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Step-by-Step Easy Kosher Chicken Pastrami Rolls


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At Hubby’s request, when company comes I make kosher chicken pastrami rolls. You might think of it as a patchka (total fuss) because you have to roll each one individually – but otherwise, it’s super easy. On a recent Shabbos, we hosted a family that’s special to us – our shadchan (the person who had introduced Hubby and me to each other) with half a dozen of her kids. In their honor, I rolled 16 of these fab chicken pinwheels. Hubby thoughtfully took step-by-step pictures, just for you.

This is not a formal recipe, but I think you’ll be able follow these instructions easily enough:

1. First, preheat your oven to 375˚.

2. In a shallow bowl, pour bottled Italian dressing – (Wish Bone is just perfect) over thin-sliced chicken cutlets.

You can always butterfly regular cutlets on your own, but remember it takes a little more time. When I am really busy, I thank G-d and the butcher for thin sliced. If you are serving a lot of other dishes, one roll/cutlet per person should be just fine, but if this is your only main, count on at least two rolls per person.

3. Fill a second shallow bowl with your favorite breadcrumbs. I like Pereg Classic because it’s so well seasoned. Just love when all the hard work is done for me. I especially like the sesame seeds mixed in – it’s a great added touch.

You’ll also need one thin slice of pastrami per chicken roll.

4. Take one cutlet, coated in dressing and lay it in the breadcrumbs, gently pressing it into the crumbs so they adhere to the cutlet on one side.

Lay one slice of pastrami lengthwise onto the cutlet (you may have to fold or double it over if it’s too long. You want the slice of pastrami to be slightly shorter than the length of the cutlet.) Don’t worry, I have pictures for you.

5. Roll up the cutlet and pastrami like you would a jellyroll.

6. Place seam side down on a lightly greased baking pan – large enough to hold all the rolls without touching. If you overcrowd your pan, the rolls won’t develop a crispy crumb coating when they bake.

7. Once all the rolls are good to go, I sometimes drizzle a little of the remaining Italian dressing over top. Finish off by spraying the rolls with cooking spray. I like Gefen Canola Oil Cooking Spray.

8. Bake at 375˚ for about 20 minutes. Delish! And beautiful too.

Here is the recipe written out – Chicken Pastrami Rolls.

Enjoy this Shabbos!

What’s your favorite easy shabbos recipe? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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18 Responses to Step-by-Step Easy Kosher Chicken Pastrami Rolls

  1. avatar says: galiah

    I like this recipe idea.
    My kids often request Deli Roll (or Pastrami Knish– same thing) for shabbos or yom tov, and this recipe is less fattening (no puff pastry), and not as costly.

  2. Thanx Galiah! Be sure to let us know how the kids like it.

  3. avatar says: Lisa

    I roll the chicken cutlets with the pastrami first, then dip in beaten eggs with garlic powder, then I gingerly roll it in the crumbs, that way crumbs only coat the outside surface,and fry in heated oil . Will try baking since it would be more time efficient as well as healthier and less fattening. (When I first started making this I secured the rolls with heavy duty toothpiks, but as I became more proficient I found that if you treat the rolls gingerly, the piks are not necessary.

  4. Great tip, I also used to pierce each roll with a toothpick but found that when you “treat the rolls gingerly” as you said and gently place them seam side down in a baking dish they retain their shape perfectly. When it comes to white meat especially, if you can avoid piercing it with a tooth pick etc… all the better. BTW – LOVE the garlic powder in the egg idea!

  5. avatar says: Rozy

    LOVE this recipe and make it all the time now! Thank you :)

  6. avatar says: Jamie

    Thank you! Keep the comments coming :-)

  7. avatar says: Rachelli

    Do these freeze well?

    • I would not freeze white meat cutlets — they dry out too easily you could make these with “pargiot” boneless skinless dark meat cutlets and they would hold up better in the freezer. But in general I am not a huge frozen chicken fan.

  8. avatar says: Stacey

    Try dipping in Duck sauce(I use Schezuan), it’s less salty than the dressing and gives it a great taste. Sometimes I even spread a mixture of mustard and a little duck sauce before laying down the pastrami.

    • grrrreat idea – hadn’t thought of it, even a mixture of duck sauce and low sodium soy sauce and then you could roll with sliced colorful bell peppers for a Chinese themed version. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. avatar says: verede

    I made these last shabbos. My version is spreading a honey mustard mixture on the chicken then rolling. I spread the same mixture on the outside and press on “fried ” onion pcs. I underbake a little so that the chicken won’t dry when reheating

  10. avatar says: Simon

    Looks so yummy. I am planning on using dark meat cutlets and turkey-salami. Wish me luck!!

  11. I have to say this is one of my favorite recipes! I use Walden Farms Zesty Italian since it’s fat & sugar free and it works great! I use whole wheat breadcrumbs or Whole Wheat Panko or a mixture of both. A great alternative to fried schnitzel!

    • Having just fried schnitzel for an army this past Shabbos I totally know what you mean — SO SO SO happy you like it and you made it your own and healthier –I would love to try the WW breadcrumbs or Panko — thanks for sharing!

  12. avatar says: debbie

    I’m looking forward to trying these but I’m wondering if they can be prepped beforehand,
    with fresh meat, then frozen raw, and then baked
    straight from the freezer? Then I could keep a
    batch of them ready to go any time I need.

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