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I confess that up to this point in life I have been making lo mein with thin linguine noodles. Well, no more! I now have Gefen Lo-Mein Noodles and another cool new Gefen product, Japanese style noodles. Getting just the right taste and authentic texture in lo mein just became a whole lot easier. Why use Italian pasta for an Asian dish?

It doesn’t get simpler than this, folks. The Gefen noodles come frozen and there’s no need to defrost. Just throw them into a pot of boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes. They cook up quicker than most traditional pasta, so watch the pot carefully. This is no time to go pay your bills, wash your hair, or get into that long overdue conversation with your significant other. More than a couple minutes in boiling water and these will become mushy; you want perfect al dente noodles. (Whoops, pardon my Italian!)

There are so many great ideas I developed for the Gefen lo mein and Japanese style noodles – aside from the authentic and expected quick & kosher Veg Lo Mein. If chicken is your pleasure, choose from Chilled Chicken Noodle Salad or Pesto Pasta with Chicken. If there’s a beef lover in your family, try the Teriyaki Beef Noodles. If you love salmon, you must try my Spicy Salmon over Sesame Noodles.

And if you’ve got a good case of spring fever and want to go veggie, my Spring Pasta Primavera or Sesame Scallion Lo-Mein Pancakes bring all the goodness of spring vegetables right into your kitchen! This is the season to go Asian!

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