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Rosh Hashanah Gefilte Fish Recipe


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Some things in life just inspire me – like fish. No really.  There are so many species of fish with different flavors, textures and colors: I look at ’em the way an artist views the paints on his palette. That piece of fish lying there is a raw material (literally!) just waiting to be turned into something fantastique.

So Rosh Hashanah is coming up and I start getting serious about the stuff in my life that matters: my family, my friends, my aspirations – my holiday menu. Okay, so maybe your Yuntif menu is not at the top of your prayer list. It’s not at the top of mine either, but it’s there alright.  I think of the food that I serve as a way of honoring these special days, and of giving my family and guests the good-in-your-gut feeling that helps them appreciate all the fab things G-d has given them.

And I come up with…Gefilte Fish for my first course

Screech! That’s the sound of the breaks on my menu motor.

So it’s not going to win prizes for novelty. But honestly, I have to work with a husband who can’t stand fish except for canned tuna and jarred gefilte: the “hotdog” of the fish world.   He’ll tolerate frozen gefilte loaves if I do something remarkable with ’em.

Hey, who am I to judge?As pristine and posh as I like to think my palate is, my all-time fave food is mac and cheese out of a box. So hubby has his culinary crutches, I have mine.  This is the time of year to forgive.

This RH we’ll compromise with Gefite Fish Cakes that can be made with either a completely defrosted 20-22oz. frozen loaf or a 24 oz. jar of gefilte (sans jelly– which of course I love and he hates), broken up with a fork.

Join me on this one, folks, because you’re gonna love this recipe, along with your not-so-crazy-about-fish loved ones. It’s a special Quick & Kosher Rosh Hashanah rendition of the classic gefilte fish,mixing in diced red onion, red pepper, celery, s&p, some mayo (for both flavor and binding) along with an egg (for more of a binder) and crushed matzah (not matzah meal). Fry these babies up and serve ‘em with a lemony mayo horseradish sauce and the new year starts to look a whole lot brighter.

I think next year I’ll try gefilte in a puff pastry (one of hubby’s other fave foods) so he can fall in love with me all over again.


Win a Rosh Hashanah gift basket valueda t $65 from Kosher Care Packages. Just answer this question in the comments below,

What do you cook for someone you love that goes against your better instincts and creative kitchen ideals – but you do it ’cuz you know they love it?

One winner will be chosen by online randomizer from qualified entries only. Must be US resident of at least 18 years of age. Contest ends Thursday September 22snd 2011 at 9 am EST.



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Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




132 Responses to Rosh Hashanah Gefilte Fish Recipe

  1. avatar says: Erica

    Definitely “Chocolate Stuff” (recipe here, in case anyone is curious: http://www.wchstv.com/gmarecipes/chocolatestuff.shtml). It’s chocolatey, diabetes-inducing goodness that really should be saved for special occasions… but everyone is always so happy to have some that I make it far too often.

  2. That’s an easy question for me: For my husband I make his mother’s version of enchiladas. I don’t really care for it but I guess it really isn’t that bad. She used ground beef but I substitute veggie crumble to make it vegetarian.

    1 lb. “ground meat” – or 2 pkgs Morning Star Veggie Crumble
    2 cans undrained red kidney beans
    Taco seasoning or spice equivalents (my addition)
    Taco toppings: lettuce, chopped tomato, diced onions, salsa, etc.
    Grated cheese (montery jack and/or cheddar)
    Flattened biscuits fried or “baked” in a skillet

    My mother-in-law used can biscuits but I have never found any kosher so I first make biscuit dough and place the cut biscuits on a griddle and fry them like a pancake, flattening them with a large spatula on both sides as they cook. Remove to a platter and keep warm.

    Heat beans in pot with added water to make somewhat of a equal ratio of beans and liquid.

    Brown “meat” and add taco seasoning or spice mixture. I can’t always find kosher packaged taco seasoning so I use a blend of chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder.

    To assemble break 2 or 3 biscuits on the plate and top with grated cheese. Ladle beans and liquid over cheese and top with meat. Add taco toppings of your choice and enjoy.

  3. avatar says: Mary B

    Fried egg sandwiches. These heart clogging treats go against everything I know to be right with the world. They scream heart attack on bread, but, who can help but love all of their ooey gooey deliciousness.

  4. avatar says: Marci

    My husband loves quiche but it’s one of the few things he won’t make for himself, possibly because it’s such a pain in the butt. I’d rather just have scrambled eggs, but it makes him so happy. So for his birthday and Valentine’s Day, I turn the oven milkig and make him quiche. Yeah.

  5. avatar says: Sarah

    Bread pudding. My grandmother loves it, but to me it just looks gross.

  6. avatar says: Aviva

    grilled cheese. Totally grosses me out, but husband things its divine.

  7. avatar says: Mrs. Cox

    My husband loves mushrooms, where I cannot stand them! This summer, I included mushrooms several times on our grilled veggie kebabs. Granted, I make sure to marinate them separate and only put them on his skewers. But it is still out of love! :)

  8. avatar says: debbie

    Hot dogs. My mother-in-law absolutely loves them!

  9. avatar says: SarahG

    Sunday morning pancakes/french toast. So good, but do we really need to be eating that the morning after our weekly food fest (AKA shabbat)?

  10. lol SarahG – best point ever! That’s why I say – you can’t start a diet on Sunday…

  11. avatar says: Cheryl F.

    I have to avoid sweets because of diabetes, but Scott loves his brownies and cupcakes so I bake them for him :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  12. avatar says: Max

    Mac n’ cheese out of a box w/ the powdered cheese. So completely vile, but I make it for my wife who loves it.

  13. avatar says: Joe K

    Brownies, which are very tasty, but fattening.

  14. I make cinnamon buns which are not the healthiest (especially in the quantity that my husband eats them), but he loves them.

  15. avatar says: Amber

    I cooke double chocolate covered bacon brownies for my brother

  16. My husband loves mac and cheese and I know it so loaded with calories, but I make it anyway for him.

  17. Salmon Patties for my mom , She LOVES them but I can’t stand the smell it makes me almost gag. Thank you for a nice contest!! Very nice prize.

  18. avatar says: Donna L

    My family loves my meatloaf.

  19. avatar says: Jacob

    Tomatoes, everyone in my family loves them but i’ve never liked them raw

  20. I cook fish for my husband even though I don’t eat it myself. then again I am a bit picky…

  21. I make cheesecake even though I am diabetic and should not have it in the house. EVERYONE here loves it.

  22. avatar says: Sheila K.

    Tuna casserole—I can’t stand it but everyone else in the family loves it!

  23. Mixing hot sauce in chocolate pudding.

  24. Something I cook that I hate is Liver and Onions, the smell is awful and the feel of the raw meat, yuck

  25. avatar says: Sarah L.

    pasta roni, its my husbands favorite. He ate it a lot when he was single( so you think he would be sick of it), but no, he still craves it.

  26. Definitely my monster dark chocolate chip cookies. The dark chips are a tad healthier than the milk chocolate? That’s how we justify it!

  27. i use to cook without peppers in any food for my ex

  28. avatar says: Sheri K

    My dh and dd think that bread stuffing should be at least 50% vegetables instead of just enough fo flavoring.

  29. avatar says: cindy

    I put hot dogs in the Shabbos chulent for who else?-my youngest son. Oy vey. Nitrates and beans are not a healthy mix.

  30. Boxed mac & cheese but it must be the kind with canned cheese sauce- not powder.

  31. Tuna noodle casserole for my husband, not gluten free and just not my favorite. But it is his favorite and I love him

  32. mac and cheese with buttermilk

  33. My husband and I are not red meat eaters but on Rosh Hashonah I make pickled Tongue because my son loves it.

  34. avatar says: Mary W

    My husband adores made from scratch coconut cream pie. For me, this is such a pain in the tuchis to make but once in a great while in a moment of weakness I will spend an entire day and bake this. And then I remember why I rarely make it!

  35. avatar says: Shari D.

    Delicious, rich, yummy cheesecake. I’m trying to lose weight, but every time hubby goes to the grocery store with me, he makes those eyes at me. The “please make me some cheesecake if you love me eyes”. Sigh. I can’t resist them :-) .

  36. I know it might sound silly.. but soup. My daughters and husband absolutely love eating any kind of soup especially ones with lots of veggies and beans. I have to admit.. I really don’t care for soup. I will eat what is in it.. but absolutely dislike broth. However, when my husband walks in the door smelling soup on the stove he is quite happy. 8)

  37. avatar says: Stacy M.

    Anything with onions.

  38. avatar says: Marsha

    My hubby LOVES thick bean and barley soup, cooked with beef marrow bones to eat on on toast,

  39. avatar says: Lexiquin

    I feel guilty serving my kids anything fried or too fatty (but it’s so rewarding when I see how much everyone enjoys it!)

  40. avatar says: Mindy

    tuna casserole . His mom used to make it! My husband is the only one who will eat it!

  41. I hate the smell, taste, and texure of fish. I know I’m a picky eater, and I’d hate to have my kids grow up to be picky eaters too. My husband loves fish so I make it and serve it to my family with (hiding the nauseous feeling) a smile on my face.

  42. avatar says: debra

    I bake spelt challos for my dh!


  44. avatar says: devorah

    kishka stuffed chicken (and very rarely)!

  45. avatar says: Bracha

    Anything with mushrooms…I despise them and I it ruins all my dishes but I just pick them out

  46. avatar says: millie

    I make a chile for my son that uses cutup cows stomach and a chocolate mole sauce in it. Sounds gross but the meat ends up looking and tasting like the beef from chinese food.

  47. avatar says: Chaviva


    First I would like to say “thank you for the many contests that you post on your website.”
    This is an interesting question and I’m glad that you also said that you love this too…macaroni and cheese from the box….that is the food that I prepare for my loved ones and myself rather than making it from scratch the way my mama used to make it.
    My family would rather eat it this way and I make it and do not fuss about it.

  48. avatar says: Michali

    eggs with ketchup for my three and a half year old!! i think its a gross combination but he loves it

  49. Egg salad. The smell makes me so nauseous, but my husband and daughter love it.

  50. Anything with raw celery-yuck and almost everything calling for cooked celery too. My basheret loves celery so I do cook with it and usually give it all to him. And mustard on cheese -double yuck -will serve this to my husband too. Why ruin good cheese?

  51. avatar says: Lindsay

    A cookie/brownie bar. Has absolutely no nutritional value but is absolutely delicious! Everything in moderation :)

  52. I cook peas for my children because they love them. I cannot stand peas, but the kids like them so much I always keep them in the house as a side dish. I can’t really complain – they love all vegetables, but what kids like peas???

  53. avatar says: dkny

    My beloved likes mayonnaise with anything and I absolutely do not even like to get it out of the jar where it might touch me (even though I believe it is really moisturizing!) I don’t mind it in tuna or egg salad but he would shmear it on bread and call it a meal. So I shmear it and make dips with it…

  54. avatar says: Debbypet

    My cooking is of omission for my beloved.He eschews onions,celery, and spinach.I have tried managed to secretly add some onions but that’s it.So I am thankful for that

  55. I hate to admit this – it doesnt even qualify as cooking but i make processed chicken nuggets ( the ones in the cool shapes) for my 6 year old son who woud eat no chicken at all without these.
    Ive tried the homemade ones but he wont even taste them!
    It goes against every fiber of my being – nutritionally, financially, and most definitely creatively!

  56. avatar says: Cora

    It’s funny that you’re talking about fish because I have about the opposite problem. I cook my family fish because they love it even though the sight & smell leaves me with no appetite.

  57. That would have to be hot dogs. My husband of 42 years loves hot dogs. They are definitely not my favorite, but several times a year I will make hot dogs with sauerkraut just because he love it and I love him.

  58. noodle kogle-there is something about the texture I could never wrap myself around.Help me!!!

  59. We always have dairy for lunch on Rosh Hashanah and I make baked ziti without ricotta cheese and the minimum amount of mozzerella cheese for the picky eaters of my family as well as hard boiled eggs with the yolks removed instead of egg salad

  60. Sugar cookies. They don’t do much for me, but a lot of the family likes them.

  61. avatar says: Nancy Ann

    I have a severe allergy to garlic and always need to make sure in restaurants and in friend’s homes if there is garlic in the food before I eat anything. I have found most restaurants and friends very accommodating and either make the meal without garlic or make me a separate special “Nancy no garlic” version. Needless to say, I don’t cook anything with garlic at home. Even the smell of it repulses me. However, since my husband and son absolutely love garlic, I will, on occasion, roast garlic or make a special meal for them with garlic as a treat for them.

  62. My husband adores spicy food and can be found sprinkling cayenne pepper on most things he eats! I try to make spicy versions of recipes for him.

  63. avatar says: Samantha

    Beets. I don’t like them but my family LOVES them. Apparently they go great with goat cheese so it’s not such a touch thing to cook.

  64. Cheesecake. Too rich for me and my hubby loves it so easy to make so why not?

  65. avatar says: Rachel BL

    I’m a health nut and a wiz in the kitchen. I pride myself on making food that supports both the body and the soul. But what does my husband want to eat? Ramen noodles. And so we do.

  66. avatar says: Hannah B

    I don’t eat beef very much, other than corned beef or an occasional brisket but I cook it for my husband because he needs the iron for his anemia caused by medication. We all make sacrifices for those we love.

  67. I make my wife PB&JP sandwich’s! peanut-butter and jelly and pickles!! She LOVES them! I always half cringe and half smile while making them for her. It’s the little things in life that make it worth living :)

  68. I make my husband a nice large bowl of steel cut oatmeal especially on a cold morning, not unusual for most people until you get to the toppings I must have on hand for him. He begins with margarine, salt and pepper and best of all gorgonzola or blue cheese. I try not to think about it or smell it, while I have mine with raisins and milk. I think he is showing his heritage or just thinking outside the box.

  69. avatar says: Meghan

    I make peanut butter cookies for my family even though I detest the stuff!

  70. maccaroni and cheese

  71. Broiled Salmon, or any salmon without a significant crust or sauce. Ewww

  72. avatar says: Kirsten

    Tunafish. I can’t abide the smell of any kind of seafood. It literally makes me nauseous. But my daughter loves the sandwiches..so there you go.

  73. avatar says: Lynn

    Pickled tongue. We all know organ meat is not healthy for you….and the smell permeates through my home and remains there for days and days….but…this is one thing that my family looks forward to. So…it’s once a year….get it out of our system….air out my home and be done!

  74. CHULENT! Daddy loved it with everything BUT the kitchen sink. I could never make myself eat it … sweet and sour, hot and spicy and all rolled into one big pot of UGHHHHH!!

  75. My kids love a specific granola bar recipe that I have. It contains more sugar than I prefer, but I make it for them on occassion anyway…because I love them!!!

  76. avatar says: Heidi

    Chopped liver! I hate it, but everyone else loves it!

  77. I cannot get this recipe, what am I doing wrong ?

  78. avatar says: Dena Lynn

    Believe it or not Gefilte Fish-but I make it cuz how can u have shabbat without it-So I always make a surprise appetizer on shabbat along with Gefilte fish for those who are traditional and need their Gefilte Fish Fix on shabbat -I do not enjoy making it and do not eat it

  79. avatar says: bedziner

    I have kids who love a boxed macaroni and cheese called Wacky Mac. I cringe at the thought, but to them it is a treat. So once in a while I will make it for them.

  80. Sausage and sour kraut. The smell of sour kraut it is absolutely disgusting :(

  81. avatar says: Felice

    Tuna noodle casserole. Ugh. The idea is appalling to me but it’s comfort food to Spouse. And it MUST have – eep – frozen peas in it to be authentic because that’s how his Mom made it.

  82. prefer fried fish then eat w/ ketchup, no smell

  83. avatar says: Marcia

    I make brisket and I am told it is absolutely delicious. It makes me very happy to hear all the wonderful comments from my family and friends because I have never tasted it. I do not eat meat.

  84. avatar says: chaya

    Ramen instant chicken noodle soup for my kids – it’s their favorite supper and so easy for me to “make” but it feels so wrong. When I make my own real homemade amazing chicken soup, they cry and say the want the other kind….

  85. mac and cheese with buttermilk and tomatoes

  86. avatar says: tamar

    noodles with melted motzarella cheese. I try to limit or add something healthy to it, or make a fancier mac n cheese, but this is my family’s all-time favorite. They prefer it melted in the microwave, and I hate washing the bowl when the cheese is baked in. At least they have simple taste!

  87. Minced fish sticks, Cant seem to get them from over cooking. Prefer the pattys myself

  88. avatar says: Toni G.

    I make chicken wings for my husband. Watching him eat them looks painful. He doesn’t let his lips touch the wings as he eats them. He adds more and more hot sauce and soon he is dripping sweat from his head to his wings. He loves it, and I love making them for him because he loves them.

  89. Plain chicken legs (no seasoning) baked in the oven on 400 Fahrenheit 2 whole hours and then under the broiler (4 inches) for 15 minutes on each side maybe longer till charred. To go along with that that rice that is a little al dente if you can imagine (no joke!)seasoned with garlic powder onion powder paprika and salt. All this for my brother (who just became a chosson).

    And for my father and co. (if there is company) frozen mixed vegetables with a little salt, duck sauce, garlic and onion powder all cooked for between 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much is in the wok. All cooked down till it looks like there is a third less vegetables then when it was started.

    And I really don’t eat these three dishes which could be a lovely meal to my family members (at least some of them) because i don’t like rocks, rubber and baby food.

  90. Tuna noodle casserole. yuck.

  91. I cook spaghetti even though I do not like it for my hubby

  92. mac and cheese with tuna from a can

  93. avatar says: RBishop

    Any baked goods… because I want to eat them before, during & after I make them… no will power. lol

  94. avatar says: chava

    dkny – my husband must be related to yours since he also has mayo on everything including hot dogs! He keeps asking for steak and kidney pie — his mom used to make it for him – just cringe

  95. avatar says: H. Linder

    Shaved steak and fried onion sandwiches…I find them disgusting, but my family loves them.

  96. avatar says: Chani

    Okay, this is something called “aimentzvibel” (WOW – my yiddish spelling stinks). Its translated to eggs and LOTS of onions. My husband grew up with eating this every shabbos. I remember the first time I tried it, my stomach literally burned from the amount of raw onion in it. But, he loves it and I love him, so every shabbos aimentzvibel it is :)

  97. Peaut butter and jelly sandwich. Ridiculously simple and takes no skill to make. However, the peanut butter is a pain to clean up and the calorie count is way too high for the person I make it for who is on a strict diet.

  98. This sounds interesting, I think I can convince my sister to put in on the menu

  99. I fixed boiled cabbage for hubby because he loves it. I hate cooking it because the whole house reeks afterwards.

  100. For my brothers: Fish and chips, greasy goodness!!!

  101. avatar says: Katharina

    I make my daughter turkey hot dogs against my better judgment because she she loves them but I’d rather serve other kinds of meats without so many preservatives. But at least they’re turkey. :-)

    I also make salmon for hubby and end up eating some myself although on my list of favorite foods, it would fall waaaaaaay down in the negative area. :-)
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  102. My kids love fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (dont ask) but since they love them i make it once every two or three months.

  103. Brisket for Rosh Hashanah. It’s not one of my favorites but I know that my husband loves it and I don’t make it very often.

  104. avatar says: Karen

    I make boxed macaroni and cheese for my kids sometimes, because they love it.

  105. I deep fry potato chips and chicken cutlets.

  106. avatar says: Stephen

    I make chicken brocolli alfredo for my family,and its amazing!~!!

  107. I make a huge sunday breakfast with everybodys favorites. It’s against my better judgement as some foods are fattening. But it’s a great sunday and a time to bond!


  109. avatar says: Sarah L

    My friend’s kids love mac & cheese and I can’t stand it. I make it as a side dish right from the box. I tried home made versions, but they just turned their noses up and said they wanted the regular kind.
    Thanks for the contest.

  110. avatar says: Helen

    Boxed stuffing mix. Tastes terrible but kids like it.

  111. avatar says: Haya Gray

    Latkes – I fry those for my husband’s birthday. I know that they are greasy and unhealthy but he loves them.

  112. avatar says: Heidi Y

    I cook Thai red curry for my boyfriend. The ingredients are relatively healthy, but we’re both trying to lose weight – with an entire can of full-fat coconut milk, it’s heavy on the calories ;)

  113. I make donuts for my family-I know they are unhealthy because they are loaded with oil and fried. They are also very time consuming and messy to make. However, when my kids hug me for making them…sadly all is forgotten and forgiven!

  114. Fire engine chilli with ongions and sharp chedder chease !

  115. avatar says: valancia

    well I guess I’d have to say liver and onions with gravy for my husband, I dont know how he eats that stuff


  116. Sweets ( cake and cookies ); the family could use a little less sugar!

  117. chocolate cake for my daughteer – although we do only have it for special occasions

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  118. I want to feed my children healthy breakfasts but I have to admit that on weekends I make them chocolate chip and peanut butter pancakes using chocolate chips to make smiley faces.

  119. i love to make chocolate covered apples with chocolate chip.my family love’s them

  120. avatar says: DanV

    I occasionally cook food with lots of butter even though it’s unhealthy

  121. avatar says: Jenn M.

    my hubby loves liver and onions…yuck
    (he doesn’t get it very often….lol)

  122. avatar says: Erica G

    Boxed Mac ‘n Cheese

  123. avatar says: Nick H.

    I cooked fried chicken for my gf. Not very healthy but she loves it.

  124. avatar says: ab

    hot dogs not the healthiest item for dinner but i son loves them.

  125. avatar says: Yehudis

    Cake– I know I’ll eat it too!

  126. avatar says: Connie V.

    Although I am now Jewish, I would love to win this and give Kosher meals a try! I’m in the process of learning to eat better, so this might just help me.

  127. This Contest is now over – the winner is Diane Baum – Congratulations, look in your inbox for claim information.


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