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Chanukah Trivia Contest: First Question


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Win, Win, Win … and then Win Some More in Kosher.com’s Chanukah Trivia Contest!

The first night’s prize will be the gorgeous Silver Plate Oil Menorah. You know you want it.

So, the  question is….

“What is the most popular way to spell Chanukah and why?”

Good luck!

For details on how we are going to pick the winner, read about all 8 nights of fabulous Chanukah Trivia here!

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27 Responses to Chanukah Trivia Contest: First Question

  1. avatar says: Shayna

    Hmm…I’m not sure, my guess would be “Hannukah”, because that is how we always spelled it growing up, and I think that might be the way they spell it on napkins and plates…

  2. Hannukkah this how its spelt

  3. avatar says: Yehoshua

    The answer to this question is going to be somewhat unique for every person as this is a transliteration of the Hebrew word and there is no correct way based on the source text. That being said Chanukah sounds right.

  4. Hannukkah is how we have seen it but we are so new at all this(Kosher) I was surprised to see it spelled Chanukah since the Ch will simply confuse my children (just learning phonics) I’m stickin with Hannukkah! The kids loved the Kosher marshmellows in their Hot Chocolate btw!

  5. avatar says: HJH

    Hanukkah is the most popular spelling, however there doesn’t seem to be an official transliteration. I think that the two k’s can represent the two different Hebrew letters which both make a ‘k’ sound. The ‘h’ as the last letter generally represents closure for the written Hebrew word.

  6. avatar says: szucker

    Hanukkah [...] I believe [is] the most popular. I stick with Chanukah.

  7. avatar says: kjkc25

    I would say Hanukah because it’s phonetic and simple.

  8. All english spellings are wrong. The correct spelling would be in Hebrew -

  9. avatar says: KatyL

    Hanukkah is the most used
    Chanukah is the second most

    Why: The Hebrew letters read left to right and read
    Chet Nun Vav Kaf Hey

    and the sounds the Hebrew letters make are
    KH N U K H which look like it is pronounced :)

  10. Chanuka…..some find it easier because they can sound it out to spell

  11. avatar says: cvanderb

    Hanukah was my guess, but KatyL gets my vote for the best answer :)

  12. avatar says: neki

    there is no one way to spell chanu-hanu-ckanu- this word. just as if you as two jews a question you will get three answers, so too with the spelling of the word hanu-chanuka-hannu…you know what i mean.

  13. avatar says: Ann

    As a child I was taught Chanukah. In watching my own chldren and grandchildren I’ve made some observations. Hannukkah seems to be more “modern”however, Chanukah seems to be used by more Orthodox than Reform or Conservative. If I had to choose the more popular one I would choose Hannukkah.

  14. avatar says: Simkha49

    Reluctantly I side with KatyL. I say reluctantly because if I had my druthers I’d go for “khanuka”.
    “kh” is the etymologists’ way of expressing the gutteral, Germanic sound that (non-Germanic) [people] seem unable to voice. Like the “kh” in my Hebrew name!

  15. avatar says: skossman

    it’ spelling is ches nun vav caf heh
    the reason is because it is a hebrew word

  16. avatar says: Jharbel

    Most definitely “Hanukkah”. After all, isn’t Hallmark the leading authority in such matters? That’s how they spell it.

  17. avatar says: Linda

    Chanukah…because in Hebrew there is a gutural sound which should be spelled with the “CH” but then in Israel, it is spelled “Hanukah”–so its your choice and this is what being Jewish means–when two Jews get together there is always 3 opinions

  18. avatar says: susqhb

    (C)han(n)uk(k)a(h)! Incorporates them all! ;)

  19. avatar says: Chana

    Congratulations to the first few Winners!

    You can find the Answers and Winners List posted here:

    And remember, there are 4 nights left! The 5th night question closes at 6 pm tonight!

  20. avatar says: lilcary

    well there are many versions of how to spell ‘Hanukkah wich is how I spell it but many people spell it Chanukkah,Hanukkah,Hannukkah, Channukkah,Hanukah, Chanukah you see many diferent ways. Some people spell it with 2 n’s & 2 k’s others 1 n and 2 k’s other 2n’s and 1 k some start CH or others just H. Well the point is that there are many different ways to spell Hanukkah.

  21. avatar says: triciaabr

    Chanukah, because it starts like Challah and EVERY Jew knows that word (yummy).

  22. avatar says: Leslie

    Two Jews are stranded on an island. Years later they are found and give their rescuers a tour of the island. They show the rescuers the three synagogues they built. “Three?”, they ask. “Why three – there are only two of you.” One of the men replied “that’s his synagogue, that’s my synagogue, and that’s the one neither of us would be caught dead at.”

    Jews need something to argue about sometimes…(and certainly if you have 10 Jews you have 24 opinions) that’s why there are so many spellings of transliterated Hebrew words!

  23. avatar says: jewishgal

    There is NO right or wrong spelling of Channuka! I spell it this way because I grew up in France, and it is the most popular way there. Guess what, the Right way to spell it is חנוכה ! In Hebrew!

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