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When I was growing up, we didn’t make a big deal about Father’s Day. We would have a cake or dinner out, but we generally adhered to Dad’s annual admonition, “please don’t spend my money to get me a gift.” In fact, he was always of the mind to get my mom and sister and me to stop spending money.

This year, I was thinking of buying him a Father’s Day gift I saw in a Jewish catalogue: It’s a money clip that says “GELT.” I know he would like it more if it said “Don’t Spend This Gelt.” Then I thought the wiser and decided he wouldn’t want me to spend my gelt on shtus (nonsense) like that. So I turned the page.

So I’m sticking with the under-$25 picture of my kiddies on a mug gift. (He really does appreciate that. I should know. I give him one every year.) And I’m making a special BBQ in his honor. Uh-hum, correction: Hubby is making the special BBQ because he grills the best steaks, burgers and dogs this side of El Paso. Daddy loves a great piece of meat, just like Hubby. Come to think of it, Hubby also doesn’t love when I spend so much gelt. There’s a pattern here, folks. Anyway, I will supplement the menu with some manly salads and sides for Hubby and Dad and some not-so-manly ones for my sister and me. I know Dad will love it.

I can’t say Dad is ever too surprised when I do something well, because he expects great things from me! The fact is that he gave me the confidence to believe in myself, and the gumption to do anything and everything I ever wanted. For that — and for teaching me how to ride a bike and how to drive a car (“Look where you’re going! Look where you’re going!”) I want to say thank you.

I looked where I was going, Dad — and now, see where I am. I Love You!

So here’s my question of the day for all of you out there (Answer below and you can win a prize): When you look back on your life, for what can you thank your father?

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