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Chanukah Trivia Contest: 8 Nights to Win


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Win, Win, Win … and then Win Some More in Kosher.com’s Chanukah Trivia Contest!

Kosher.com is hosting its first-ever Chanukah trivia contest, with eight nights of questions and eight fabulous prizes.

Eight nights of prizes! Is this even possible?

Not only is it possible, it is quite likely. It’s all part of the miracle of the Chanukah season. With eight nights of menorah lighting, dreidel spinning, latke eating and present giving, we thought “Hey, what can we do to really push this holiday over the top?” That’s when our crack team of Chanukahologists emerged from their chamber to reveal the be all and end all of Chanukah trivia challenges. (Okay, maybe we’re overplaying it a bit, but you still get 8 chances to win prizes!)

The first night’s prize will be the gorgeous Silver Plate Oil Menorah pictured here. You know you want it, so here’s how to win it:

Starting December 1, we’ll post one trivia question each night for 8 nights. You then have 24 hours to post your answers, but you can’t just copy what others have written. Instead, the winner will be picked at random from the  most creative answers received.  But if you don’t win, guess what, you still have seven more chances (unless it’s the last night of the contest, in which case you’ve already had 7 chances). Prizes will be shipped out/delivered on Tuesday, December 15th, in time for Chanukah.

The Kosher.com Chanukah Trivia Contest is coming, are you ready?

Click for the first question.

Click for the second question.

Click for the third question.

Click for the fourth question.

Click for the fifth question.

Click for the sixth question.

Click for the seventh question.

Click for the eighth question.

Click for our winners so far.

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3 Responses to Chanukah Trivia Contest: 8 Nights to Win

  1. avatar says: Shayna

    Oh yeah, I’m totally ready! What time are you posting the question tonight?

  2. avatar says: skossman

    it’s spelled ches nun vuv caf heh because it’s a hebrew word.

  3. avatar says: skossman

    When are you posting the 4th night’s question and where is the link to the winners’ list?

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