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Cuispro Apple Corer


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Our friends at KitchenClique.com are giving one lucky winner the chance to win this easy to use apple corer.  In order to qualify for a chance to win please tell us in the comments what’s you favorite thing to do with apples. Entrants must be US Residents over the age of 18. Contest closes October 12th 2011 at 9 am EST. Winner will be chosen by online randomizer from qualifying entries.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




105 Responses to Cuispro Apple Corer

  1. avatar says: Cheryl F.

    My favorite thing to do with apples is slice them up and eat them raw :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  2. avatar says: Jacob

    Eat an apple right off the tree

  3. avatar says: Aviva

    make applesauce-yum!

  4. avatar says: Kim

    We just ate apples dipped in honey tonight for dessert — practice for Rosh Hashanah! Delish!

  5. Apples are great for desserts–like pies, dumplings, scones, cookies, donuts. Apples are also great as a snack all to themselves–very healthy. Diced apples can also be used in salads and in chicken dishes. But my two favorite dishes that utilize apples are (1) diced apples mixed in with turkey stuffing, and (2) cinnamon and diced apples mixed in with vanilla ice cream :)

  6. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

  7. avatar says: SarahG

    Eaten raw or baked in a pie

  8. avatar says: Erica

    Cored, microwaved for a couple minutes, then topped with whatever I want for an instant baked apple.

  9. avatar says: Mary B

    Make Cinnamon Apples and Apple Butter

  10. Besides eating them? I love to make an apple-raisin kugel that is so good, I usually serve it as a dessert! It’s easy and a crowd favorite!

  11. avatar says: Timmsks

    I love apples! Apple cider, apple crumble, apple pie, apple crisp, apple juice, roasted apples, apple sauce, apples, apples, apples.

    There a really simple apple crisp that’s warm and gooey, perfect for cold days, that my mom makes.
    You core, peel, and slice a few apples, put them in a large mixing bowl with brown sugar, cinnamon and a dribble of milk or water. In another large bowl, mix up some quick oats, more brown sugar and cinnamon, and a tablespoon of warmed margarine. Lay the mixed apples on the bottom of a shallow glass baking dish, and pour the oat mixture on top. Let it bake for 10 minutes on 350.
    Scoop out and serve with vanilla ice cream.

  12. cutting them into slices, and topping with nut-butter

  13. avatar says: idy

    any apple pie… having this corer will help me make my pies a lot easier ..

  14. avatar says: Mrs. Cox

    What don’t I like to do with apples, is a simpler question ;) I love baking them. Making pies with them. Snacking on them with a lil’ PB or honey :) But one of my favorites is making apple cider “gravy” for pancakes, crepes, or waffles. It’s SO good :D

  15. I adore baked apples. I bake Cortland apples with cinnamon and cranberries. Apple cakes, apple crisps, apple challah-we love them all. Also we love to snack on various fresh native apples.

  16. avatar says: Rhoda

    I love making my grandmother’s famous apple cake. It may not be famous all over the world but in my family, a holiday meal is not a holiday meal without “Grandma’s Apple Cake”! :)

  17. My favorite thing to do with apples is to make a recipe of my mom’s called Apple Slices. It is basically just an apple pie in a cake pan, but drizzled with a glaze on top. It is really good and feeds a pretty decent sized group.

  18. avatar says: sue o

    Just eat them!!!

  19. avatar says: Mosabaghe

    We cut them in cubes and fry them, man do they come out good!

  20. Homemade apple pie is the best.

  21. I love caramel apples.

  22. We love to bake them for breakfast
    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  23. i love apple with jell o, and apple pie!

  24. apple butter is yummy!

  25. avatar says: amy

    my favorite thing to do with apples is to make a classic apple pie – served a la mode with ice cream & cinnamon sprinkled on top.

  26. avatar says: nicole

    I like to make apple pie.

  27. My Grandma taught me how to make an apple cobbler that was amazing.

  28. avatar says: Suzanne K

    Tough one! I love drying them for healthy snacks later, also make spiced canned apples for christmas gifts and love eating them sliced with peanut butter!

  29. avatar says: Candie L

    I love to dip them in caramel. Thank you

  30. My favorite thing to do with apples is to turn them into cameral apples

  31. avatar says: Esther

    Oh, there are so many things to do with an apple! But apple crisp is probably my favorite. Warmed and served a la mode.

  32. avatar says: Tracy P

    I love homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

  33. I love making healthful baked apples: core, stuff with oats, nuts & sometimes coconut. Drizzle maple flavored agave nectar & sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake & enjoy!

  34. avatar says: Jen Costa

    I like to slice apples and mix with cinnamon and have for a snack.

  35. I love to eat Granny Smith apples raw down to the core.
    The more tart they are the more I like them.

  36. avatar says: Tob

    I love to make a stuffed apple with craisins, walnuts, brown sugar, chocolate chips and a drizzle of honey on top!

  37. My grandparents had a huge apple tree when I was little. They used to can applesauce and bake pies like crazy. Now that they are gone my favorite thing to do is to take my grandmother’s recipe and make her famous apple pie in her pie dish. I usually spend lots of time remembering our special times in the kitchen together (and picking the apples off the tree too). It makes me smile every time!

  38. avatar says: Amomomys

    Eat them! My toddler loves apples! It was her first favorite food and going strong!

  39. avatar says: Chad

    My favorite thing to do with apples is to make homemade apple pie. :)

  40. avatar says: Christine

    Apple dumplings, yum! Thank you!

  41. avatar says: Bracha

    apple blueberry pie

  42. Too cool, make baking with apples a lot less work.

  43. avatar says: Char

    My favorite thing to do with Apples is eat them!

  44. avatar says: Chaviva

    Apples are best eaten with a little drizzle of honey!

  45. avatar says: Rochel S

    I love Candy apples!!

  46. Make apple crisp with them.

  47. My homemade apple pie/apple sauce of course

  48. avatar says: bedziner

    I love microwaving apples with nuts, honey and cranberries. I also love making Jamie’s cranberry apple kugel. It’s quick, easy and delicious.

  49. avatar says: tamar

    any kind of apple cobbler, although my kids like them plain!

  50. There is no better way to eat an apple accept fresh off the tree. Of course, swirling it in caramel and dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either!

  51. There is no better way to eat an apple except fresh off the tree. Of course, swirling it in caramel and dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either!

  52. baked apples with cinnamon and sugar

  53. avatar says: leah

    I like making apple kugel

  54. avatar says: Jodi

    Love to make homemade apple butter, yummy.

  55. avatar says: Jody W

    Apple crisp is our fav.

  56. I like them cut up into slices. Cut them into quarters, then halve them again. Serve them cold on a plate and it’s almost Heaven, (even though we don’t believe in such a place).

  57. avatar says: loni

    I love eating apples with peanut butter!

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  58. avatar says: momoftwo

    Sour cream apple crumb bars, apple pie, apple crisp… Any apple dessert makes me happy.


  60. avatar says: Melanie T

    I love to make mini apple pies for rosh hashanah for a sweet new year!

  61. eating em plain or with peanut butter!!!

  62. I love slicing apples for dipping in caramel or peanut butter.

  63. avatar says: joanne

    I love apple crisps

  64. avatar says: Nechama

    Eat them!

    Gosh…there are so many choices…

    pies, cakes, caramel covered…yep. i’m gonna go with the caramel!

  65. avatar says: cindy

    Besides eating them fresh and making them in a cranberry apple kugel, I love dipping APPLES IN HONEY – makes me feel like a kid again.

  66. I love eating them when they are cold and crisp. Apple pie and my mom’s apple cake are two other favorite ways to eat apples.

  67. avatar says: Jill

    Apples with caramel!

  68. avatar says: kim

    I love Cutting them up and putting peanut butter on them for my Sailor’s lunch. Simple and delicious!

  69. avatar says: SarahG

    Fresh homemade apple sauce!

  70. avatar says: Erica

    I know it is only October, but my favorite all time thing to do with apples is harosetz.

  71. I like my apples peeled and quartered and sprinkled with a little salt-cheddar cheese on the side makes this a perfect snack!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  72. I like Caramel apples. I also like making apple crisp on a cold day.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  73. I love making baked apples with brown sugar and oatmeal…..so good!

  74. Make apple pie, thanks

  75. avatar says: monte

    apples dipped in caramel YUMMY

  76. Chopped up in a chicken salad. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to a salad. :D


  77. avatar says: Erin

    My grandmother used to make the most amazing apple pie – simple and delicious! I’m still trying to perfect it!

  78. My favorite thing to do with apples is to make applesauce.

  79. i love making apple crisp :)

  80. avatar says: pandora79

    I love to make apple crisp or just eat an apple plain. I also like to make hot cinnamon apples.

  81. i love to throw apples in the juicer, this would be easier than cutting them up!

  82. I love dipping them in caramel!

  83. I like to make apple crisp. YUM!!!!

  84. apple crisp

  85. sliced apples with Nutella is a favorite in our house

  86. i like apples in old fashioned strudels, worth every bit of trouble to get them there and this nifty gadget would certainly make it easier

  87. I Love to either make them into a nummy cobbler or drench them in caramel and nuts!!!

  88. I love to make apple pie with the family!

  89. My favorite way to eat apples is dipped in caramel and nuts from the state fair!

  90. avatar says: Jill Lear

    Jill L
    Love them sliced up with peanut butter

  91. WE love to make fresh apple pies
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  92. My favorite thing to do with apples is to bake pies.

  93. I love a good apple crisp or crumble.

  94. avatar says: donnak4

    I like raw apples.

  95. avatar says: donnak4

    My favorite thing to do with apples is to eat them raw.

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