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Win a Tovolo Pancake Pen!


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Have fun with your pancakes. This Tovolo Pancake Pen allows you to make pancakes mess-free – just squirt into the pan or onto the griddle. You can also use it to make fun shapes for your kids! (KitchenClique $9.99)

You can win one of these awesome Pancake Pens! Just tell us in the comments below what your favorite pancake is – extra bonus entry for linking to a pancake recipe here on Joyofkosher.com.

Contest is open to US residents, 18 years of age and older. Contest Ends December 23 2011 at 9 am EST. One winner will be chosen by online randomizer from qualified entries.


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About Hadassah Sabo Milner


HaDassah Sabo Milner is a Welsh Jew who lives in Monsey NY. She is a writer and a blogger and a lifelong foodie. She's married with four sons who provide her with much fodder for her writing projects. HaDassah is also a social media rockstar who can update multiple platforms simultaneously whilst cooking Shabbat dinner for 70. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter Twittr , and read her blog In The Pink .




45 Responses to Win a Tovolo Pancake Pen!

  1. avatar says: strandjss

    I love the silkiness of spelt flour so I would have to go with the following recipe: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/simple-spelt-pancakes/ with the additions of chocolate chips or nutella spread on the hot pancakes.

  2. Chocolate chip pancakes- using the Aunt Jemima mix!

  3. avatar says: saralaya

    I love buttermilk pancakes with fresh blueberries….mmmmmm

  4. My two young children LOVE pancakes! With only 7 minutes to spare on weekday mornings I actually add water to the bisquick mix. The kids love these quick pancakes, we add chocolate chips, syrup,confectionery sugar, and sometimes cinnamon and sugar. The best part is that I pour the batter into a ziplock bag, snip off the end and make letters, shapes, and numbers! My favorites are my kids names, superman logo, and a dinosaur!

  5. avatar says: shayndya

    Fresh, homemade classic pancakes with blueberries or chocolate chips and real maple syrup. Betty Crocker’s recipe rocks!

  6. avatar says: Dave

    Love the random morning pancakes. It doesn’t always have to be a sunday to make pancakes; pick another morning and surprise the family with something yummy.

    These look amazing, I’m a sucker for anything cheesy: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/cheese-pancakes/

  7. avatar says: Btrflywmn

    I love a good chocolate chip pancake with peanut butter and bananas on top.

  8. avatar says: Lynne

    I love potato latkes and their many varieties.

  9. I usually make my own pancakes from scratch but these Cinnamon Oatmeal pancakes sound interesting! http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/cinnamon-oatmeal-pancakes/

  10. avatar says: Erin

    These look delicious! I would probably add blueberries

  11. avatar says: sa

    Our favorite flavor is banana

  12. avatar says: Caposhi

    Favorite pancake …
    Sour Cream Buttermilk Pecan Pancakes


    Yummy for your tummy!

  13. avatar says: misti911

    I like blueberry pancakes. I just use a dry mix

  14. avatar says: dkny

    My homemade whole wheat delicious pancakes. Sometimes I add fresh blueberries or a few chocolate chips. I recently made Micky Mouse shaped pancakes for my grandchildren, much to their delight. After pouring a round shape on the griddle, add two smaller circles in Mickey “ear” positions.

  15. I love pancakes that I make from scratch and don’t come from a mix!

    I can’t wait to try these!

  16. avatar says: jcsclisa

    I like making the pumpkin pancakes with a cranberry relish as the sauce.

  17. avatar says: Leez

    I love plain and simple pancakes with maple syrup. (and of course confectioners sugar sprinkled on top)
    This recipe looks great! (especially because im a health nut) I may try it out tommorow-


  18. avatar says: Marc

    I really like Snoqualmie Fall pancake mix, and drawing out the batter as the letters in my kids’ names.

    Here’s the link to the batter:

  19. avatar says: miriamg

    i’ve been making a buttermilk pancake recipe from a betty crocker cookbook circa 1950 since i was a kid. it’s the best one i’ve ever had, fluffy and slightly tangy, not too sweet.

  20. avatar says: bedziner

    Of course potato pancakes (latkas)http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/garlicky-potato-latkes/ and I also love strawberry pancakes.

  21. avatar says: BridgeStt

    My darling son surprised me just yesterday morning by serving me breakfast in bed. He’d made the most fantastic pancakes I’d ever tasted, which was surprising because I used to manage an IHOP Restaurant. His “secret recipe” (all made from “scratch”) included cinnamon and honey. And while I’m not usually fond of pancakes, I asked for seconds, and thirds! This wonderful Tovolo pancake pen would make a fantastic addition to my son’s kitchen gadgets.

  22. avatar says: melissa

    My husband is the one who makes pancakes in our house. He uses his own recipe that he stores in his phone so no matter where we are in case he has to make pancakes he can :)

  23. fake buttermilk pancakes!
    with blueberries of course…

    and i always wanted to try cake batter pancakes…mmm…
    these look good too: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/cinnamon-oatmeal-pancakes/

  24. avatar says: Esti

    Blueberry pancakes

  25. avatar says: Pessa

    Cinnamon/Oatmeal Pancakes! Wholesome, on the healthier side, yet still has that sweet taste! http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/cinnamon-oatmeal-pancakes/

  26. my favorite pancakes are made with white/wheat flour and have blueberries and chocolate chips in them, sometimes strawberries too

  27. I love chocolate chip pancakes!

  28. avatar says: RochelS

    I only like regular pancakes! No blueberries or any fruit or anything else added

  29. avatar says: agold121

    Cottage cheese pancakes. They don’t taste like cheese at all and have tons of protein

  30. blueberry pancakes!

  31. avatar says: skossman

    My favorite is blueberry.

  32. avatar says: EricaG

    I like blueberry pancakes.

  33. avatar says: EricaG

    Liked the Sour Cream Buttermilk Pecan Pancakes
    fb user: Acire Acerg

  34. avatar says: Chayale

    There is nothing like these waffles hot with vanilla ice cream!!

  35. avatar says: goldwoman

    I love the Pumpkin Pie Pancakes. It’s like having dessert for breakfast!

  36. avatar says: chana s

    regular pancakes with a hint of cinnamon, and mini chocolate chips!my hubby would love these tho: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/peanut-butter-pancakes/

  37. avatar says: Naddez

    I love buttermilk pancakes.

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