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10 Essentials for my Passover Kitchen. Win our Contest!


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There’s nothing that annoys me more than not having the right tools for the task at hand. There are enough stresses and headaches cooking for Passover that I make sure my kitchen is equipped with everything I need. Here is a list of the tools I must have in my kitchen. To some they may be superfluous but for me each item is very important. The one thing I haven’t listed here that is probably the most important thing to have in your kitchen is a good set of knives. Without good, well-sharpened knives it’s hard to do anything.

1. Potato Ricer
If you haven’t used or seen one, a potato ricer is like a giant garlic press – you just place cooked (boiled or baked) potatoes into the ‘bowl’ of the potato ricer and press the handle down, squeezing the potato through the small holes that line the bottom of the press. Out comes smooth, lump-free potato. It’s perfect for mashed potatoes, making filling for potato blintzes or topping Shepherd’s Pie or Chicken Pot Pie – two of my favourite meals for Chol Hamoed.

2. Microplane/Rasp
I love my rasp. Use it for zesting citrus, finely grating ginger and ‘crushing’ garlic.

3. Small (8-inch) Non-Stick Frying Pan
I have one 8-inch non-stick frying pan that I use for blintz wrappers (bletlach) and nothing else. Non-stick is important because it releases the wrappers every time. The size is important because it makes the perfect round for a blintz.

4. 10-12 Quart heavy Dutch Oven/ Pot
Important for braising briskets, cooking meatballs and in a pinch it can be used for chicken (or other) soup.

5. Box-Grater
I know that some people use a food processor for shredding vegetables, but unless I’m making 20 dozen or more latkes at once, I’d rather use a box-grater. For latkes (which I’ll often make for Pesach), kugels, soups and salads, use a box greater for shredding vegetables. If you don’t have my #2 favourite item (microplane), in a pinch you can also use the side with tiny holes for zesting citrus and finely shredding ginger.

6. Food-Processor
A perfect kitchen has sets of bowls and blades for pareve, dairy and meat. Then use the processor for chopped liver, blintz fillings, crusts, chopping nuts, making mayonnaise, grinding fish for gefilte fish and so much more.

7. Ice-Cream Scoops
I have a few ice-cream scoops that I pull out each year. The large scoops get used for portioning blintz filling and dough for Passover rolls. The smaller scoops get used to portion meatballs, macaroons and almond cookies. They’re perfect for ensuring every little meatball is the same size.

8. Stand Mixer
For me, it’s not Passover unless I’ve made several batches of meringue cookies. For whipping egg whites, making icings and mousse or cake and cookie batters, the stand mixer is a workhorse in my kitchen.

9. Immersion (stick) Blender
This is one of my favourite tools. It’s great for pureeing soup right in the pot it’s been cooked in (quick and easy vegetable soups are great at Pesach) and it can be used for sauces or liquefying fruits for drinks.

10. Digital Scale
I use my scale for everything in my Passover kitchen. For baking, weighing out vegetables or meat — weight measurements are more accurate than volume. It’s also easy and quick to use a scale.

CONTEST!! Sur La Table is giving away a 14 inch Stainless Steel Skillet to one lucky reader of JoyOfKosher.com. Pam is also giving that same lucky reader a copy of her Passover a Kosher Collection Cookbook. In order to qualify please leave a comment telling us what your favorite kitchen tool is and why. [Contest open to US Residents only. Winner will be picked at random on Wednesday April 13 2011 at 9am.]

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About Pam Reiss


Pam co-owns Desserts Plus, a kosher catering company and food store in Winnipeg, Canada. She is the author of Soup a Kosher Collection and Passover a Kosher Collection. The second edition of Soup has just been released with new recipes and color photos. Find out more about Pam and her books at www.pamelareiss.com




166 Responses to 10 Essentials for my Passover Kitchen. Win our Contest!

  1. avatar says: Jenny

    my cutco knife is definitely my favorite. it makes cutting veggies so easy and is used multiple times each day.

  2. My favorite kitchen tool is my mini food processor. It’s great for grating a single onion or any vegetable in small quantities. My other fave is the blender. Smoothies!!

  3. avatar says: Susan

    I have 2 old wire utensils that were my grandmother’s–estimated age of utensils 75 years. One is long and flat and I have seen similar utensils cosidered a spatula. It is great for mixing the broken matzoh and eggs for a matzoh brie. The other is long with a small conical end. I thought it was some kind of whisk but have since discovered it is an egg separator. That has become my most favorite Passover utensil, and a link to my past.

  4. avatar says: G6

    My favorite year-round utensil is my Kuhn Rikon peeler.
    Simple, yet so necessary. I keep a bunch on hand because they tend to “hide” and/or get thrown out with the potato peels ;)

    My favorite PESACH utensil is my vintage red pyrex bowl, which was handed down to me from my mother. It is chock full of nostalgic memories of my mother melting chocolate in it for “chocolate matzah”, I tradition that I continue to this day.

    Thanks for running this contest !

  5. avatar says: Foxyvee

    My hand held rubber scraper, it works to get every last drop of anything out of a bowl or mixer!

    My family always complains that I never leave anything for them to taste!


  6. avatar says: strandjss

    My favorite indispensible kitchen tool is my food processor. I had a major injury to my right hand several years ago and gripping a knife is one of the hardest things for me to do. My food processor makes chopping and grating so much easier.

  7. my potato peeler

  8. My food processor! Couldn’t live without it!

  9. avatar says: Carol

    My potato peeler and my garlic press are tied!

  10. avatar says: Annulla

    My favorite kitchen tool is my cake breaker. It is a special item designed for slicing sponge cake and angel food cake with crushing or crumbling. It belonged to my mom and whenever I take it out and use it, I’m reminded of the days spent in my mother’s steamy, fragrant kitchen .

  11. My favorite kitchen tool is a good pair of chicken scissors – need it to cut through all those tough meats and chickens.

  12. avatar says: deana c

    My favorite kitchen tool is my chef knife I use this all the time! calvad at aol dot com

  13. avatar says: vrtish55

    One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is my Mandolin Slicer, I am not very good using a knife to slice, so I’m happy that my slicer does a good job. vickers_73460 at yahoo dot com Have a Blessed Day!

  14. avatar says: George C.

    So many tools to love (knives, pressure cooker, Le Creuset pots) but the one I use everyday are my plastic cutting boards. I have different colors for vegetables/fruits and meats. The best thing is- dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning. Thanks

  15. One of my favorite and most useful tools is my peeler. My son likes apples and cucumbers without skin, so that peeler is used daily!

  16. avatar says: Patricia

    My chef’s knife is my favorite kitchen tool because it easily chops and dices veggies.

  17. avatar says: Diana

    I love my immersion blender. I can make smoothies and creamy soups. I also love to use it to blend tofu into a paste that I use instead of cheese in lasagna and baked ziti as well as tofu quiche. It’s great for everything.

  18. avatar says: Alexandra

    It is a tie between my digital scale and my chef’s knife. I’m a stickler for accurate measurements when baking, so the scale is invaluable. And, nothing cuts like my Mac knife!

  19. avatar says: Carri

    My favorite kitchen tool is my Kitchenaid mix master given to my husband and me as a wedding present from my grandmother. It not only reminds me of all of the years spent making challah and chocolate cake with her, but allows me to make make these recipes with my 3 year old son.

  20. avatar says: Sara

    My favorite Pesach kitchen item is my mixer. I couldn’t make any of my famous (at least in my family) frozen lemon mousse cake without it.

  21. avatar says: Chana

    My favorite is the magic bullet. It purees anything and everything in 10 -15 sec! Awesome for smoothies, homemade baby food and omelette’s. I recommend it to all my friends :)

  22. avatar says: Hindy

    Definitely my Cuisinart. That food chopper saves me so much time…it’s a total workhorse!

  23. avatar says: Joel K.

    My favorite tool is my 5 quart non-stick chef’s pan. It is extremely versatile and I have used it to do everything from stir frying and sauteing, to making delicious sauces, coucous, quinoa, rice and even chili. I own two of them, one for milk and one for meat and I would not do without them.

  24. avatar says: Laura

    My stand mixer–it frees me to do more than one kitchen task at a time (like whip eggs while also stirring a bowl of melted chocolate.

  25. My favorite kitchen tool is my cast iron skillet. Makes great corn bread and frittatas, and cleans up like a charm!

  26. avatar says: Sheryl

    I love my large covered casserole dish for baking tsimmes. I also like my wooden bowl and hand chopping knife for chopping apples for charoset – the food processor just doesn’t produce the same result.

  27. avatar says: Leslie

    I love my silpat sheet pan liners! Not so sure you’d consider it a “tool” in the kitchen, but I can’t live without it! It makes every pan NON STICK! I love my Silpat! Really I love EVERY silicone pan I have in addition to the pan liners. (I have silicone muffin cups just for Pesach. I have the liners for when I make “rolls” or macaroons.)

  28. my very favorite kitchen tool is one of my sons in the kitchen with a sharp knife as another cleans up the mess while i read recipes & enter contests!!

  29. avatar says: Anna

    My pressure cooker would have to be my all time favorite in the kitchen. I can cook beans, vegetables and meats in less than half the time it would normally take. It’s great!!!

  30. I agree that a heavy duty stand mixer is a must have in the Pesach kitchen. Make meringues, macaroons, base for chocolate or apricot roll, filling for lemon squares and on and on!

  31. avatar says: devora

    My favourite kitchen tool is my hands… I wouldn;t get very far without them on Peaach or not on Pesach :)

    p.s. Pam, I LOVE your soups cookbook. I just had the cauliflower and sheese soup for dinner and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good

  32. avatar says: Susan

    Tongs. I use them for kashering.

  33. avatar says: Leah

    I love my Progressive Fruit & Vegetable Chopper. It makes chopping onions and other things SO easy and fun. It contains the vapors from the onion so I don’t cry. Easiest Israeli salad on the planet!

  34. avatar says: Malkie

    My food processor is definitely a favorite. I use it for grating, slicing and mixing. Another great kitchen gadget is the progressive onion chopper. In addition to chopping onions, I use it to make Israeli salad. I chop cukes, tomatoes and peppers in a nice even dice. I’ve used it for guacamole too.

  35. I love my immersion blender. Makes cooking soup so much easier when you don’t have to empty the boiling hot contents of the pot into a blender/processor, and then transfer it back!

  36. avatar says: Samantha

    My favorite cooking tool is our slow cooker. We make everything in it. We love the way it keeps the food warm and how dinner is ready when we come home from work! Ah…the joy of multitasking!

  37. avatar says: Sam

    My handy egg slicer – nothing like it to make quick work of eggs for the Shabbos day Seuda!

  38. avatar says: skossman

    I like my wine bottle opener. Much easier to use than my old corkscrew.

  39. avatar says: Devorah

    My knives. I couldn’t get trough Pesach without them.

  40. avatar says: Janice

    My passover food processor is a must. It’s better than the one that I use during the year.

  41. avatar says: chanie

    Avery good set of knives. I couldn’t do without them.

  42. the color-coded pairing knives by Williams and Sonoma!

  43. avatar says: Elizabeth

    I have so many “favorties” that it’s hard to pick just one. But for Pesah, hands down it’s my Cuisinart food processor. I used to have a cheapie food processor and after several years of making harosets (I usually make between 6-10 varieties from recipes from around the world) I burned out the motor. My Pesah food processor has to be a real workhorse and this Cuisinart is terrific for the pounds of nuts that have to be ground.

  44. avatar says: sa

    My stand mixer is a big help with preparing thick batters and so much more.

  45. avatar says: Sharon

    Love my vidalia onion chopper – chops vegetables in small or medium dice quickly. It’s great for when there is a LOT of chopping to do for Yom Tov and Shabbos!!

  46. My favorite kitchen tool is my breadmaker. It saves me hours in the kitchen every week and it makes delicious bread.

  47. For Pesach it would have to be my mini processor. I love it for all the raw vegetable prep work that I need for kugels, stuffing and charoset. I like it better than hauling out the big one for this kind of work. BTW love the new web site

  48. avatar says: norma

    My favorite tool is my Victorinex 3″ paring knife. Pessach is all about cutting up vegetables and potatoes forever! This knife gets me through the task of cutting these up in no time whatsoever. I believe it’s made in Switzerland and is part of the Forschner Knife Collection.

  49. avatar says: Luetta

    My favorite kitchen tool is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I cook alot! I love to cook many different ethnic foods, & many different types of dishes. From Thai Soup, to Cheesecake. I have a professional model with all the attachments. I have used it to make sausage; from grinding the meat, to mixing it up with spices, & finishing with stuffing the casings. I have used it to can fresh apples sauce & pie filling. If I have to evacuate my house, the Kitchen Aid goes with me! ;-P

  50. avatar says: Miriam G

    My favorite kitchen tool is my whisk – what is not to love about freshly whipped cream? mmmmmmm.

  51. avatar says: Meg

    I can’t function without my mini food processor. I make my own dressings, mayo, pesto – plus anything that needs chopping. That and a good timer. I’d forget to take everything out of the oven without it!

  52. My mango splitter. I don’t have to excise the pit anymore! Now we have mangoes much more often.

  53. avatar says: Sharon

    The kitchen tool that has made the biggest difference for me is my knife sharpener. It is very compact and fits in my utensil drawer so it is very easy to keep my knives sharp.

  54. My favorite passover tool is my hand chopper and bowel. I use it to chop apples and walnuts for charoset. Now that my daughter is ols enough, she likes to make the charoset and uses the chopper herself.

  55. avatar says: Maria

    mine would be a tie between the food processor and the mandoline… Makes all that chopping and slicing a breeze!

  56. avatar says: Chaviva

    Hi Jamie,

    My favorite kitchen tool is a Microwave. They make re-heating foods quick and easy.


  57. my food processor…. special memories because for the past 7 years a good friend of mine who doesn’t have a pesach processor comes over and we make our haroset & horseradish together. in fact we just set our date for next week. thanks!

  58. My favorite tool is my pineapple corer . I always love fresh pineapple, but hated cutting it. With a few twists I can lift the pineapple out of the shell and have perfect rings as well. They can then be cut and the “shell” can be used to serve the pineapple.

  59. avatar says: Frances

    My favorite kitchen tool is my peeler. There’s nothing like a good sturdy peeler that gets you through all those veggies.

  60. blender – to make sauces and smoothies
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  61. avatar says: Lynn

    Even though I mostly use it on Shabbos my favorite kitchen tool is my crockpot. I love the smell of the chulent simmering, especially in the winter!

  62. avatar says: REBECCA


  63. avatar says: onit z

    I LOVE and use my COOKIE SHEET(s) for everything! Homemade fries, peanut butter cookies, roasted chicken and garlic sweet potatoes. You just can’t make em’ right using a deep pan

  64. avatar says: Elana

    Hands down, my favorite is my Stand Mixer! It saves me so much time, plus whatever I make in there is usually something that “requires” me to lick the batter! I always look forward to using it. (And I love that it’s pink)

  65. avatar says: Leah

    My Zyliss peeler! We peel all our Pessach fruits and vegetables, and it can be hard on the wrist. The Zyliss makes it easy and smooth. No other peelers I’ve tried compare. I just bought a bunch of them because they’re always in demand — no one wants to use a different brand!

  66. avatar says: sharona

    my flower shaped cupcake pans!

  67. avatar says: dalesusan

    my favorite kitchen tool are my color coded cutting boards for dairy, meat and pareve preparation.

  68. avatar says: Shulammis

    Two of my favorite Pesach kitchen tools are my special “soft-peel” peeler–since our Minhag is not to eat any fruits or vegetables we can’t peel, this has added peaches, plums and tomatoes to my menus! I also love my mini-spatulas from Pampered Chef–they make serving any plattered food so elegant and easy.

  69. avatar says: simush

    Its definitely a tie between my microplane zester(I can’t cook without yummy citrus) and my immersion blender (I love making all kinds of soups to serve hot or cold).

  70. My favorite tool is an egg slicer. It is fun to use but also brings back lots of great memories from when I was little, I love helping get ready for our big family seders and I remember the fun we had at the kids table slicing our hard boiled eggs during the seder

  71. My favorite kitchen tool is my vegetable brush. I can take any of my organgic vegetables or fruits, give them a good wash and brush and eat, no peeling required most of the time! I feel healthy and germ free!

  72. avatar says: Shoshana

    My mixer, hands down! Especially for all those egg whites!

  73. avatar says: Nancy

    for passover specifically my 2 small woks! i have one for meat and one for dairy. they barely leave my stove. they are the best to cook, steam, whisk in and make anything fast without having to pull out other pots and pans for this non stop cooking week.

  74. I like my food processer.

  75. avatar says: Rebecca

    There are so many good options – but I’m going to say my mini chopper. If I’m cooking somewhere else it’s what I most often miss.

  76. avatar says: Andrea

    For Pesach I cannot live without my food processor. I have many of my mother in law’s recipes for which it comes in handy. Without the processor making her mandlebrot would be near impossible.

  77. avatar says: Marla

    My favorite thing in the kitchen is my daughter, I am so excited that she will be home for Pesach and will also be able to help me

  78. My slow cooker(s). It cleans up easily and frees up oven and stovetop space. Love it!

  79. avatar says: Linda

    My favorites are my stand mixer and my zester. The mixer lets me work on other preparations while it does the work. The zester of course isn’t just for lemons. I love it for chocolate and other goodies.

  80. my favorite pesach kitchen item is my mouli grater. whether grating chocolate or pistachios, any kind of nut!

  81. avatar says: Leslie

    One of my favorite Passover tools is my mini cuisinart. Without it I would not be able to grind my nuts to make various desserts. The other are my loaf pans that make wonderful Passover mandelbread without having to shape the dough into loaves!!

  82. avatar says: Nancy H

    For speeding up recipes that require boiling water, from soup to boiling water for potatoes, I absolutely love my electric instant water pot….in less than 2 minutes you have 2- 7 cups of boiling water…gotta love it, gotta have it, can’t live without it!

  83. avatar says: bev s

    I can’t live without my bosch mixer! From challah dough to cakes and cookies, it’s the best! And for meringues, it is so fast. It stays on my counter all year. I have a sunbeam mixer for pesach, and it gets quite a workout with cakes and lots of meringues.

  84. I have 2 favorite kitchen tools that I use every Passover. I cherish my Bubbie’s 12 quart aluminum soup pot. It is used with love each Peasch for chicken soup. For mixing bowls, I use a yellow Nelson-McCoy bowl which also belonged to my grandmother. Without them, knaidel might not come out as light as feathers!

  85. I love my kitchen scale! I use it for so many things, I wonder how I managed without one for so many years. Thanks for hosting the contest!


  86. avatar says: Annette D

    My favorite kitchen tools are my silicone spatulas. I use them every single time I cook. I love that they are heat resistant and I don’t have to worry about them melting. I honestly don’t think that I could cook without them!

  87. avatar says: Pam Reiss

    So many great tools! Maybe this list should have been top 25 . . ;) But I think the tools handed down from parents and grandparents are just fantastic. Cooking and baking for holidays always reminds me of holiday meals spent with my family and it must mean a lot to have items in your kitchen that connect you with family and the past.

  88. avatar says: Vera S

    Sadly my favourite kitchen tool is my can opener. Cooking is still a work in progress for me. :)

  89. My favorite Passover tools are not the most modern ones but the ones I have from my grandmothers. Like my antique wooden spoons and pots. When I use them I feel like they are cooking with me in the kitchen. Oh and there old giant soup pots. And how can I forget the white enameled one handled egg pot.

  90. avatar says: Shoshana

    My favorite kitchen tool for Pesach is my Pesach Kitchen! Its so great to just open it up and an entire Pesach-dic kitchen is all set up and I’m ready to roll!

  91. i love my swiss peeler, it makes everything much easier to peel, from sweet potatoes to apples and everything in-between!

  92. avatar says: Abby

    My favorite kitchen tools during Pesach, and year round, are my knives. I think it is so important to have good, sharp knives. My friends always joke when they come to my house and help in the kitchen, that they better be careful with Abby’s knives.

  93. avatar says: malka

    a very sharp knife does the job!

  94. avatar says: Jessica

    I love my immersion blender because I am a huge fan of soups and it makes them so creamy!

  95. avatar says: Chayasora

    My very favorite kitchen tools are my knives. I keep them sharp and ready-to-go and they never fail me. I can even prepare food when the electricity has gone out!

  96. avatar says: Beth

    My great-grandmother’s wooden rolling pin. It’s the best rolling pin out there AND I feel great using it.

  97. avatar says: Rivkah T

    So many, but my favorite right now (completely obsessed) is my 5.5 qt enameled cast iron dutch oven by Le Crueset. I really wish I could buy one for Pesach, but I just splurged on a new food processor since I managed to break my old one. I’ve learned my lesson and only buy quality!

  98. avatar says: Mia J

    My favorite kitchen tool is my food processor.

  99. my fav kitchen tool…original ginsu knives and their still sharper than my cutco knives

  100. avatar says: Kelly Rae

    Assorted wine and cordial glasses to accommodate make-ahead desserts such as chili chocolate mousse,
    Passover Chocolate Torte with Raspberry Sauce and Passover Apricot Cake with Mixed Berry Compote Trifles.

    Oh, and my Italian ‘volcano’ espresso maker as I drink heaps of coffee while I cook!

  101. avatar says: ethel

    i love your new website im gluten free so i enjoy that section alot!

  102. My sharp Henckel’s knives. They are better than a food processor.


  104. avatar says: dddiva

    The slicer/shredder attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I use it several times a week for so much more than I ever dreamed possible.

  105. My favorite tool is my melon scoop (which was stolen in my culinary class). It facilitated such beautiful fruit displays. I equally love my kitchen aid mixer. I am now a baking fool!!!

  106. avatar says: Chana

    Definitely a good mixer! It’s essential for batters with egg whites (I’ve tried to do it by hand- it takes forever!) and for really thick batters.

  107. avatar says: Caron

    Because Pesach cooking is so intense, it is important to me to have good tools so that I can be efficient. It is difficult to name one tool over another. I have a 20 quart soup pot that allows me to make large batches of soup, apple sauce, roasts, stuffed cabbage, etc. But my best is a notebook that tells me what I need to buy, what my menus were, how many of each recipe to make. What time everyone gets home from shul. I fill it out the year before so when I need to shop the next year my list is done.

  108. avatar says: rachel

    My favorite kitchen tool is my tiny grinder. It is great for chopping up fresh spices and little things I want to add to a dish.

  109. avatar says: carol

    my mini food processor is my favorite kitchen tool for the holidays because it is easy to clean and change for different foods

  110. avatar says: Jendeis

    My favorite kitchen tool is disposable foil casserole & cake pans. I use them for all my yantef cooking!

  111. avatar says: Tracy P

    My favorite kitchen tool is my Cuisinart Food Processor.
    It gets used several times a week. Everything from salsa to graham cracker cheesecake crusts!

  112. avatar says: David S

    my handheld blender

  113. One of my favorite kitchen tools for passover is my citrus juicer. I use the fresh juices in sponge cakes, for lemon, lime and orange ices I keep in the freezer for the children as well as various other dishes.

  114. Love my peeler and potato masher, very low teck never breaks and helps make most pessach dishes

  115. avatar says: daniele

    My favourite “toy” in the kitchen is my food processor. It makes food prep before a chag a breeze….hope to win…

  116. my favorite kitchen tool is my stand mixer. i especially love the shredder attachment – makes potato latkes so much easier to make!

  117. avatar says: chaya

    kitchen shears
    once i got one, i could not live without it.
    i use it to remove fat from chicken cutlets and to cube or cut into strips
    i use it when i clean chickens to cut off excess fat and skin
    i use it for onion ends, to dice them
    i use it to cut lettuce
    i use it to slice hard crusty kugels
    plus, plus, the list is endless
    try one, you won’t know how to manage without it anymore.

    and after all, it’s the cheapest kitchen tool

  118. avatar says: Susan C

    My favorite kitchen tool is my blender. I use it daily to make fruit smoothies for breakfast.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  119. The essential tool for me is that box grater Pam mentioned. It’s so inexpensive that I have one for parve, meat, dairy and ones I use for Pesach only!
    I have one that’s over 40 years that my mom gave me as part of my kitchen set-up for a wedding shower present.

  120. avatar says: susan

    my two favorite things are: one my husband who tastes everything and comments, and also wipes the dishes, and
    my set of measuring spoons that say a pinch, a dash and a smidgen.

  121. avatar says: sbersson

    I’ve been using my micoplane a lot lately. I love adding things like ginger, and different citrus zests to my foods.

  122. avatar says: chris

    I love my kitchenaid mixer, because it’s so helpful in baking

  123. avatar says: Audrey F

    My favorite tool would be my set of MAC knifes. They never let me down.

  124. avatar says: Timbo

    Heh, although it’s a small little tool, my garlic mincer is by far the best thing I use in the kitchen :D

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    allrightyes at gmail dot com

  125. avatar says: Julie

    My favorite cooking item is my le cruset dutch oven… cooking a brisket in it right now! I’d love to win this contest and have a great new supply of Passover kitchen tools!

  126. avatar says: charlotte

    My avocado slicer and My immersion blender! we use it for soups to smoothies!!

  127. avatar says: rex

    One of the under rated is a hand mixer, some call an egg beater–I found it great for gravies, sauces, creamed like soups when I can’t use my electric appliances or want to send the extra money for a once a year use of a blender, electric mixer, ect.

  128. avatar says: Binyomin

    My favorite kitchen tool is definitely my hand blender! Mixing cookies and cakes by hand was very tiring, but having an electric hand blender makes my life so much easier!

  129. avatar says: Shirley

    I really have two favorite tools – my trusty slow cooker and an ancient spatula that is just the right size for everything.

  130. avatar says: margalit

    My favorite tool is my Kitchenaid stand mixer. I use it constantly and it has been tested on a daily basis for more than 10 years in my kitchen.

  131. In addition to some of the great tools you mentioned above, I must say that one of my newer tools is my absolute favorite! Before this tool came into my life, Passover was quite a challenge because our custom is not to eat any fruit or vegetable that cannot be peeled. Enter the Zyliss Soft Fruit Peeler and that problem is solved! I can peel tomatoes without blanching them. I can easily peel kiwis or peaches or plums, etc. without bruising them.

  132. avatar says: tgenger

    test comment

  133. avatar says: chavlene

    My KitchenAid mixer with all its attachments – I would be lost without it

  134. avatar says: AlanB

    I would be nowhere without my knives. If the electricity died, I’d still be able to chop and slice and julienne and mince. My favorite knife (at the moment) is my Jaccard Ceramic 8″ Chef’s knife. It is so incredibly sharp and guaranteed for 10 years to hold it’s edge. The only reason I’m still looking around, is I am much more adept with a 10″ chef’s knife.

    However, my new toy, a Vitamix 5200, may soon become my favorite. Still love my knives though!!

  135. avatar says: anna t.

    The one item in my kitchen I could not live without is my slowpot cooker. Next would be my microwave.

  136. avatar says: Liz

    Hands down–my immersion blender. I can’t believe I used to purée soup in batches in a food processor!

  137. avatar says: Gitti

    Oven mitts :) ! Seriously like the oven mitts with rubber for traction; helps me open bottles, jars… I have some really nice Calphalon ones.

  138. avatar says: Rebecca

    My favorite kitchen tool is my mandoline. It’s so easy and fast to use. I slice red onions really thin for my lentil salad, and cucumbers for yogurt raita. I put out thinly sliced apples, carrots and jicama for my son to eat at dinner, he’s not a big fan of fruits and vegetables but something about the thin uniform slices makes it more fun.

  139. My favorite Passover-only tool is my old-fashioned, hand-cranked apple peeler and corer. When you make charosets for a mob, it’s the best time saver around. It sticks to the counter with suction cups, you put an apple on the spindle, turn the handle and watch the peeling blade strip off the peel in a long, thin spiral. The kids are grown now, but when they were little peeling the apples for charosets was a spectator sport!

  140. avatar says: JudyZ

    My favorite tool is my garlic press. I just don’t like chopping garlic.

  141. avatar says: Mel W

    I love my mini food processor because it helps me make mock kishka for passover! yumm!

  142. Nothing like a good set of knives for me…

  143. avatar says: MIRIAM


  144. My favorite kitchen tool is the food processor! I use it for everything!

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  145. avatar says: Jammie

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my kitchen aid mixer. I use it for pretty much everything!

  146. I like the spatula best; it lets nothing go to waste!

  147. This is a truly difficult question to answer thoughtfully! As it happens at this moment, what we really NEED are some new pots and frying/saute pans AND a new French Press Coffeemaker…

    But two of my Kitchen items that I use the most often and truly treasure are my Food Processor and my GARLIC PRESS!!!!!

  148. I love my knives! They allow me to create beautiful masterpieces for my family.

  149. avatar says: Erin

    I really like my crockpot

  150. avatar says: Sand

    My pizza stone which I use to bake pizza – of course! Bake breads, cookies, re-heat foods, etc…

  151. avatar says: Debby

    I love my hand blender. It’s small and very convenient for blending soups

  152. My favorite kitchen tool is an electric griddle….because I cook for 6 or more………you can’t beat it….cook burgers, steaks,pancakes, etc…

  153. My stand mixer is my favorite took. It makes it easy to create delicious desserts for my family.

  154. avatar says: nancy

    My favorite kitchen tool is my Salad Shooter. I love it for grating and slicing vegetables.

    nblexp ( at ) gmail (dot) com

  155. avatar says: Pamela S

    It’s a toss up between my slap chopper that can quickly dice and chop do many things for me without dragging out a food processor, or my pizza stone which I LOVE.


  156. I would have to say it is my knives. They help me more now that I am learning to cook a wider range of recipes.

  157. avatar says: Debra F

    I love my kitchen stand mixer…use it all the time.

  158. i love my crock pot it is the best invention ever and great for making meals that you dont have to stand watch at the stove :)

  159. avatar says: R Hicks

    My favorite is the food processor. Cant live without it!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  160. avatar says: Chrysa

    My favorite tool is my chef’s knife because I use it constantly!

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