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Chanukah Trivia Contest: Eighth Question


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Win, Win, Win … and then Win Some More in Kosher.com’s Chanukah Trivia Contest

Our Chanukah Trivia Contest has been a smash. Tonight, for our final question, we’re up to a little bit of DIY. Answer the question and you could win 48 Mesh bags (2 boxes) of Chanukah Gelt (Bittersweet/Milk Chocolate). Make them all yours …

“What’s the most creative Chanukah trivia question you can think of?”

This question closes at 1 pm on December 15.  Good luck!

See our past winners.

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13 Responses to Chanukah Trivia Contest: Eighth Question

  1. avatar says: skossman

    What 4 hebrew letters are found on a draidel in Israel?

  2. avatar says: leahk

    Why on Chanukah do you spin a draidel holding it from the top, but on Purim you turn a grager holding it from the bottom?

  3. avatar says: stevek

    Why is Chanukah the only Jewish holiday not mentioned in the Mishnah?

  4. avatar says: ChanieB

    What are Yehudah Macabbi’s brothers’ names?

  5. avatar says: israel y

    What is the correct beracha (blessing) to say before eating potato latkes?

  6. avatar says: lilcary

    Why is Hanukkah such a big celebrated holiday but in Torah it’s not so big or a high holiday like Passover?

  7. avatar says: sblewis13

    What is the significance of Hanukkah gelt?

  8. avatar says: s steiman

    What is the best recipe for latkes?

  9. avatar says: seth

    Where did the custom of giving presents each night originate?

  10. avatar says: rls47

    Which came first – Chanukah or Purim?

  11. avatar says: steph567

    Why do shuls light the menorah in the mornings?

  12. avatar says: gentleben

    What were the Maccabees also known as?

  13. avatar says: Risa

    Besides hannukah what other Jewish Holiday is not mentioned in the Torah?

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