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Finally – Kosher Blue Cheese!


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The Cheese Guy has been in the gourmet food business for close to 20 years, and has always had a passion for fine cheeses. Having grown up in the Midwest, he also has an appreciation for the small family-owned dairy farms. Fortunately he has been able to combine the two passions.

His company “The Cheese Guy” is dedicated to the production and distribution of high end, artisanal, kosher, and natural cheeses, primarily from small U.S. creameries.

He is always looking for cheeses that are not readily available in the kosher marketplace. One of those cheeses is blue cheese – widely used as a topping on salads and on gourmet cheese platters. He worked on the blue cheese project for almost two years. Teaming up with 3rd generation Wisconsin Cheese makers, they came up with the taste profile they were looking for, and produced a handcrafted “60 Days Aged” kosher blue. It is sold in a chunk form, as well as a crumbled, under “The Cheese Guy.com” brand.

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4 Responses to Finally – Kosher Blue Cheese!

  1. a/ I couldn’t find the blue cheese on his website.

    b/ Most of us understand why kosher beef costs so much but could someone explain why even mass produced kosher cheese is 3-5x the cost of the same non-kosher cheese?

    • avatar says: Dovid

      The reason for Chalav Yisrael cheese being expensive is that 1.) There are not that many cultures avail for the cheese and those that are avail on the industrial level need to be kept at -50C. Expenseive freezer and dry ice. Second you need to have a moshgiach at all times as well as adding the starter culture as well as the enzyme (rennet) into the milk. (Some hold they just need to be present and don’t have to do the work)

    • avatar says: Dovid

      IF you are wanting to harvest your own blue cheese mold, then visithttp://koshercurds.com/mehadrin-blue-cheese-at-home/ and read how.

  2. avatar says: liz

    I’ve tried several cheeses from this brand and loved them all! We only eat kosher cheese, and I’m sick of the standard brands that taste like margarine. When we travel to NYC, we bring a cooler to stock up. They’re hard to find west of the Washington Bridge. Thank you Cheese Guy!

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