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There’s Heartbreak In New Jersey This Passover


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The tears that flow cannot be subsided, and children wail in despair. Who knew that such a loss would destroy the very souls of our Generation? The loss, of course, is that Tam Tams, the perennial bite-sized matzo favorite for years upon years, will not be available for this Passover season. The producer of these tasty crackers, Manischewitz, is unable to produce this delectable variety of product.

Although many fans of the zesty munchable snack are grieving, others are giving up on what it means to enjoy this crispy treat. Most are just walking around the house in a somber daze, waiting for a sign that their favorite noshable joy just might wind up on shelves in the next few weeks. The root of this loss of flavor apparently comes down to production issues in the plant that makes them in New Jersey, specifically, a state of the art, mult-million dollar, delicious Tam Tam baking oven just didn’t come online in time to meet the seasonal demands.

People are learning to cope with the loss, but it will not be easy. What legacy will this non-enjoyment leave? It is unclear what enduring hopelessness the lovers of this morsel will endure in the next few months. How some will try to replace their Tam Tams is still yet undetermined, but still dissapointment prevails for those who would give anything for just one, small, yummy bite. The Tri-State will miss you this year, Tam Tams. See you next year. Until then, why not try another one of the many matzo crackers available at Kosher.com!

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2 Responses to There’s Heartbreak In New Jersey This Passover

  1. avatar says: NJ Guy

    Thanks for this posting, and while I’ve generally been content with with Manischewitz brand, I wish that the manufacturers would move away from using MSG and preservatives in these foods. To truly be kosher, I would think that the highest quality standard would be the aim, including avoidance of anything artificial (I doubt that the children of Abraham added hydrogenated oil to their Passover bread)

    NJ Guy’s last blog post..Sea Isle City in the Fall

  2. This is a travesty- what is next? Borscht?

    NJ Advertising Agency’s last blog post..Charity PR Results

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