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Win Vegan Desserts by Hannah Kaminsky Cookbook


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We have one copy of this cookbook to giveaway. In order to have a chance to win it, please tell us in the comments below what your all time favorite kosher dessert is. Only one entry per person, ONE winner will be picked at random from qualifying comments. Contest is open to US residents only. Contest closes Wednesday July 13th 2011 at 9am. Good Luck!!


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About Hadassah Sabo Milner


HaDassah Sabo Milner is a Welsh Jew who lives in Monsey NY. She is a writer and a blogger and a lifelong foodie. She's married with four sons who provide her with much fodder for her writing projects. HaDassah is also a social media rockstar who can update multiple platforms simultaneously whilst cooking Shabbat dinner for 70. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter Twittr , and read her blog In The Pink .




75 Responses to Win Vegan Desserts by Hannah Kaminsky Cookbook

  1. avatar says: Deidra

    My all-time favorite kosher dessert is probably warm fudgy brownies with homemade ice cream…. or depending on my mood peach cobbler….. or coconut cream pie…. or…. ok this might take me a while :-) maybe my fave dessert is hiding in this book!

  2. A simple one: coconut macaroons! Because, dipped in chocolate, they make me soo happy!

  3. avatar says: SarahG

    Rich chocolate ice cream – doesn’t get any better!

  4. avatar says: Kelaine

    Coconut macaroons, hands down.

  5. avatar says: Mary L.

    Apple pie is always a winner in my family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. avatar says: Sarah

    My favorite kosher dessert is chocolate cheesecake.

  7. avatar says: Melissa

    Mine is dark chocolate brownies!

  8. chocolate cookies (I like Jamie’s recipe best)

  9. My all-time favorite kosher dessert is Cabbage Strudel. I know it sounds strange but my Hungarian grandmother made the best strudels, and my favorite was the cabbage one. Apple was good too come to think of it!

  10. My favorite is my own custom homemade granola bars on their own or topped with Soy Delicious frozen dessert

  11. My all time favorite is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  12. avatar says: I.M.

    black cherry sorbet

  13. avatar says: leah

    home made ice cream with a coconut crunch!

  14. My favorite is strawberry pie made with native berries.

  15. avatar says: Navit S.

    All time favorite dessert is homemade coffee ice cream with apple crumble.

  16. avatar says: malka

    my favorite recipe is chocolate cheese cake with chocolate crust.

  17. avatar says: Heather

    I can only pick one? Um, then I choose chocolate cake.

  18. avatar says: ilana

    chocolate mousse! Easy to make and always a winner w/ company!

  19. avatar says: Rivkah T

    Very difficult decision. But chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorites.

  20. avatar says: Nina

    I love a good crumble- nectarine ginger is my all time fave

  21. avatar says: Das L

    anything with chocolate is my fav!

  22. avatar says: Debby

    Chocolate Mousse

  23. avatar says: Roni

    My all time favorite kosher dessert is homemade chocolate babka. I start with an egg-free sweet challah dough and fill it with a cocoa mixture. It’s a favorite in my house!

  24. avatar says: Esther

    Strawberry shortcake trife by far. WIth lots of whop cream!

  25. avatar says: Blima

    To be perfectly honest my favorite dessert is fresh fruit salad.
    I do like ginger bread and oatmeal cookies but not too sweet

  26. avatar says: Yocheved

    warm runny chip with ice cream! the hot/cold contrast is AMAZING!

  27. avatar says: wgoldbe4

    My all time favorite dessert? Banana muffins filled with mini chocolate chips and fresh blueberries. When I feel I need a little more pazazz, I top it with a nice dallop of whipped topping and a little shaved chocolate or colored sprinkles. Yum!

  28. avatar says: Shoshana

    beggars purse

  29. Two of my Shavuos or anytime dessert favorites:
    1. Double layer Pumpkin Pie- ingredients include- cream cheese-whipped topping -vanilla instant pudding-canned pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, sugar & milk- in a graham crust
    No baking- after layering in pan- refrigerate 2 hours-delicious- from Kraft General foods.

    2. The Original Tofu Cheesecake from the Soydairy Delights of Tofu cookbook.

  30. avatar says: sar

    yes this is very hard..if i had to choose just one..probably rich fudgy chocolate chocolate chip brownies with even more add ons like whipped cream, cookie dough oreos you get my point.. with a scoop of yummmmy ice cream and more toppings yum!

  31. rich cheeses cake with a thick graham crust and slices of a rich choclate carmel bars(like milk munch) baked into it smeared with a carmel topping and a nice coffe heaven i have a grat recipe if you would like it

  32. avatar says: onit z

    The best dessert? Anything with peanut butter! Lately it’s chocolate sorbet topped with salted natural peanut butter…YUM!!!

  33. avatar says: Hindy

    My favorite dessert is bourbon chocolate pecan pie

  34. avatar says: chane

    My cherry cheescake!

  35. avatar says: Jen

    Chocolate souffle, with ice cream on the side

  36. avatar says: cindy ziv

    My favorite kosher dessert is PAREVE cheesecake. When it is done right, it is better than the real thing. Our Rebbetzin makes one for every Sheva Brachos she makes.

  37. avatar says: tasty

    Ice cream pie is my fave! It’s great after any meal, and I always have room for it!

  38. I love toll house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. avatar says: Deborah

    My favorite is anything with chocolate

  40. cheesecake would eat it every day if i could!!!!!!!!

  41. avatar says: Elizabeth

    tiramisu with a twist (add raspberries and drizzled chocolate sauce to the mascarpone/whipped cream filling) and use either pound cake, sponge cake or lady fingers dipped in rum or brandy. rich and so easy

  42. avatar says: Chaviva

    Chocolate covered cherries are amazing.

  43. avatar says: Chaviva

    Nothing beats hot chocolate

  44. My all time favorite kosher desert is fruit. There is no question that any animal was hurt or abused to produce it.

  45. My favorite kosher dessert is warm flour less chocolate cake with ice cream.

  46. avatar says: Bruchie

    My favorite dessert is CHEESECAKE !

  47. avatar says: sa

    my favorite kosher dessert is a
    traditional jewish apple cake

  48. avatar says: Nechama

    My sister-in-laws cheesecake brownies. Yummmm…

  49. I love mondle bread.

  50. avatar says: Rochel

    My all time favorite kosher dessert is my mother’s cinnamon and nut-filled strudel. She only made it once a year — for Rosh Hashana — and when there was a bris.

  51. avatar says: Chaviva

    Blueberry Blinzes with a scope of ice cream taste like heaven to me

  52. I make a Pesadik, parve chocolate mousse that’s wonderful but my fave (and greatly missed) kosher dessert is Grandma’s parve cookies.

  53. avatar says: efraser

    My baba’s apple cake. Moist, dense and pareve, it was the best part of fall.

  54. avatar says: yafah

    chocolate cream pie

  55. I would have to go with some vegan cheesecake! :)

  56. avatar says: Deborah

    anything chocolate

  57. avatar says: Myra


    I adore blintzes, especially when they are filled with fruit.

  58. I really like Chocolate Rugelach.

  59. avatar says: ashley

    Ive never had a full on kosher dessert! I hope I win so I can start to make them!!!! they look SO yummy!

  60. avatar says: kitty w

    The apple pie I made recently was good :) All my food is vegan


  61. Sweet Potato Pie

  62. avatar says: Erma

    Mine is my brother’s brownies.

  63. avatar says: Daniel M

    no clue, which is why i wanna get this book!

  64. avatar says: tallcapp

    My all time favorite kosher dessert is raisin kugel.

  65. kugel and yummy mondle bread

  66. Turtle Brownies!

  67. I’ve never knowingly eaten a kosher dessert, so I don’t know! :P I am ALWAYS happy to expand my horizons though.

  68. Norwegian Kichel-Chocolate is my favorite.

  69. avatar says: Sand

    I love Baklava!

  70. shortbread cookies

  71. avatar says: Jamie

    cheese blintzes!