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7 Reasons Obama has Gone Kosher


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In an effort to better prepare himself for the grueling emotional and physical strain of the Presidency, Barack Obama has pledged to go kosher, citing the food’s proven health advantages over that of the typical American diet. Though most White House staff (and even Michelle Obama) have balked at such a drastic culinary shift, they should have seen it coming. Here’s why:

  1. It was meant to be. How many people do you know whose name contains the letters to make the word kosher? Barack Hussein Obama’s name does.
  2. Though McCain visited the Kotel (or Western Wall), Jerusalem’s holiest site, while touring the Middle East, only Obama was seen roaming the shuks of the city afterwards, Blackberry in one hand and bowl of cholent in the other.
  3. 20090123012323[image credit]

  4. Yes, that’s computer generated. It was leaked that this addition to the White House may be in the works. The other option was a bagel.
  5. 20090123000908[image credit]

  6. No one will raise a brow when they see him pimping his favorite yarmulke.
  7. 20090123013234[image credit]

    20090123014721[image credit]

  8. He’s making all the Israeli papers.
  9. 20090123015500[image credit]

  10. Obama genuinely loves the food! Overheard during this photo asking, “What was that your wife put on those fishballs?” “Wouldn’t you like to know,” the elderly man replied.

  12. He looks great with an Israeli flag.
  13. 20090123021221[image credit]

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6 Responses to 7 Reasons Obama has Gone Kosher

  1. He does look surprisingly great with the Israeli flag. Eerie.

    Bas – Serial Expat’s last blog post..Happy Birthday To Me!

  2. avatar says: Albert

    What a superb post, we are looking forward to reading more in the future.

  3. avatar says: william

    Great work. This is a great story. Thanks!

  4. Made some fun of Obama))) THanks a lot – is that Photoshop? I cannot find time to master it

    Cynthia | Calorie shifting diet’s last blog post..The Calorie Shifting Diet Plan – It Worked When Everything Else Failed

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