

    lets talk about clarified butter….

  5. avatar says: sheri g

    I think the issue is that people that have loved her for so long and also trusted her. They welcomed her into their homes and she was so warm and so much like everyone’s favorite aunt. The real issue has become a moral one for most people. Because she waited until she would financially benefit from sharing her illness instead of when she found out the news to begin with, it feels like a betrayal. Of course we all have minds of our own, of course we can make our own decisions, however when there is a public figure that has the ability to help others and chooses not to, it becomes difficult to wrap your head around. This is especially true when they continue to share recipes they NOW know aren’t good for you. I don’t think it’s so much judgment of her as the disappointment in her that people are feeling. The same as you would feel if a family member didn’t do something to help you if they knew something was bad for you. At the end of the day the food network bills their chefs as a family. They make that statement over and over and when you watch the Next Food Network Star. It is constantly said to the contestants “we’re a family” and you have to be able to fit into our family and get along with everyone because that’s how our viewers see us. Right now most people are angry that their favorite aunt chose to sell them out for money and not help them when they needed it. As for me, I never cared much for Paula Deen and felt she was kind of a phony. But for those that love her I can understand the betrayal they feel. In answer to the question, does a TV chef have a responsibility to safeguard the health of their viewers, of course not. But when people look to them for guidance on how to prepare food and if they have the platform to help others, why wouldn’t they? That’s the answer people want to hear. At the end of the day people see her as a sell out for money, and she is.

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