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Special Wines for Special Occasions


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We’ve been talking with Jay Buchsbaum, a wine educator from Royal Wine Corporation, who has taught us a great deal about serving wine with our meal. Today we discuss the Pink, White and Red wines by W.

Q: Pink by W – I love it.
A: Thanks, GET IN LINE …me too

Q: What makes it so special?
A: It’s meant to be fun and accessible and not a wine to ponder so it includes a variety of grape blends that give it an off dry lower acidity that’s just plain fun to drink. The line is, “we’ve done all the heavy technical work, you do the fun part and enjoy.”

Q: When would you serve this?
A: Serve well chilled and with just about anything, but because of its “accessible nature and taste” it’s even a great quaffing wine all by itself.

Q: What is “quaffing”?
A: To drink with hearty enjoyment.

Q: What does it pair well with?
A: See above, but it’s not meant for a complex or very rich dish… bbq’s, pool parties, finger foods, desserts …fun, easy eating for easy drinking.

Q: Is it the best hostess gift out there?
A: That’s a matter of opinion and ONLY YOURS (I.E. THE PERSON GIVING IT) COUNTS…………

Q: Is it a girly wine? After all it is pink!
A: Not at all! It’s a very fun everyday wine for all people who simply want to chill – girl, boy and in between.

Q: What made you decide to put it in this fab bag, it’s like a gift all wrapped and ready to go?
A: Great idea huh? Just seemed so excellent.

Q: Red by W – how does it differ from other reds on the market?
A: It too is off dry and accessible, just like the pink. In fact all three have the same ‘raison d’être’ .

Q: What does each wine in this line retail for?
A: About ten bucks or less …again in an effort to make them accessible to all comers.

Q: If you can only buy one as a gift which one do you recommend?
A: I like the White by W best. Also if your host is nervous about staining her carpet furniture etc this white won’t…

Do you have any Kosher Wine questions for Jay, our wine expert? He would love to answer them. Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below. L’Chaim!

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3 Responses to Special Wines for Special Occasions

  1. Do you know of any alcohol-FREE kosher wines. Because my medications are not compatible with regular alcoholic drinks, e.g., wines, bourbon, scotch, etc., I cannot drink regular wine. There are alcohol-free wines, but they do not bear an “O-U” or any other mark indicating kashruth. I am so tired of grape juice at occasions where wine is used. HELP!!!! Jody Chaitovitz PS I had to drink grape juice at my own wedding! Kedem makes some great juice, but it’s just not the same! J.

  2. avatar says: Jamie

    Hi Jody, I don’t know any off hand but have put out some emails and feelers. I like the sparkling juices – sometimes they are a little more special – but I hear you that it’s not the same. If it makes you feel any better I don’t believe I drank at my wedding either. I will let you know if I find any info for you.

  3. avatar says: Jamie

    So Jay, our resident wine expert suggests trying the sparkling merlot, chardonnay and rose. Apparently you are not missing much when it comes to alcohol free wines — they aren’t that great if your looking for a real wine experience. :-(

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