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The Coffee Confidential: What’s your secret to a perfect cup of Joe?


By adding your answer in the comments below you will be entered to win a Cuisinart Muffin Top Pan pictured above (from our friends at KitchenClique.com, $15.99). Your answer may be featured in the next issue of the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine.

Entrants must be US Residents over the age of 18. Contest closes December 16th 2011 at 9 am EST. Winner will be chosen by our editors and announced in the comments.


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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




68 Responses to Tell Us

  1. avatar says: Ari Ross

    My secret to a perfect cup of coffee – using fresh coffee beans that are NOT pre-ground. Yes, this requires some extra time and work, as you must ground them yourself before brewing (or use a coffee maker that has a grounder), but the extra step allows the natural oils and flavor in the beans to not be lost in a bag sitting on a grocery shelf.

  2. avatar says: Amy

    Agree with Ari! Best coffee, morning after morning, comes from my Cuisinart Grind ‘n Brew coffeemaker. With that, it’s no extra work to have fresh ground coffee every morning. And with Dunkin Donuts coffee….perfection! Especially when I brew one cup at a time so it’s super fresh.

  3. avatar says: Penina

    tasters choice instant coffee is the way to go if you ask me…

  4. For an instant cup, I let the teakettle whistle for a good 30-60 seconds. Then I add the ground coffee, some milk and then the hot water. I then add up to 1 tsp. of pure ground cocoa to give it a chocolatey taste. For brewed coffee, my husband adds some vanilla and/or fresh ground cinnamon to the coffee grounds before he adds the water to the coffeemaker. Hope you enjoy these flavorful ideas.

  5. avatar says: elk99

    For me this is seasonal, but iced coffee… a bit of instant (Taster’s Choice!) coffee and sugar (or sweetner) dissolved in boiling water. Ice to cool it off and cold water. Top it off with milk and this is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

  6. avatar says: eddyrobey

    My coffee begins with whole beans that have a medium-light roast to preserve the aromatic oils. I never use dark-roasted beans. My varieties of choice are Puerto Rican Mocha-Java, or Columbian.Of course, they are ground just before brewing. I use either a drip filter or espresso pot, depending on my mood.

  7. avatar says: Karen Z

    Starbucks VIA is a literal lifesaver on Shabbat for a decent cup of coffee. During the week, I’m a 2 pump, non-fat, no whip, no foam, extra hot grande mocha!!! Talk about high maintenance!

  8. avatar says: SGN

    My younger son & I like to use ground ginger, ground cinnamon with the coffee grinds & then add a stick of cinnamon to each cup/mug after the coffee is brewed. um, um, um…,.

  9. hot cocoa or those yummy syrups…mmm
    oh and whipped cream.
    i like frills. ;)

  10. avatar says: mink

    My perfect coffee is strong & sweet – Israeli mud.

  11. avatar says: shayndya

    Brewed coffee all the way! I love Target’s new flavors and nothing wakes me up better than a fresh cup of brew!

  12. avatar says: Dave

    A teaspoon of Starbucks cocoa in my morning joe takes away much of the bitterness of the coffee but keeps all the goodness of the caffeine.

  13. avatar says: Lynne

    Let someone else make the coffee!

  14. avatar says: elineli07

    Since my husband is always in a rush in the morning, he brews a pot of coffee (we like Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla or Original Blend) to last him for a few days and keeps it in the fridge for morning iced coffee. When it’s hot we add in a few dashes of cinnamon. Besides for the deliciously warm flavor it imparts on the coffee (despite the fact that he drinks it iced!), it perfumes the house with the most amazing coffee-cinnamon smell! Just as good as the house smelling of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

  15. My perfect cup of coffee starts with ground Starbucks, preferably a dark roast like Sumatra, French, or Verona. I boil water and make it in a French press and serve it in the large Harry Potter mug I “borrowed” from my daughter. My cat, Riley, jumps up on the chair and cozies up behind me, meowing at me that there’s no food in her bowl, or that she wants me to stop everything and comb her. The news is on the radio, the paper is on the table, and I have a pen ready for the crossword puzzle, that I will no doubt, be unable to complete. I’m craving it, just thinking about it.

  16. avatar says: Btrflywmn

    Starbucks is my perfect cup of coffee for sure.

  17. avatar says: Schmidty

    Start with beans ground yourself right before brewing. I also keep my beans in the freezer sealed tightly.

  18. grind your own hazelnut beans-hmmm good!

  19. in my house, we steam the milk on the stove for just a few minutes. it makes such a difference!

  20. I don’t really have a secret, because I don’t know if my coffee is good or bad! Even a bad cup of coffee is good to me!

  21. I like a dark roast and Folgers works best in my coffee maker.

  22. avatar says: Chayala

    I always add something to my coffee to flavor it.. be it sweetened cocoa, cinnamon, ‘Coffee Accents’, a dollop of ice cream, or a dash of hawaj (make sure you buy the right mixture!). :)

    ‘Hawaj is a Yemenite spice mixture that comes into two varieties. One, a blend of powdered ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, is added to coffee and baked goods. The other, a blend of turmeric, black pepper, onion, cumin, cardamom and cloves, is added to soup.’

  23. lots of sugar, for one.
    Also cinnamon or butterscotch chips melted in!
    Hazelnut coffee is also delicious – more of a smell than taste

  24. avatar says: Lexiquin

    It’s not much of a secret…but you can’t have a good cup unless you start with a good coffee! Even the best coffee I won’t enjoy if it’s not HOT enough! I like my coffee bold/dark/strong/black ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. avatar says: pandora79

    My secret for the perfect cup of coffee is to first have the perfect coffee maker! Believe it or not, a good coffee maker makes all the difference. Using whole beans and grinding them right before brewing also makes a huge difference.

  26. avatar says: Larry Lee

    fresh ,just ground beans, add a pinch of cinnamon

  27. We are on a very tight budget, which requires buying the cheapest ground coffee available-but never fear! I make a perfect cup of coffee by adding 1 level teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa to the coffee grinds before brewing- my husband says the flavor is “deepened” when I do this.

  28. avatar says: Anne Hill

    my secret it to use about 1/2 scoop too much coffee to brew it, then drink it when it’s just finished brewing! piping hot & fresh.

  29. avatar says: Caposhi

    First, use a clean percolator coffee pot. Percolator coffee pots make better coffee than a drip coffee maker, in my opinion. And you will be able to clean a percolator coffee more efficiently than a drip coffee maker. Always use fresh cold water to make your coffee with. Use freshly ground coffee beans of your choice. I prefer French Roast coffee beans.

  30. avatar says: nurserae

    After I use a vanilla bean when cooking, I place the leftover pod in the coffee canister for a vanilla flavored coffee. For a special cup, I use sweetened condensed milk…yummy.

  31. avatar says: Velinajo

    Fresh ground with a pinch of salt and for an extra special cup, a sprinkle of cinnamon.

  32. avatar says: devoelyas

    a cinnamon stick adds the best flavor- my mother in law told me about this and its awesome! just make your regular coffee, the way you like it of course, and add the brown good smelling stick!

  33. avatar says: misti911

    Instant coffee with cream and sugar

  34. avatar says: jennooo

    I always add a little bit of chocolate syrup to my coffee to make it yummy!

  35. avatar says: dkny

    I press the button on our Keurig K-cup machine. Its always a fresh cup and you can choose a different flavor or strength every time. For a delicious mocha coffee, I add a heaping spoon of hot cocoa mix after brewing. It’s the easiest way to get the perfect mix of sugar and cocoa.

  36. I let my dad make it for me! He has a secret method that he won’t share with anyone else, but it’s always the best cup of coffee!

  37. avatar says: fraklein

    My perfect cup of coffee is brew-in-bag and my instant water heater. Quick and no clean-up!

  38. avatar says: fraklein

    Folger’s Coffee Singles + Hot Shot water dispenser = great cuppa coffee w/no cleanup!

  39. avatar says: kao1114

    My secret to the perfect cup of joe is to leave it to the professionals… :)

  40. avatar says: herblady

    My secret for the perfect cup of coffee is to head to Dunkin Donuts! At home, my husband makes it.

  41. avatar says: jcsclisa

    My trick is grinding the high quality beans right before you brew the coffee. If you love coffee I suggest reading “The Various Flavors of Coffee” By Anthony Capella. You’ll never drink instant again!

  42. avatar says: Leez

    I love putting on the bottom of the glass a square of good quality milk chocolate. When i add the hot water to the coffee and chocolate,the aromas mixes together and it is oh so delish!!!

  43. avatar says: miriamg

    my espresso machine! i have a latte most mornings, and it makes my day :)

  44. avatar says: Esti

    Pure sugar! no artificial sweeteners for me.

  45. Grind everytime and use a french press

  46. French roast, freshly ground beans; to which I add cinnamon and vanilla extract, in the filter. I heat my water, on the stove, and pour over the filter.
    For a special treat I add 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa.

  47. avatar says: Pessa

    Cappuccino, made in starbucks barista home espresso machine. Frothed hot milk, fresh bold, ground coffee beans, espresso shot! with a shake of cinnamon on top!

  48. avatar says: cgman

    Instant coffee, sugar, a drop of vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, starbucks coffee liquor, water and milk. yum!

  49. avatar says: waldman3

    my secret is brewing it fresh- no instant and mixing it with hot chocolate or adding cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg! it even smells great!

  50. It’s all about the creamer and flavor for me

  51. avatar says: RochelS

    i dont like coffee so my perfect cup is making one for my husband!

  52. avatar says: pamelab1

    My secret is to go to circle k and buy a cup of the “breakfast blend”. Perfect taste for me.

  53. avatar says: Tom

    I grind the beans prior to brewing and I use cold water that I filtered twice.

  54. avatar says: arielle

    Coffeemate creamer – especially the holiday flavors

  55. I measure my ingredients out perfectly and enjoy my coffee while watching the news or reading the paper

  56. avatar says: skossman

    Go to the nearest starbucks and buy there coffee.

  57. Using a percolator, high quality coffee beans and lots of love.

  58. avatar says: tramp

    Put some salt into the coffee.

  59. avatar says: EricaG

    My secret to great coffee is to make one cup at a time. If the coffee sits too long…yuck!

  60. avatar says: sheri g

    My secret to a great cup of coffee is to make it iced using coffee ice cubes so it doesn’t get watery. I use skim milk, lowfat 1/2 and 1/2 with a dash of agave to sweeten slightly. I think I’ll have a glass now!

  61. avatar says: devorahg

    prepare as usual, but with a squirt of chocolate syrup. YUM!! Also makes for an interesting flavor when i use instant espresso

  62. avatar says: BusySavta

    Iced coffee made in my blender. To make it taste really yum, I add a swig of vanilla cream liqueur (never did like it plain!) or Frangelico liqueur…(hazelnut). I dissolve instant coffee with a tiny bit of boiled water and add lots of ice cubes and Splenda and blend until all the ice has disintegrated

  63. avatar says: bsulsc

    Adding a sprinkle of Cooks Vanilla Powder to the coffee grounds before brewing.

  64. avatar says: alemos67

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love to use it in some of my baking recipes.

  65. Half a packet of cocoa

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