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Chanukah Trivia Contest: Fifth Question


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Win, Win, Win … and then Win Some More in Kosher.com’s Chanukah Trivia Contest!

The prize for the fifth night is Ohr Light Olive Oil Chanukah Candles. The kit includes 44 Chanukah candles and a bonus travel kit with matches, shamash candle, blessing card and 9 rubber bases. What an awesome way to light up the holiday!  This question closes at 6 pm on Dec. 9th.

Here’s the  question …

“What is the origin of the name Maccabee?”

Good luck!

For details on how we are going to pick the winner, read about all 8 nights of fabulous Chanukah Trivia here!

The winner of each night’s prizes will be posted on the Winners List! You can win more than once, so keep the answers rolling in ;) .

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8 Responses to Chanukah Trivia Contest: Fifth Question

  1. avatar says: skossman

    Nobody knows for sure, but some say it is from the Aramaic maqqaba, “the hammer”, in recognition of his strength in fighting, others say it is an acronym for the Torah verse “Mi chamocha ba’kelim Hashem”, “Who is like unto thee among the mighty, O Lord.

  2. avatar says: Shayna

    Hmm…I know they were brave fighters. I think their name stood for “mi kamocha be’keilim Hashem” = who is like you Oh G-d? Because it would have been physically impossible for us to win the war.

    I heard a really nice thought recently, that a big part of the miracle was that they actually had the guts to fight for what they believed in! Especially when they were so outnumbered! That in itself shows such strength. We should learn from them!

  3. Mi KaMocha BaKeilim Hashem. When I was in sixth grade I was supposed to say that line in a Chanukah play and said Mi LaHashem Eilai by mistake and was laughed at. The sentiments are similar: Who is like You G-d? Those who are for G-d, join me.

    The idea of being a Macabi is taking a stand. I’m all for subtlety and ambiguity all year round. I cherish Chanukah as a time to be clear of what I/We believe to be absolutely true: G-d and His Torah.

    neil fleischmann’s last blog post..My 100 Word Challenge – Try It – Write Anything Coherent and Whole That Is Exactly 100 Words

  4. avatar says: ytrrules

    The name Maccabee[5] is sometimes seen used as a synonym for the entire Hasmonean Dynasty, but the Maccabees proper were Judah Maccabee and his four brothers. The name Maccabee was a personal epithet of Judah, and the later generations were not his direct descendants. Although there is no definitive explanation of what the term means, one suggestion is that the name derives from the Aramaic maqqaba, “the hammer”, in recognition of his ferocity in battle.[6] It is also possible that the name Maccabee is an acronym for the Torah verse “Mi chamocha ba’elim YHWH”, “Who is like unto thee among the mighty, O Lord!”[7]

    ytrrules’s last blog post..Chanukah Trivia Contest: Sixth Question

  5. avatar says: Chana

    Sorry guys! This question closed last night at 6 pm, so no answers can be qualified past that. But there are 3 more nights of questions left!

    Tonight’s (Sixth) Chanukah Trivia Prize is a Silver Plated Menorah! Answer the Question before 6 pm for a Chance to Win!

    Winners & Answers will be announced on the Winners List!

  6. avatar says: Chana

    The seventh night question just opened up!

  7. avatar says: Risa

    From Judah the Maccabbee, his father Mathityahoo

  8. avatar says: Gershona

    I have heard several thoughts on this.
    It is said that it means hammer and it is because they hammered severe blows on their enemies. But it also is said to mean “the hero”, which would make it a title, Judah, the Hero – very appropriate. some say it means the Extinguisher, also appropriate.
    Some say it means He Who Hides Himself, because they hid in the mountains (I don’t much like that one).
    It is also said to be an acrostic from the Hasmonean banner.
    Perhaps there is truth in all of these?

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