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The Kosher.com / LoveJingles $100 Shopping Spree


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Enter our Kosher.com / LoveJingles giveaway today for your chance to win a $100 shopping spree on Kosher.com!

Who doesn’t love a jingle? You know, those catchy little tunes people write about their products that get stuck in your head for days on end until you’re on the brink of insanity? We sure do! That’s why we asked LoveJingles.com to write this snappy new jingle to remind our friends like you about the fresh food we offer on Kosher.com. Sing along:

Manhattan, Riverdale and Washington Heights
Bergenfield, Fair Lawn and New Jersey
Free Next Day Delivery by a cold, cold truck
With Kosher.com you are never stuck
The World’s Largest
Online Kosher Supermarket
We love Kosher.com

Now we know it’s been all of 5 minutes since our last $100 shopping spree giveaway but we love giving stuff away. ‘So, how do I win this fantastically free shopping spree’ you ask? It’s simple. Unleash your creativity and show us what a lyrical genius you are by writing the next four lines of our jingle. The rules are simple – reference Kosher.com and any of the fine foods found on our site and wow us with your talents! Seriously, we want to be so overwhelmed by your creative juices that it will be next to impossible for us to pick our favorite winning entry!

Time is of the essence. Entries must be in no later than end of day Sunday and we will pick our winning entry on or about Monday, March 15th, 2010. So gather your friends around, channel your inner Diane Warren, and get writing!

Now some fine print: Giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck!

Update 1: We have decided to extend the contest until Thursday and will pick a winner this Friday, the 19th. So get on it song birds!

Update 2: And the winner is: Crystal! Crystal, please check your email. Many thanks to everyone who participated in our Kosher.com / LoveJingles giveaway!

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13 Responses to The Kosher.com / LoveJingles $100 Shopping Spree

  1. avatar says: Alice

    Here we go:

    For all the holidays like Passover
    Kosher’s always their to take my order
    Their salmon is slammin’ and so is the beef
    They have everything I may need

  2. avatar says: Clicky

    Get thousands of items delivered to your door
    Like brisket, gefilte fish, pastries and more
    We’ve got cheeses, deli, there’s so much to pick
    Shop on our site and order kosher in a click

  3. avatar says: stevek

    Whether away from home or at your own table,
    To get the best food you now are able.
    Kosher.com is your on-line grocer.
    If we don’t sell it, it isn’t kosher.

  4. avatar says: Aunt Bea

    From cakes and cookies to deli and fish
    Kosher.com helps me create a great dish
    No hassles no fuss, it’s easy to shop
    Kosher.com for food in one stop

  5. avatar says: JaniceL

    If where to get kosher food, you do not know,
    Kosher.com is the pace to go.
    Bakery, dairy deli and fish,
    Whatever you need, they’ll fill your wish.

  6. avatar says: Crystal

    Because it’s syncopated, I marked the syllables that should fall on the beat with an asterisk. (Wow! I guess I remembered something from high school music class!)

    Mekhutonim* are a-com*in’, I’d be sing*in’ the blues*
    If ko*sher.com*, it weren’t* for you*
    With all the food* you deliv*ered, every one*’ll be zat*
    Yes, ko*sher.com* is where* it’s at!*

  7. avatar says: Crystal

    Here are a couple more lines that I didn’t like as much, but maybe you will like them better. I figured it doesn’t hurt to enter them.

    wine and challah are on my tish
    kosher.com made for easy kiddesh

    matzoh, gefilte, a paschal lamb
    kosher.com delivers where I am

    even lactose-, peanut- or gluten-free
    with kosher.com the food comes to me

  8. avatar says: Crystal

    This is too much fun. Here is another verse that occurred to me driving back to the office just now.

    Open up the mail and there’s a nosh
    I’d say hunger has been kiboshed
    Bring it in and serve it to guests
    kosher.com, you are the best!
    Bring it in; serve it to my khevre
    kosher.com, I love you forever!)

  9. avatar says: Crystal

    OK….Now I’m starting to wish I could stop thinking about this. My creativity has been totally wrapped up in this. LOL.

    Here are a few more lines. :)

    I’ve got the linen ironed and the silverware clean
    Sabbath is coming, you know what I mean

    I love Jamie Geller’s recipes
    kosher.com makes it easy to please

    Kosher is great l’dor va’dor
    and easy when delivered right to my door

  10. avatar says: skossman

    If you’re hosting a party with many a guest
    and the food must be kosher and must be the best
    Corned beef, pastrami or roast beef that’s rare,
    Go to kosher.com and you’ll find them all there.

  11. avatar says: skossman

    If you want meat that’s kosher and also tastes great
    Go to Kosher.com it’s a place that’s first rate.
    whether dining alone or a very large group
    they sell everything kosher from nuts to great soup.

  12. Open your fridge and there’s nothing there…
    Why did you let your cupboards go bare?
    It was Pesach cleaning! Now we know what to do!
    Kosher.com will deliver to you!

  13. avatar says: Tova

    Kosher.com’s variety is certainly kickin’,
    From their baked good, dairy, produce, to vacuum sealed chicken.
    Their service, delivery, and prices are great,
    Between Kosher and competitors there is no debate.

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