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Win A Taste of Challah Cookbook


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Win a copy of A Taste of Challah and learn all the challah baking tips and tricks for a perfect challah every time. Here’s how to enter:

Just post your household, kitchen or organizational tips in the comments below and I will choose the best ones to put on my website. And one will win the cookbook.

One winner will be chosen by online randomizer from qualified entries only. Must be US or Israel resident of at least 18 years of age. Contest ends September 22nd 2011 at 2 pm EST.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




52 Responses to Win A Taste of Challah Cookbook

  1. avatar says: Heidi

    If an avocado is not ripe, put it in flour overnight (completely submerged) and it will be ripe in the morning!

  2. avatar says: Amy

    A tip: when folding laundry, do it in front of the TV. That way, it’s not boring, and you have full rights to pick the show – unless someone else is going to fold for you….

  3. avatar says: Felice

    Involve children in meal preparation. It may take longer to get dinner on the table tonight, but pretty soon they’ll be able to fix dinner with little or no help, freeing you for the more important things in life, like other chores, a good book, or quality time with the spouse.

  4. avatar says: Lena

    I use magnetic collapseable measuring cups and spoons .. they lie flat against your fridge (and stick to it since they are magnetic) so they take up very little space and they are easy to grab when you need to measure something out. :)

  5. avatar says: Annette

    As soon as you finish something in the kitchen, put it on your shopping list. Also, always soak everything in your sink as soon as possible – it will make cleanup much easier later.

  6. Do laundry on a regular basis so it doesn’t pile up.

  7. avatar says: Pam clark

    Put your shopping list on your cell phone. Add items as you remember them. While shopping delete the items as you purchase them. If you put the list on your phone you wont forget it.

  8. When I make meatloaf, I put all the ingredients in a plastic freezer bag and mix by mushing! No bowls to clean!

  9. avatar says: Sharon

    Making chocolate milk? Shake the milk vigorously in the milk jug before pouring into the saucepan. I also make my children “bubble milk” by vigorously shaking the milk before serving them plain milk.

  10. avatar says: Phyllis

    Time saver: Cook in double batches. One batch to eat now and the other to pop into the freezer. On those very rushed days, all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and voila!!! you’ll have an effortless home cooked meal.

  11. If you have a couple of small children who like to help cook, avoid tiffs over who gets to add what ingredients to the bowl by having each child work on their own dish. Eat one dish today and put the second in the freezer for another day.

  12. avatar says: Marina

    I am noting all your tips, ladies, because I don’t cook, I don’t like to cook, I don’t really know how to cook, but I have a nice new kitchen and this website really makes me want to cook! ;-)

  13. avatar says: caroline

    Label all drawers and cabinets in kitchen so guests and friends (kosher or not) can help without getting confused about which items they are using.

  14. I put everything to do daily on a white board in the kitchen, which forces the kids and husband to read every morning. Then there is no excuse to not get everything done.

  15. Guacamole will not turn brown, if you leave a pit inside :)

  16. To crush cookies or crackers for recipes I put them in a gallon size ziplock freezer bag and run the rolling pin over it.

  17. Menu Plan to Keep your family organized! We use a white board to write down meal plans and also put page numbers on it.. for easier remembering!!

  18. I buy meat in large family packs. When I get home I divide it into meal size servings in ziplock freezer baggies. Before freezing I’ll add marinade. As the meat thaws, the meat soaks up the marinade.

  19. avatar says: Karen

    Use filtered water and boil then cool it before freezing. The ice will be crystal clear.

  20. I use white vinegar instead of fabric softner, its not a kitchen tip because the few I thought of people had already posted :( . Thanks for the chance to win :)

  21. avatar says: Perry

    When I have a bunch of herbs and dont need all of it for one recipe chop up the rest and put tablespoonfuls in to ice cube trays so you dont waste!

  22. avatar says: Aviva

    A great way to keep track of what you need on your next grocery run: we have a magnetic board we keep on the fridge and as I realize that I’m out of something I just add it to the list. Come Thursday I have my shopping list all ready for me to copy down. Wipe the board clean and start again next week!

  23. Use a bag (paper or plastic) instead of a dish when crumb coating meat, firm fish, poultry or veggies. Just roll the top of the bag before you shake! You’ll get a nice, even coating and (1) clean fingers (2) no container to wash.

  24. I make big batches of healthy whole wheat pumpkin muffins, veggie empanadas, meat rolls and pizza rolls(I use left over Challah dough) and freeze them all. Making lunches in the morning is easy. Just pop it in their lunch bag and it defrosts by lunchtime. Or you can heat it up in parchment paper and tin foil. Wrap it in several layers of newspaper and it will stay warm till lunch.

  25. avatar says: strandjss

    I always buy too much matzah during Passover. We do sometimes eat matzoh when it isn’t Passover but I usually put them in my food processor and make matzoh meal from the matzoh left from Passover. I save the matzoh meal tubular boxes with pastic tops to store my matzoh meal or sometimes keep it in the freezer in plastic bags.

  26. avatar says: strandjss

    It’s much cheaper to buy spices in bulk. I save lots of small jars and make my own labels. I then shop for spices and dried herbs at my local fresh market and save $$.

  27. avatar says: Jo

    When I do any kind of potatoes, I put them directly into a large ziploc after cutting them, add oil and spices, and shake thoroughly. I find that not only does it cut down on washing, but the spices and oil are evenly distributed.

    In terms of general decluttering, I follow a rule to never leave a room empty handed. Depending on where I’m going, I’ll take a cup that someone left lying around to the kitchen; a book to the shelves in the living room; socks to the laundry basket. Never leaving a room empty handed means that I leave the room in a better state than when I entered.

  28. When making challah, I find that putting oil on my hands instead of adding more flour keeps my dough from getting too dry.

  29. I love to multitask when I do laundry. Work on the computer, watch TV and sometimes clean up the kitchen….the dryer and washer work fine on their own.

  30. avatar says: Z'ev

    Throw leftovers into a slow cooker on low before Shabbos. That way there’s always something hot to eat right after shul.

  31. avatar says: Lynn

    Life is so busy so saving time and making things easier for meal preparation is a huge help! I do my grocery shopping on Sunday so my fridge is packed full for the week. When I come home with several packages of chicken (any parts will do) I make up a few different marinade recipes, wash the chicken, pop family size dinner portions into x-large zip lock bags and add the marinade. Zip and freeze! When I need something easy for dinner, I pull out a package of pre-marinated chicken and it as it’s thawing it is also getting infused with the flavours I’ve added to the bag. So easy!! Just thaw and bake or bbq.

  32. avatar says: Mrs. B

    I make a big batch of bread dough at the beginning of the week and keep it in the refrigerator. That way when ever I want to make fresh bread or rolls for dinner the dough is already made, all I have to do is pull off a lump and bake it.

  33. avatar says: Nick H.

    Squeeze a lil fresh lemon juice on fresh fruit salad to make it keep longer without going bad!

  34. avatar says: cindy

    To grease a pan easily, cover the mouth of the oil bottle with a napkin and tilt to moisten the napkin. Then grease your pans with the oily napkin. This keeps your hands clean and prevents the pans from getting too greasy if you pour oil in the pan directly. However, for Pesach, be aware that most napkins contain kitniyos so use this tip with Pesachdik napkins only.

  35. Double the recipe and freeze one for later!

  36. Before I make dinner, the first thing I do is start my water for dishes. While I’m waiting for things to boil or bake I do some dishes or clean up a bit. When I’m done with the daily dishes and dinner is done, I plate everything and put the dinner dishes in the water to soak while we’re eating! Saves lots of times!

  37. my tip would be to stay roganized paint the back of a door like a pantry to chalkboard black (special paint found anywhere) and jot down everything the whole family needs to know and before you know it everyone is running to that spot to write something down to make the house run alot better… thanks

  38. When we have leftovers, we always put them in either bags and containers and label them with what is in them and the date when made. This way we can keep track of how old the food is so as not to waste it.

  39. Unfortunately i am very organized. Today I brought what I thought was frozen bean soup for lunch. When heated I discovered it was frozen applesauce for my grandson. I will have to use the posted suggestions from now on.

  40. avatar says: SarahG

    To cut back on food waste and save money, plan meals around what you already have in your pantry and fridge.

  41. To see if an egg has been hard boiled, try to spin it. If it spins well, it’s hard boiled
    To see if an egg is fresh, see if it will float in water. A fresh egg will sink and lay on it’s side. The higher it floats, the older the egg.

  42. avatar says: Elizabeth

    Two tips: 1. I wash/dry/chop parsley and cilantro and put them into labeled zip bags and freeze them. Then, when I need to use a small amount in a recipe, it’s already prepped. I do the same with tomato paste. I portion it into tablespoons, put it on a tray and then freeze the little blobs for those times a recipe calls for a small amount.
    2. I keep a roll of masking tape and a permanent marker on hand. I label and date portions of food and store in gallon-size zip-bags or reusable plastic wear. That way I know if the frozen thing is soup or lasagne or whatever, when it was made and how many it’ll serve. (I often make larger portions, then divide it into smaller portions, label and freeze for those rushed dinners.)

  43. avatar says: Ellen

    Peel vegetables onto a plastic shopping bag. When you’re done just roll it all up and throw it out.

    If you have pets that eat scraps, use two bags: one for the scraps they eat, the other for the ones they don’t. Take the bag of scraps they eat, turn it inside out – now you have all the scraps saved in a bag that you can keep in the fridge until it’s empty.

  44. Tip 1: To ripen bananas place in a brown paper bag on top of the refrigerator overnight.

    Tip 2: To remove blood from a white dress shirt or pillow case use a cue tip and hydrogen peroxide and dab on the spot.

  45. Use binder clips from the office for closing food bags tightly.

  46. avatar says: Rachel

    When your fruits are almost getting ruined and you know no one will eat them make delicious smoothies! They are healthy and taste great! This way everyone will eat them quick. My favorite is Banana peaches mango and a lot of ice!

  47. avatar says: Amanda

    To keep the pantry moths away, put as much food as you can in airtight containers, especially pasta, rice and beans. They make special containers for sugar and flour; and now baking powder, cornstarch, and white sugar come in plastic sealable containers so nothing can get into them and they won’t get hard.

  48. avatar says: dale

    before i make a shopping list, i decide what i will be serving for dinner for the upcoming week. i base the daily dinners on what i need to use up in the fridge/freezer, what is on sale, and on our family routines. by doing this weekly organizing, i mostly avoid repeated trips to the market and so save time and money.

  49. avatar says: momoftwo

    Keep your cardboard tubes from paper towels. Cut them lengthwise and use them to store your log of homemade refrigerator cookie dough (wrapped in plastic wrap first!) The cookie dough will keep it’s round shape.

  50. When making pancakes, put another batch of dry ingredients into a food storage bag and freeze (Example- if the recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, put one cup in bowl and another in bag. Repeat for all dry ing.). You now have ready pancake mix without having to make measuring cups dirty again. Just add the eggs, milk and oil when you are ready to make them.

  51. avatar says: Esther

    It doesn’t always work, but when I can, I like to prepare things in advance. For instance, in the beginning of the week, I might chop up most of my vegetables so I can make quick salads for lunch. Or when I’m off of work or have an easy week, I’ll buy extra chickens and clean them and freeze them for later use, so when things are hectic I can pull them out of the freezer and quickly rinse and season. I also cook lukshen in large quantities and freeze it in small batches and take out from week to week. The same goes for matzah balls.

  52. Thank you all for your fabulous tips – this is truly a wealth of information. I hope you all enjoyed reading each others tips. The winner is Elizabeth!!!

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