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Two Summer Salad Recipes


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Do I have a perfect summer salad recipe for you!

Actually, there are two – so take your pick!

With all the salads I’ve created in my career, somehow I never did a wedge salad. Creamy Wedge Salad with Homemade Croutons is posh, fab and so simple, it’s a crime not to try it. The cool thing here is that it’s literally just a wedge; no crazy salad chopping for hours to create this wow dish. That gives you time for the croutons and dressing. I really love homemade croutons, and making these at home saves you a little “bread” (as in cash). Instead of going with a bottled dressing, try this fresh-baked garlic dressing. Yes, I said baked. Believe me, your mouth will water while the garlic is in the oven.

Summer Corn Salad

And just because I Iove corn, here’s my take on Summer Corn Salad. I never get tired of corn, year round, but summer seems the best time for this sunny veggie. Here I go again — adding G-d’s gift of avocado to a dish, but this time it’s got a new flavor profile once you toss in chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) and cilantro.

These salads are perf on their own for a light lunch or a great accompaniment to your backyard barbecue.

What’s your favorite salad ingredient? Let me know in the comments below!

Here are some other simple summer salads:

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10 Responses to Two Summer Salad Recipes

  1. avatar says: SarahEats

    i like to add sliced green and black olives to everything, even to salads. and pizza. and pasta – you get the picture!

  2. got it! I love olives too!!! especially kalamata but they are a total splurge — we buy them sometimes for Shabbos

  3. Just one favorite? I love alfalfa sprouts and black olives.

  4. lol. for me there is never just ONE favorite food :-)

  5. you pictured a quarter of lettuce- how do you check the lettuce?

    • Ok so according to the “OU Guide To Checking” aka my insect Bible: 1. Detach the loose leaves (“wrapper leaves”) and discard 2. Split the head in half (allowing the leaves to be peeled away more easily) 3. Peel the four outermost leaves (from each half “not including the “wrapper” leaves) off the head 4. Carefully check both sides of these eight leaves. 5. if only one or two insects are found on these eight leaves these leaves as well as the remaining leaves on the head may be used without further checking, provided the remaining leaves of the head are very tightly packed together. SO there you have your wedge. Although the Guide says you should wash the remaining leaves (wedge) before use. 5. However if you find 3 or more insects on the first eight leaves, the remaining leaves must be washed and checked prior to use. Which means you have to serve this salad as a toss and not a wedge. Good Luck!

  6. Have been eating/making this salad or a slight variation for at least 40 years…what is the chiddush?

  7. I like to add kalamata olives to most green salads, or, for a change, pickled yellow squash.

  8. This salad looks awesome, it is new to me and I can’t wait to try it.

  9. the first time i ever had this was at a wedding at a fancy hotel, it was with italian dressing instead of creamy garlic, but i thought it was incredibly cool nonetheless. glad to see it’s making a comeback because i haven’t seen it since.

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