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Try a Cherimoya this Rosh Hashanah


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With an Armadillo-like exterior and velvety interior, the Cherimoya has been described as “deliciousness itself” by Mark Twain  - now that’s seriously sweet! A Cherimoya looks like an artichoke and tastes like a blend of pineapple, mango and papaya.

Why a Chermoya?

One tradition on Rosh Hashanah is to eat something “new,” something you haven’t eaten all year. For many of us, that means searching through the exotic fruit department to bring home a horned melon, dragon fruit, or some other rarity. But it’s not just the thrill of a new taste or texture. The object is to say the blessing Shehechiyanu, taking the time to thank G-d for keeping us alive and well enough to have this experience. Moreover, the very fact that we’ve sought out something new represents our deep-down desire to reinvent ourselves, to make ourselves better people in the coming year. Look at how Judaism elevates a squishy bite to a token of commitment!

How to eat a Cherimoya.

Cherimoya is one of the many new fruits we offer at Kosher.com. After receiving my monthly Quick & Kosher Bites email, my friend Ilya (who you will hear me talk about all the time!) sent me a note – to paraphrase – “love your picks, the cherimoya looks great, but how on earth do I eat it?” And thus was born this very blog post. So Ilya, this one’s for you.

You can test the ripeness of a Cherimoya like you would an Avocado, they are ready to eat when the skin is black-green in color and slightly soft to the touch (defined as giving in to soft pressure).

Slice the fruit in half or in wedges and scoop out the flesh with a spoon avoiding the seeds. To be very clear here – the skin and seeds of this funky fruit are definitely NOT EDIBLE, as in trust me, don’t try this at home. Store Cherimoyas at room temp to ripen and away from any strong sources of heat. Once ripened they stay good in the fridge for about two to four days.

Cherimoyas can be served chilled or at room temp – try them in their natural state as part of your Rosh Hahshanah Seder (funny enough adding a few drops of lime to the flesh of a cherimoya will enhance it’s sweetness) or add to smoothies or salads this New Year.

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5 Responses to Try a Cherimoya this Rosh Hashanah

  1. avatar says: cpa18milt

    How much is the cherimoya. Can you ship to 08817 prior to Yom Tov. Milton M. Adler

    • A cherimoya is $4.59 each http://www.kosher.com/FreshFruits/TropicalSpecialty/CherimoyaEach.html
      Unfortunately we do not yet offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY to Cherry Hill. You can shop on our national site usa.kosher.com for FEDEX deliveries nationwide, but we don’t ship produce nationally. We are always expanding our FREE LOCAL DELIVERY ZONES so please check back regularly. Know that as a Philly girl myself I am hoping we will be in Cherry Hill New Jersey very soon. Wishing you and yours a happy healthy new year. Keep reading the blog!

  2. avatar says: Em

    Thanks so much for the tip about the lime juice. I tried a cherimoya for the first time and liked it. I added some lime juice and fell in love! :-)

  3. avatar says: Bracha

    Shalom Jamie, would like to know something about the health benefits of this fruit! thank you, ahava

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