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Chanukah Trivia Contest: Third Question


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Win, Win, Win … and then Win Some More in Kosher.com’s Chanukah Trivia Contest!

For the third night we have a totally awesome and oh so whimsical “Chanukah Truck” gift basket.  This question closes at 3 pm on Dec. 4th.

Here’s the  question …

“Why do we light the Chanukah candles from left to right, but put them in from right to left?”

Good luck!

For details on how we are going to pick the winner, read about all 8 nights of fabulous Chanukah Trivia here!

The winner of each night’s prizes will be posted on the Winners List! You can win more than once, so keep the answers rolling in ;) .

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2 Responses to Chanukah Trivia Contest: Third Question

  1. avatar says: skossman

    We start placing the candles from the right, because in general, the right is considered the more important/honorable side. However, we light the leftmost side because you pay honor to the newer thing first.

  2. avatar says: Chana

    See the winner’s list here:

    This question has been closed, but there are still more questions open!

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