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Get Stuck With a Recipe for Sticky Fig Buns with Dates


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As the end of Yom Kippur can bring about a great sense of inner peace and rejuvenation of the soul, it seems only appropriate that Break the Fast should follow a similar theme… bringing about a rejuvenation of the body.  To present a delicious dish that is warm and comforting is a lovely way to mirror the feelings of the warmth and comfort shared by those sitting down to this special meal.

Suitable in the morning, afternoon, or as an evening dessert, these sticky sweet spirals may resemble cinnamon rolls, but they require none of the tedious and time consuming rolling out and folding necessary for puff pastry cinnamon rolls. And, while many cinnamon roll recipes tend to turn out far too sugary sweet, the flavors (and the dough!) of these sticky buns are completely fool-proof and allow for beautiful, scrumptious buns every time.  A delectable and simple addition to your Yom Kippur feast, these homemade Sticky Fig Sweet Buns combine all the elements necessary in a Break Fast treat in order to replenish, rejuvenate and satisfy.

These Sticky Fig Buns are delicately sweetened with a medley of seasonal dried fruits and slightly spiced dark brown sugar, rich in molasses with a hint of cinnamon and clove.  The sweetly fragrant date and currant filling is rolled into a spiral of fluffy buttermilk biscuit dough to create an exciting and unexpected combination of savory, sweet, light and rich.  The buns are smothered with and baked in an ooey-gooey fig infused caramel, providing the perfect sticky canvas for crunchy topping of toasted sliced almonds or pecans, if desired.

While the fruits and flavors used in these sticky buns are perfect for Fall, the versatile buttermilk biscuit base of the buns allows for much creative interpretation of the recipe.  Try different combinations of dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate for use in the filling of the buns for fun variations suited specifically for your family or for the occasion.  The caramel topping would be delicious with a splash of bourbon or a touch of jam in place of the fig, or can easily and deliciously stand alone without added fruit or flavor infusions of any kind.

Regardless of whether or not the recipe is followed exactly, or if the flavors are tweaked a touch, the heartfelt gesture of lovingly preparing this special (and delicious) dish for your family will, in the end, bring the perfect warmth and sweetness to the table this Yom Kippur.

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  1. These sound awesome!

  2. Wow, these sticky buns are beautiful!

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