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In the JoyofKosher Kitchen with Chef Marcy Goldman


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We are very excited to invite Marcy Goldman into the JoyofKosher kitchen.  Marcy is a cookbook author, pastry chef, food journalist and writer.  Since 1997, Marcy has been the editor, host and master baker behind BetterBaking.com.  Marcy’s first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, recently was published as a 10th Anniversary Edition by Whitecap Books.  She has also written The New Best of Better Baking.com, A Passion for Baking with Oxmoor House and The Baker’s Four Seasons with Harper Collins is due out this fall 2011.  Montreal-based, Goldman is also a frequent guest on Martha Stewart Sirius, and appears in the Washington Post, Food and Wine and is an official baking Tweeter for the New York Times.

1      What is unique and different about A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking and this 10th Anniversary Edition?

What’s different about this book? Everything! I added 35 of my very best, quintessential cooking recipes for the Jewish holidays – from Cola Brisket to deli-style knishes and my famous Paradise Charoses.  It’s the basics, but done to showcase flavor.  This makes the new edition a complete book – you have all the baking AND the main and side dishes.   Makes it a wonderful gift book especially if you already have a copy of my first Jewish baking book – this would be the one to give your kids or friends or a new bride.   This edition also has a ton of photos – all taken here in my test kitchen by a wonderful food photographer.  So now you can actually SEE what my recipes look like, such as my Apple Challah, Hamantashen, Dairy Cheesecake, legendary Majestic and Moist Honey Cake.

2      What is Jewish baking?

That is a short question with an old-testament long answer. It is really where culture (not one, but a fusion), kashruth (our dietary laws), our holidays (including events spiritually shared in symbolic and tasteful foods and special dishes), meet up with Jewish creativity in the kitchen.

It is our history and culture by the slice.  And moreover, it is a rich beautiful legacy we share with the world – wherever Jewish baking occurs – in homes or bakeries.

What is Jewish baking? It is the story of us, at the table. It is a glass of too-sweet red wine with dry matzoh and a prayer. It is fresh challah, newly lit Sabbath candles and sponge cake.

3      What is your favorite Jewish holiday to cook for and why?

Rosh Hashanah!  After the restrictions of Passover baking and the heat of summer – finally autumn rolls around. We want to bake – use up those fresh orchard apples and new honey and celebrate.  It’s a lush holiday – very sweet in harvest terms and its sentiment of sweetness in a new year.

After that?  It’s Purim – you make everyone happy with hamantashen – people keel and kvell – bakers love that response!  And then Shabbat – Sponge Cake, Mun Cookies and Challah are special and welcome – and you feel tradition hum along each Friday night.

4      With Passover fast approaching, how do you get your baking groove on?

I rather like the clean up – and knowing I can be inventive with only a few elements (matzoh, sugar, eggs).  I like the change from regular baking – and then all it takes is one trial batch of my Caramel Matzoh Buttercrunch and I have my Passover baking groove.

5      Describe your best cooking moment as a chef?

When my kids love my food or ask me to make one of their favorites or when a friend who is equally a great baker compliments something I know they also do – and just as well – or when they tell me they make my recipes . My best moments as a chef are sometimes indistinguishable from my best moments as a nurturer.  Other than that, it is the sense of artistry and accomplishment I still get from making wonderful things – and the energy and confidence that comes with the professional training.

6      Tell us about your worst kitchen disaster?

2 cups of salt in an icing recipe when I was 10 years old.  As a professional chef, the disaster occurred making 30 cheesecakes in a mixer that could only do ten cakes.  Then there was the time I broke the mixer of a rival chef I shared a kitchen with… requiring him to whip 40 quarts of whipped cream by hand!

7      What are your favorite ingredients?

Sweet: Butter, cinnamon, vanilla, flour, plums, apples, apricots and butter (did  I already say butter?)
Savory: Butter, yeast, flour, spring water, kosher salt, lemons and garlic

8      What is your earliest memory of cooking?

Baking for my grandmother who was blind but loved everything I made (or ruined). Then baking and cooking for my family as a teenager and wait… all those Betty Crocker easy bake sets – that really started me off.

9    When you are not wearing an apron and standing behind the stove, what do you like to eat?

Anything anyone else makes and serves me!  After that – a great pepper steak, amazing soups or salads, and incredibly good breads, with imported cheeses, and scalding hot coffee and cream. And giant oatmeal cookies.

10    Any tips to lighten things up during the holidays or your best baking tip?

Do things step by step. Prep the day before or bake at night. You might be tired but it’s quieter and you can focus. Make a plan and never shop for ingredients the same day you are also baking and cooking. Make a menu and do what you can ahead and serve less – less is more and you want to enjoy the holidays yourself.

11     What will be on your Seder menu this year?

Tea Infused Eggs, Beet Apple Horseradish (recipe will be in Food and Wine in April), Chicken Breasts with my special Matzoh Stuffing, Chicken Soup and for dessert – Passover Mandelbrot, Caramel Matzo Crunch, Mock Chestnut Torte and Passover Compote (I do either an oven baked cherry or dried fruits in a sweet ‘broth’ of tea, ginger ale, lemon and orange slices).

Thank you to Marcy for sharing with us a few recipes so that our Passover seder’s will be as sweet as yours.

CONTEST: For a chance to win a copy of Marcy Goldman’s 10th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, leave a comment here telling us your favorite Passover dessert (that you make or eat).

Contest closes midnight March 27, open to US and Canada residents only, winner will be picked at random.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




55 Responses to In the JoyofKosher Kitchen with Chef Marcy Goldman

  1. avatar says: Joe K

    My favorite Passover dessert is chocolate-covered orange rinds.

  2. My favorite Passover dessert to make is Rocky Road brownies. My kids will even eat the leftovers (if there are any!) after Passover ends.

  3. Fruit compotes are the best, sweetened with honey, of course.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’m not Jewish but like a wide variety of cookbooks. Never had a Passover dessert.

  5. avatar says: Chava

    chocolate mousse or strawberry shortcake leveraging the osem pound cakes and klp whipped cream

  6. avatar says: G6

    Our family’s favorite Passover dessert is far and away Strawberry Fluff.
    It is so much awaited that we’ve even built a whole family ritual around it!
    Thanks for running the contest!


  8. avatar says: Mrs.Katz

    I live in Hawaii. For Pesach we pick fresh coconuts and add them grated to our haroset. Along with dried pineapple and local honey.

  9. avatar says: AlanB

    We keep a very strict Passover, in that we don’t eat gebruchts nor anything we can’t peel. We don’t use any processed foods, only what we make at home. My wife makes the most incredible lemon ices, that rivals any real Italian lemon ice (I’m a BT so I know). So simple, so refreshing, so delicious

  10. I love homemade fruit sorbets – so simple and fresh tasting.

  11. favorite dessert of everyone in my family is of chocolate covered matzah candy that i make every year…

  12. avatar says: karyn

    mock oatmeal cookies and my grandmothers walnut torte

  13. my favorite is a pesach crumb cake and brownies the best you have ever had

  14. avatar says: Devora

    My favorite Passover dessert is home made cappuccino ice cream

  15. avatar says: Patricia

    I am not Jewish but I am interested in the cookbook.

  16. avatar says: Noreen

    I found a recipe a few years ago for Passover Lemon Cheesecake. I love anything lemon flavored!

  17. What I know of kosher cooking I learned from a lady who, with her husband ran our neighborhood market. She kept a kosher kitchen and he would sneaak out to McDonalds for English McMuffin with sausage. Mostly my knowledge of kosher food comes from the family bakery/deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn where my Aunt and Uncle lived during the 50′s Such great food. Aunt Mill would more often or not buy deli for our dinner than cook and were were Methodist. Nothing quite like a big fat ruben and fresh potato salad. Would love to have a copy of this book.

  18. avatar says: Toby K

    I make a 6 layer nut torte with a hazlenut buttercream filling and choclate top

  19. Favourite dessert is Chocolates — any kind! especially dark chocolate Matzah with Caramel drizzled over it. But I also love just the simple Kosher marshmallow out of the bag.

  20. My friend Michele doesn’t cook at all — she’s the queen of the microwave. Except at Pesach, when she makes the lightest, sweetest, most divine macaroons with chocolate chips … :)

  21. avatar says: Rivkah T

    Every year on Passover I make a flourless chocolate hazelnut torte, recipe from epicurous.com. I’m almost afraid to try any other flourless torte recipe, as this one is so, so awesome. I find people sneaking more delicious chocolate-y bits in the kitchen ;) .

  22. avatar says: Francine

    I’m a traditionalist – my favourites are komish and meringue kisses.

  23. avatar says: Elana

    I have a very easy, refreshing three layer sorbet and ice cream.

  24. avatar says: Sharla

    No matter how many fancy Passover desserts I may make, the best very is good old sponge cake, especially with lemon sauce.

  25. avatar says: Bella

    I love making Tishpishti; a Pesach version of baklava.

    • avatar says: Leeba

      Me too! My Nana always made this and year round we would beg her for it but she would tell us it was special – for pesach. The rest of the year she would make baklawa (how we pronounced it) with filo pastry. We also use cardamon. Do you or do you use cinnamon only?


  27. avatar says: Deborah R

    I like to keep Passover deserts simple and usually opt for fresh fruits or fruit compotes.

  28. avatar says: Desmond

    Macaroons right out of the box are fine by me

  29. I like to keep it simple. Homemade Haroset is more than tasty enough.

  30. avatar says: MK

    I make a flourless, butter-free chocolate torte.

  31. (oops, not sure if I was supposed to comment here or above via facebook so here it is again…)
    i like the box mixes of chocolate brownies. i think the box mixes are surprisingly good for passover, which is not my favorite holiday!

  32. My favorite Passover desserts are meringue kisses with chocolate chips and sponge cake. My children though love my Passover blueberry muffins and the linzer torte by Tina Wasserman in Entree to Judaism. I would love to win Marcy Goldman’s new cookbook since her chometz country French bread recipe is my family’s favorite!

  33. avatar says: dena

    Truffle Tart with Macaroon Crust. I made it for the first time last year, and I will be making it again this year: http://ohyoucook.blogspot.com/2010/03/what-to-do-with-all-those-leftover.html

  34. Lady fingers and macaroons in my house they are only eaten on Pessach.

  35. I really like macaroons, especially the chocolate version. To me, a Pesach seder meal is not complete unless I eat at least one macaroon for dessert!

  36. I really like macaroons, especially the chocolate version. To me, a Pesach seder meal in not complete unless I’ve eaten at least one macaroon for dessert!

  37. avatar says: judi

    My passover cake. I serve it as a cake, as a frozen desert with whipped cream or as ice cream cake with fresh berries. I have had it on mu Seder menu for 33+ years!

  38. avatar says: Michele

    I love what we call Jewish crack…matzoh with brown sugar and butter topping…baked in the oven..then covered in chocolate..so addicting.

  39. Marcy’s Passover Macaroon Brownies are out of this world. I have photocopied the Passover section of her book so I have a clean copy for Pesach.

  40. avatar says: AidelK

    Orbit cake–found on a recipe insert in a bar of Scharfenberger chocolate. It’s a very dense flourless torte.

  41. My favorite passover dessert is cheesecake with farfel crumble crust! Yumm!

  42. avatar says: Miriam

    chocolate chip mandel brodyt. Yes, I know they “should” be just plain almond but what’s not to love about chocolate? YUM!

  43. I haven’t had many, but my favorite was the Caramel Matzoh Crunch

  44. avatar says: Melissa

    Apple crisp is my favorite Passover dessert! Good luck everyone!
    Thanks a bunch! :o )
    casadelreed at embarQmail dot com

  45. apple and peach crisp.is our all time favorite desert

  46. Favorite Passover dessert is Baked Pineapple Meringue. Beautiful, pareve, easy to make and goes with everything. You can find it in Jewish Woman Magazine: http://www.jwi.org/Page.aspx?pid=2751

  47. My favorite Passover dessert is (hands down) my banana sponge cake with mini chocolate chips. It is moist and yummy and I usually end up baking two of them!

  48. My mom has never really made passover deserts at all, but she does pick up some coconut macaroons with the passover matzo most of the time and I always love those! This book would be a gift for my mom if I was able to win.

  49. avatar says: Sand

    Chocolate Mousse!

  50. avatar says: admin

    The contest is now over, thank you to all for participating, there were some great answers and inspiring dessert ideas. I hope many of you will post your recipe on JoyofKosher.com so that we can all try them this Pesach.

    The winner is Miriam!!

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