Trading Shellfish for Shabbat

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Eldad Vezehu, the Jerusalem restaurant famous for French dishes including non-kosher seafood like clams and mussels and meat-and-cheese specialties has decided to change direction and open its doors to the kosher crowd.

Owners say they simply got tired of working on Shabbat, after 14 years of operating seven days a week. Once they decided to close for the Israeli weekend, the logical next step was to change the menu and apply for a kashrut certificate in order to appeal to kosher-keeping Jerusalemites.

The restaurant is located in Jerusalem`s Feingold Courtyard, just off Jaffa Road near Ben Yehuda Street walking mall and Zion Square. The courtyard is home to several of the city's non-kosher restaurants and trendy bars.

New menu items include thigh and leg of goose hip in rosemary and garlic sauce, lamb with Jerusalem artichoke, Swiss chard salad with sweet potato, and much much more. The desserts will also remain, including homemade souffles and tarts prepared on order by the restaurant's pastry chef.

31 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 625-4007

Hours: Sun-Thurs noon- late

Friday noon – One hour before Shabbat

Saturday – One hour after Shabbat - late