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Kosher Sushi Guide


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I can eat the following fish or sea foods 以下の食品は食べられます

Bonito (Katsuo)カツオ

Carp (Koi) こい

Cod (Tara) たら鱈

Flounder (Karei) カレイ

Haddock (Tara) たら鱈

Halibut (Hirame) 平目

Mackerel Pike (Sanma) さんま

Mullet (Bora)ボラ

Red Snapper (Tai) 鯛

Salmon (fresh, salted) (Sake, Namazake, Shiozake) 鮭、生鮭、塩鮭

Salmon Eggs (Ikura) イクラ

Sardines (Iwashi) いわし鰯

Sea Bass (Suzuki) すずき鱸

Sole (Shitabirame)舌平目

Trout, Lake (Masu) ます鱒

Trout, Rainbow (Nijimasu) にじ鱒

Trout, River (Ayu)あゆ鮎

Tuna (Maguro, Toro) マグロ、トロ

Yellowtail (Hamachi, Buri) ハマチ、ブリ、イナダ

Whitefish (Shiromi-no sakana) 白身の魚

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