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What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever deep fried?  Win the Big Boss Grill. Your answer may be featured in the next issue of the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine. The best answer will be selected to win the Big Boss Grill.

Entrants must be US Residents over the age of 18. Contest closes September 28th 2011 at 9 am EST. Winner will be chosen by our editors and announced in the comments below.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




133 Responses to Tell Us

  1. avatar says: Cheryl F.

    When I lived near Tampa we deep fried turtle (legs) :) It was the first and last time I’ve tried it, but it really did taste like chicken. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  2. avatar says: Perry

    Nothing to interesting..but homemade pizza rolls which came out great!

  3. avatar says: Aviva

    I havent done it, but I saw in Iowa that they are deepfrying logs of butter! craziest Ive done is sufganiot!

  4. avatar says: joanna

    the deep fried ice cream is still crazy to me!

  5. avatar says: Timmsks

    They serve deep fried Mars bars near a restaurant close by me. A bunch of people ordered them, but I couldn’t try it, my teeth and heart hurt just looking at it. Smelt good, though!

  6. a Candy Bar (they do this a lot in the U.K.)

  7. avatar says: Mrs. Cox

    Maybe it’s not weird, but it sure seems naughty – Nutella filled won tons … Yep! SO tasty too :)

  8. I tried deep frying a (batter dipped) twinkie one time. I didn’t know at the time you were supposed to freeze them first so it didn’t turn out well since the cream filling ended up escaping into the oil and was left with a hot oil filled sponge cake.

  9. I deep fry wonton wrappers with marinated chicken inside. It tastes better than any fried wonton that I’ve tried in any restaurant (and I’ve tried a lot of restaurants). My family eats them as fast as I can fry them.

  10. avatar says: amy

    the most interesting thing i have deep fried is a grilled cheese & tomato sandwich – the whole thing – it wasn’t bad, but i wouldn’t eat it all the tim.

  11. I don’t deep fry much by I do love making vegetable tempura.

  12. avatar says: fay C

    i tryed oreos covered in a batter and served with ice cream. wasnt to bad.

  13. avatar says: Tob

    Macaroni and cheese! I once saw it on a cooking show but it contained non-kosher ingredients so I played around with it until I got it right and it was amazing!

  14. I once deep fried a grilled cheese sandwich. I dipped the sandwich into egg and then i into panko laced with grated Parmesan, and enjoyed sheer heaven. It was seriously heart attack goodness!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. avatar says: Lexiquin

    This isn’t the least bit interesting–because I’m not very adventurous when it comes to using the deep-fryer, but we’ve tried to make tempura (using a variety of vegetables) and homemade funnel cakes. I’ve heard of all sorts of crazy deep-fried foods, like twinkies and candy bars; and, I’ve had (and enjoyed) deep-fried ice cream.

  16. I deep fried a banana and it came out great. I served it with chopped nuts and whipped cream on top!

  17. avatar says: Janet N.

    I’m from the south and we fry everything. My favorite is fried dill pickles.

  18. avatar says: Chad

    Deep fried battered green beans and served with ranch dressing, delicious!

  19. avatar says: Mary B

    I’ve never fried anything more exotic than a turkey at Thanksgiving, but I enjoy sampling all the cool fried ‘foods’ every year at the county fair. Deep fried Coke, deep fried butter, deep fried Snickers, etc.

  20. avatar says: Dennis F.

    Grands Biscuits flattened and filled with Apple Pie filling! Deep fried and covered with powdered sugar! Delicious! Thank you.

  21. Don’t deep fry much. But do enjoy deep fried chicken livers

  22. avatar says: Karen M

    I don’t know if it is really that weird but I once fried bananas. Came out gross. The banana turned to total mush.

  23. avatar says: Mosabaghe

    Deep fried a burger, it actually did NOT turn out better! Hehe …

  24. avatar says: chris

    It was a tradition in my family to deep fry cookies every Christmas(making sure to leave some for Santa of coarse.)

  25. avatar says: carol

    I’m embarassed….a Twinkie! I saw a sign for Deep Fried Twinkies when we stayed at Downtown Las Vegas. I came home and tried to duplicate the same thing I had there!

  26. avatar says: ANDY S.

    An egg. Really it is interesting to watch one DEEP fry.

  27. Hate to say it, but my hand by mistake, was not pleasant, but I tasted good.

  28. Hot Dogs many years ago loved em deep fried

  29. I deep fried ARTICHOKE hearts yummy

  30. It may not be healthy, but, there’s no better food,

  31. avatar says: Char

    I love to make kibbeh, which is an Arabic food made from bulgar wheat, super lean beef (or lamb), spices and pine nuts and onions. It’s always baked, like a cassarole but one time my husband wanted to try it fried. It was pretty good actually!!

  32. a pickle is the most interesting thing I have ever fried. They are just awesome! Fried hot dogs are pretty darned good too

  33. avatar says: dkny

    Years ago I made delicious deep fried tempura veggies for my friends in the bungalow colony. Many years later they are still asking when I will be doing that again. There is a non kosher famous “celebrity chef” restaurant near my home that deep fries cubes of mayonnaise. My husband would certainly love that.

  34. avatar says: rena s.

    I deep fried a rueben. I rolled up corned beef, a slice of swiss cheese, sauerkraut, a smear of thousand island dressing and dipped it in a batter. It was delicious!

  35. nothing more exotic than french fries or felafel balls…Sorry!

  36. A turkey. It was delicious.

  37. I did deep fried bananas. YUM
    Thanks for the chance.

  38. The most I’ve personally deep fried is french fries, but I’ve been thinking of deep frying shnitzel, something I saw done in Israel and tasted AWESOME. I usually fry (granted, with a lot of oil!) shnitzel on a frying pan, but I want to try it in a deep fryer and see how it comes out. I’d also like to make donuts this year for Chanukah.

  39. avatar says: Matt R

    Just Potato pancakes. or is that Potatoe?

  40. avatar says: Quanda

    Deep-Fried Pickles spears.

  41. I have deep fried butter at home

  42. avatar says: Colleen S

    I let my hubbie loose in the kitchen and he’d deep fry everything that wasn’t nailed down. Me I once did squash blossoms. Whoo hoo!

  43. avatar says: joni

    A Tupperware lid. It was stuck to the inside lid of my deep fryer. Looked cool but didn’t taste well!

  44. avatar says: Felice

    I think the Tupperware lid is a winner, but we’ve deep-fried:
    Hamburger spring rolls
    Turtle cheesecake spring rolls
    BBQ chicken and slaw in a hush puppy batter
    Thai tuna balls (chopped raw tuna seasoned with sriracha mayo and wrapped in coconut-ginger sticky rice and coated with unsweetened coconut)

    Not all in the same meal, of course.

  45. avatar says: bedziner

    Deep-fried hot dogs are delicious!

  46. I tried to deep fry twinkies and ho-hos.

  47. Deep Fried Dill pickles…slightly breaded…YUMMM!!
    Claussens work the best!

  48. I had deep fried chesse cake balls

  49. My husband does deep fried salad on a stick. Small wedges of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cuke, and onion skewered then breaded and fried.

  50. avatar says: Mark Fine

    Smelts! Coat with seasoned flour and in they go.

  51. beer battered fresh green beans! Dip them in spicy sauce to eat and finger licking yummy

  52. i love to deep fry stuffed halibut, stuff with a bread stuffing like stove top very good

  53. Sliced jalapenos fried in fish fry- they are awesome and the boys love them!

  54. deep fried pizza….why oh why…..?

  55. avatar says: Audey L

    Corn fritters! Absolutely delicious!

  56. Fluffernutters – peanut butter and Fluff marshmellow spread on a sandwich

  57. I deep fry anchovies and they are The Bam!

  58. avatar says: brittney

    cheesecake and twinkies. :)
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  59. Deep fried broccoli-so delicious!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  60. Dill pickles! So yummy!

  61. avatar says: Kiara

    I deep fried a Milkyway candy bar.

  62. I tried cheesecake once and it did not come out. Thanks for the great sweep and hope to win :)

  63. avatar says: brandy

    My Mom and I love to deep fry Oreo’s. We do it on Halloween every year and the trick or treaters come in and eat deep fried oreo’s instead of candy.

  64. Mushrooms wrapped in cheese-yummy

  65. avatar says: Ingrid

    I fry as many veggies I can!

  66. avatar says: Candi

    We LOVE to deep fry, when we get the fryer out we fry everything from chicken wings to snickers bars in waffle batter. I think our favorite (and most interesting) is when we filled dough in fry-things like-leftover pastas w/ cheese, peanut butter and jell & (my fav) a chocolate Easter bunny! yummy

  67. avatar says: Cindy M

    I’ve made Molasses donuts, deep fried, using a recipe dating back to the 1870′s. ( Saltwater Foodways by Sandra Oliver)
    It was an interesting thrill to enjoy a treat that sailors ate over 100 years ago.

  68. avatar says: Gitti

    I deepfried bananas covere in a batter with ice cream on top!

  69. avatar says: loni

    I didn’t do it, but the best deep fried thing I have ever tasted is a deep fried Twinkie. I had my first when we visited Vegas earlier this year. If I had a deep fryer, I would definitely try to deep fry a Twinkie myself!

  70. avatar says: Carolyn G

    Mango and pineapple. It really didn’t work but it was fun trying.

  71. a banana dipped in chocolate and then deep fried to give it a crispy coating. Pretty good

  72. I deep fried chicken cordon blue.

  73. avatar says: Nechama

    Ice cream!
    Yum…crispy on the outside, creamy, cold, and half melted inside. mmmm…
    (Well, I never fried it myself…I just had it. Will definitely have to try it myself…)

  74. avatar says: Nick H.

    Surprisingly I have deep fried a snickers bar, it was amazing, and I highly recommend it.

  75. avatar says: Kate S

    Actually I deep fried oreos once, it was freaking delicious.

  76. We have tried twinkies, but usually stick with the turkey

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  77. avatar says: Deb S

    Bubble Gum. Saw it recently on a TV show. Mine didn’t work well.


  78. avatar says: Mike

    As part of a science experiment testing the insulative value of orange peels, I deep fried a whole frozen orange for over an hour once. The center was still very frozen after that.

  79. zuchinni

  80. Beer battered jalepenos

  81. Apple slices dipped in cinnamon batter. Great for Autumn

  82. Nothing too crazy–potato kugel! (it was good but you could feel your arteries hardening as you ate it…)

  83. avatar says: joseph

    The small size reeses peanut butter cups. They have the saltiness that it isnt too sweet and it goes perfectly with vanilla ice cream.

  84. avatar says: Molly K

    A snickers bar. We saw it at our state fair and just had to try them at home. They were just okay but the kids loved them.

  85. I’m not big on deep frying, but I did deep fry a turkey. I call it a heart attack waiting to happen and the amount of grease I used was disqusgting!!!!!!!

  86. Oh, lawd! I used to own a funnel cake trailer so we experiemented with everything! Oreos, snickers, butter, cupcakes, twinkies, chocolate chip cookies, marashino cherries, even an apple pie one time!!

  87. I have deep fried squash caked on flour yummy
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  88. We deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Balls. Awesome


  89. We never had a deep fryer so most of our fried foods were made in a regular fry pan with just a little bit of oil. Actually fried food was a rarity in our home. When i was young my mother and i made Apple Fritters which to this day have got to be the best, most heavenly, fried food i have ever eaten.


  91. the most interesting thing i deep fried were potatoes to make homemade potato chips

  92. fry everything from meat to vegie

  93. We tried to deep fry oreos but I don’t think they turned out right. We have plans to try a candy bar sometime.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  94. avatar says: Tam

    Frozen gefilte fish

  95. avatar says: yoch

    i don’t think i ever deep fried anything in my whole life.

  96. avatar says: Bonnigene

    The most interesting thing we have ever deep fried were make your own raviolis…kids can make their own and fill them with whatever they wish. Traditional with meat or cheese or something more fun with fruit or pudding. Yummy!

  97. i love to deep fry sliced dill pickles clallen at ntin dot net (dip them in ranch and man o man watch out)

  98. i fried oreo cookies

  99. avatar says: elikahn

    was fish filets in corn tortillas, and then filled with shredded cabbage and salsa with a lime , uhmmm beans and rice on the side

  100. avatar says: Manuel S

    I’ve deep fried snickers bars. I freeze them first, coat them in a batter and drop them in. Definitely a rare but delicious snack.

  101. Chocolate chip cookie dough and twinkies!

  102. The most interesting thing I’ve ever deep fried is tofu! It sounds like it defeats the purpose of being healthy, but we still love it!

  103. avatar says: meme

    I deep fried jelly beans in a pancake like batter. not bad

  104. We love the deep fried pickles!!

  105. avatar says: Marianna

    I’m a Southerner, so we fry EVERYTHING! One of my favorites in the summer is fried green tomatoes!

  106. A Bag of a large variety of mushrooms, many pf which I had never seen before.

  107. avatar says: Jammie

    I have deep fried Tortilla shells to make taco salads. Yummy.

  108. avatar says: monte

    love deep fried homemade meatballs yummy

  109. My favorite thing is by far deep fried breaded green beans with ranch sauce on the side!!


  110. A couple of years ago I tried deep frying a batter dipped snickers bar. I didn’t know you were supposed to freeze it first though so the snickers bar pretty much melted and disolved into a bunch of tiny pieces when it hit the oil. I didn’t try that again.

  111. I like to deep fry ravioli.

  112. the only things we have deep fried are chickens and turkeys..we are pretty boring

  113. avatar says: Karen

    I’m in Texas. We’ll deep fry anything. Deep fried nutter butters are the best. We also fried fortune cookies once. Thanks for the giveaway.

  114. Elizabethp – You are the winner for the most unusual fried food. For everyone else your answer may appear in the next issue of the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine out in December.

  115. avatar says: sharon

    love to make deep fried ice cream

  116. avatar says: Janet N

    I’m also from the south. And we do fry everything. My favorite is sliced dill pickles served with ranch dressing.

  117. avatar says: Erica G

    I tried some candy corns!

  118. I am so pleased to be the winner of the grill. Can’t wait to try it out!

  119. Twinkies but they didn’t come out right

  120. avatar says: Yehuda

    Bananas are my most unusual fried food. Slice the bananas, fry them, sprinkle with coconut flakes, maybe a little cinnamon, and eat em, mmmmm!

  121. avatar says: RachelBL

    I make “Krab” Rangoon.

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